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I made the world, you make the characters. You can be anything werewhatever, shapeshifter, mage, witch, ect.. The plot is not set, so anyone can createadapt it. It all starts on the planet Freedom.... .:From the forum of the same name on :.
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Name: Jasper Winters

Gender: Male

Age: Looks 20 year old. But is two centuries older then that.

Type: Entertainer

Race: Vampire

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: A Rapier

Pets: None

Description: Short ginger hair, green eyes, Victorian shirt, silver and black waist coat, black pants and black ankle boots.

Personality: Cheerful and nice. But can bite if he gets pissed off.

History: He's an Irish immigrant into Victorian England, and that's where he grew up and became a vampire.


1/3/2009 #31

Name: Brendan Frost

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Type: Mage, warrior.

Race: Snow elf/human

Appearance: He has spiky snow-white hair, stone gray eyes, and pointy ears. His skin is pale and he's usually wearing a light gray vest over a white T-shirt, and simple jeans and sneakers. He keeps his hair out of his face with a black bandanna. He's pretty tall and lanky.

Personality: Goofy, friendly, and sometimes obnoxious. Makes jokes even during battle and is very easygoing.

Bio: Brendan's mother is a snow elf from somewhere near Ominimee, and his father is a human from Cranitpic. He was born in Cranitpic, however, and trained in the magic arts. He is good friends with Sapphire, Malcolm, and the rest of his peers.

Strengths: Speed, strategy, quick on his feet. He specializes in Ice spells.

Weaknesses: He's not exactly the strongest guy around. He tries to avoid hand-to-hand combat if possible.

Pets: A husky dog named Husky. :P

1/10/2009 #32

Mind if I join? Don't be afraid to delete my character if I can't :]

Name: Sinbad Kaufman

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Type: Trader

Race: Human

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons:Whatever he's selling at the time


Description: Sinbad has bright brown, swept back hair and a round, plump face which matches his figure. He wears a buttoned blue jacket and matching slacks with a white shirt. He also wears a dark blue tricone hat and carries a very large backpack from which he sells all sorts of goods.

Personality: Polite, formal, chatty and persausive. Always trying to get his next sale from anybody he sees. Basically, a typical salesman.

History:Sinbad was born into a long line of warriors and was trained to be one until he was 16. However, he never had interest in it and was always a disgrace to his family due to his lack of talent in the field. What he did enjoy was crafting. He used all his spare time creating jewerly, weapons, pots etc. When he was 20, he abandoned his unsupportive family and took to the road selling his goods and has been doing so ever since. He's also branched into selling much more items rather than just what he can create. Tiring of the road however, he's looking for a more permanent business.

2/11/2009 #33


Come wee human, join the silly people!

2/11/2009 #34

glad to :]

2/11/2009 #35


2/11/2009 #36

(Okay. This is going to be a constant character! He will not vanish!)

Name: Vincent Valtiel

Gender: Male

Age: Looks 18

Type: Elemental

Race: Fallen Angel

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: His mechanical wings

Pets: None

Description: Long black hair (Reachs the small of his back), mis-match eyes (One pale blue, one scarlet red), pale skin, wears a white victorian shirt, a crimson waistcoat, black tight pants, black knee-high boots. He has large mechanical wings, the feathers as like knives. He has a rosary wrapped around his wrist.

Personality: Calm, collected, but can swing between happy and angry

History: When he fell, he was taken in by a nun, who gave him a new life (His memories of his past life were erased). Before she died she explained to him what he was, and told him to live not in the past but for the future.

Other: Although he normally fights with his wings he does carry a small knife.

2/16/2009 #37

((I hope nobody minds if I throw another character into the mix =P))

Name: Alica Erimeno

Gender: Female

Age: Appears 28 (real age unknown)

Type: Mage/Druid

Race: Immortal Human

Alliance: Good

Weapons: A long wooden Staff

Pets: A large Polar bear named Paw

Description: Alica is a fairly tall woman. She has long black hair which reaches all the way down her back and forms a V-shape at the end. Her eyes are emerald green and her face is sharp and defined. She wears a long, snow white cloak with bright, gold swirling designs which trails behind her as she walks. (But she uses magic to keep it nice and clean :])

Personality: Extremely kind and encouraging. Tries to get along with everyone and generally does. Her voice sounds like a lullaby which makes anything she says sound like the words of a wise oracle. She's modest about her traits, prefering to use them to help others and doesn't think she's above anybody. She has a flip side however. When facing something which she considers to be evil she is merciless and will do whatever it takes to protect herself and anybody who needs it.

History: Alica was born to the Erimeno tribe of mages with many long standing traditions and rules. Every child was given a polar bear cub at the age of six which was to be their lifelong companion. The cub was bound to the child with magic and would live as long as the child lived unless killed un-naturally. When the child was 16 she was put through a series of trials, testing their magic skills, personality and their intelligence. If they passed, they became a senior member of the tribe. If they failed, they must repeat the following year and remained a novice. Alica went through the same process and showed amazing potential from an early age. When she was 28 she became the youngest elder in the history of the tribe, but over the next ten years she didn't seem to age. Nobody knew how she achieved immortality, not even herself but the tribe didn't except it and falsely accused her of practicing dark magic. She was cast out as an exile and so has been traveling with Paw ever since. She's settled many times when she thought she was needed but never stayed forever.

Abilities/skills: She specializes in magic which aids other people. Such as healing and shields but is also powerful in offensive magic. Recently she has begun to study summoning but is not very experienced in it. She can communicate with animals and plants and manipulate them to aid her (though she prefers not to manipulate animals unless completely neccesary). However, if an animal already has a master she has no control. Although she prefers to keep a distance from her enemy she has a staff for close quarters.

2/16/2009 . Edited 2/16/2009 #38

Name: Lucian Haydes, a.k.a Satan's Light

Gender: Male

Age: 512 (appears to be 25)

Sexual Orientation: Straight but very questionable.

Alliance: Neutral

Type: Sorcerer, mercenary.

Race: Pyronite (a humanoid phoenix/demon combo)

Hair: Long, whitish-blue with bangs like Mizuki's from Naruto.

Eyes: Bright red and shaped like parallelograms, but they're also very feminine. The pupils are slits, like a cat's.

Complexion: Pale and inhumanly beautiful.

Appearance: Has a lean body. He usually wears a dark blue blazer over a black T-shirt, dark blue top hat, black fingerless gloves, dark blue trousers and black boots. He also wears a gold medallion with the engraving of a phoenix on it, with two piercings in his right ear and a gold belt.

Personality: He's a madman/genius and very unpredictable. Goofy, eccentric, goes with the flow. Very difficult to read as well.

Bio: Far too complex and detailed to be explained in a single post, so I'll get to the point. He's had a tragic past, the Devil is his biological father, and Malcolm is his nephew. He currently has pledged loyalty to the Puppetmaster, a mysterious figure who Lucian looks up to as a father. Lucian calls himself a Marionette, confirming his allegiance with the Puppetmaster.

Strengths: Magic, weaponry, pretty much anything to do with combat and hardcore survival. The guy can survive ANYTHING, even though he really wants to die.

Weaknesses: Cold weather, his own dark powers, and rain. Being a Pyronite, he feasts on other humanoids' flesh and blood. He especially likes eating the heart and throat, and his hunger will sometimes get out of hand, causing him to lash out at people.

Weapons: Just about anything, but prefers to use magic cards.

2/17/2009 . Edited 4/2/2009 #39

((sounds intersting xD))

2/17/2009 #40

Name: Jennifer Lee Cooro, a.k.a Jenny

Age: 15 human years. As a Pyronite, she is only 7.

Gender: Female

Race: Pyronite

Type: Warrior mage apprentice.

Appearance: Bright red hair that goes down to her shoulders, and sparkling green eyes with a pale complexion. She usually wears a simple white tunic and black trousers, with white sandals and a white hairband.

Personality: cheerful yet slightly withdrawn. Can expect the unexpected, extremely loyal to Lucian in an almost fangirl-ish way. Polite, wary around strangers, and strong-willed.

Bio: Her father, Samuel Cooro, is a crazed scientist who's favorite hobby is to perform "experiments" on people. He is related to Lucian, since they were both adopted by the same man for a while. Samuel was cruel enough to use his own (then human) daughter as a test subject many times, and usually kept her locked up in a filthy cell. He managed to capture/rescue Lucian from the authorities and forced Lucian to inject his Pyronian venom into 12 children, including Jennifer, but blindfolded so he didn't know which was which. The process would turn one of them into a Pyronite, and after two long days of agony, Jennifer was the only one who survived. She had been transformed into a Pyronite, but she was very unstable. Angry that Samuel would allow something like this to happen to his own daughter, Lucian tore off Samuel's legs and left, taking Jennifer under his wing. She has been grateful to Lucian ever since, seeing as most of her human memories were wiped out during the transformation and she sees Lucian as the "beautiful angel" who rescued her from the pits of Hell. She refers to him as Master.

Strengths: Martial arts, super-strength, shielding spells and invincibility.

Weaknesses: Cold, rain, and she's still a bit unstable so she doesn't have that much of a control over her hunger. She even had to take a few of Lucian's limbs in order to calm down, but he regrew them, though he still has the scars.^^

Weapons: Nunchucks and shuriken.

Pets: None.

2/27/2009 #41

Can i join?

I tried to finish reading the motraville thing, but i sorta failed. So if i do join i might start somewhere else, is that ok?

3/10/2009 #42

Actually, it'd be better if you jumped in at Cranitpic; that's where we all are, and things are going kind of slow. We could use a new person to pick up the pace. :P

3/10/2009 #43
Irish toaster

Yeah join Cranitpic we need another person because one left T.T :)

3/11/2009 #44


now as soon as i finish reading it.. ill make my character .

unless someone would be nice enough to give me a summary TT^TT plz?

3/11/2009 #45

Not done reading but What the heck~^^

Name: Tae Himari

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Type: Ninja/Demon

Race: Demon

Alliance: Evil (might change idk)

Weapons: Thin Sword, shuriken, studded gloves

Pets: None

Description: Messy jet black hair, and eye color in the light is dark black but in the dark is lime, but more closer to yellow. Usually has on many bandages from his training and is usually in all black. Usually has an oversized black jacket with a white outlining (you kno, something sorta like a sports jacket.. . sorta not that much though) a black t-shirt, and black baggy pants, usually has many rips and tears. Dirty black sneakers and his gloves. He also has a pair of black goggles on his forehead, or dangling down his neck. Has metal arm and leg for his right side from a training incident when he was 5.

Personality: Changes throughout: To people he just met, he's very quiet and doesnt talk much But to people he does know he's the idiot everyone in his home town knows him as. Even though he may be the biggest idiot in the WORLD and i mean any planet any galaxy and what not, he's still actually very smart. He is stubborn and will NEVER give up. He is usually very kind after you get to know him. Even though he's 11 he has the strength and skill of an adult.

History: In Britkinga he is known for his natural ability with magic (dark, elemtental etc.). From the day he turned 2, he was trained in magic and has also trained for fist fights, sword fights etc.

Other: After you get to know Tae, he's always optimistic and he's always nice, always having grinning. He hate hugs, anything really to do with romance but he will have very close friends. If he's hurt, he wont tell anyone because he thinks it will only burden them and is always smiling to hide it. He has been traveling now, training in diffrent towns. His masters are already chosen by his orginal master and are usually, harsh.

umm... the end?

3/11/2009 . Edited 3/11/2009 #46

Cool :] jump on in ^^ and don't worry about reading the whole lot, I didn't but just go back every now and again to read some old posts. And there's not much really happening so reading the characters should be enough.

3/12/2009 #47
Elyon Bliss

Can I join?

Name: Laureneza (Renez) Meyer

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Type: Mage

Race: 1/2 Elf, 1/2 Vampire, also Witch

Alliance: Good

Weapons: her temper, a dagger, and a sword. Also her powers: Super speed, invisibility, and 2 minute visions into the future.

Pets: a Pixie and a cat

Presonality: Shy

Description: Long, black hair, bright blue eyes, 5' 4"

History: Found so close to death and doesn't remember a thing

Other: She can see spirits and has obsorbed three spirits in her time: Rick, Emma, and Ethan.

4/21/2009 #48
Irish toaster

sure thing-the owner cant be found so you can join :)

We are in Cranitpic if you want to join us

4/21/2009 #49

Name: Serenity(Κλεοπάτρα Φιλοπάτωρ)

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, born in the time of gods

Type: Wanderer

Race: Nymph Goddess/huntress

Alliance: evil

Weapons: Her beauty is distracting and her singing can lead men to their death, plus powers of gods, immortal

Pets: A miniature fire dragon named sony

Description: She has waste length chocolate hair that is hung in waves. Her skin is pale and smooth, it's like porclein. She is the perfect shape. Her eyes are a deep blue. She is dresses in a white floor length flowing gown.

Personality: Very flirty, strong willed, easy going, unpredictable

History: She is the daughter of Apollo(greek god) and Artemes(huntress). Her ancesstory shows sea nymph (Calypso) She was born in the Underworld and escaped ten thousand years after creation. She's been roaming the Earth ever since. She was originally in nymph spirit form until she escaped she took on flesh.

Other: When in surface world she wears black jeans and a black hightop, shirtless tank.

5/11/2009 #50

Name: Derek Ent

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Type: Mage/Fighter

Race: Half Human, Half Elf

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: Spear

Description: Derek Is a tall, tanned man. He has a small scar running from his left cheek to the bottom of his neck. He wears to warriors cloak for Elrunore, which is brown with a red stag printed on the front and back. He has deep purple eyes and his hair is short and messy. He has a very raspy voice.

Personality: Derek is very resereved. He is a man of great loyalty and duty and will not budge when his mind is set to a task. He doesn't have such a great sense of humor, thinking most jokes are childs play and for this reason he has never got along with Sinbad, much to Alica's frustration.

History: Derek was born and raized in Elrunore and he has served Alica as a magician since he was a young man. His talent, loyalty and determination were quickly spotted by Alica and it wasn't long before he became one of her most trusted and powerful magicians. She believed him to have been killed in the masacre of Elurnore until she found him almost dead with a mage holding him captive in order to lower her into a trap.

Abilities/skills: Derek is a skilled warrior mage. He focused all his study on destructive arts and spent little time on healing or protective spells. His magic use is similar to Alica's seen as she thought all her mage's. However his magic using state differs in appearance to Alica's. His skin darkens to a deep black instead of white and his vein like lines that spread across his skin are a bright purple rather than a light blue. This is because he is a warrior mage and Alica is a Healer so they draw on different magic sources which have different physical features.

5/16/2009 #51

Name: Tessarand Bella (commonly known as Flame or Tessa by her comrades)

Gender: Female

Age: Fairly young (teenage years)

Type: Elementalist

Race: Fire Nymph

Alliance: Good

Weapons: Only herself and a small dagger hidden beneath her skirt.

Pets: Tessa does not have any pets although she enjoys making friends with animals.

Description: Because she is a fire nymph, Tessa's hair is blazing red along with her wide eyes. The nymph's flipped-out locks barely reach her chin (she is forced to keep it short or there is a possibility she could light it on fire by accidentally again). Everything about her is delicate and slender with the exception of her nose, which is considered somewhat large on her petite face. Her voice is very quite and almost unnoticeable.

Personality: Contrary to the popular belief about fire nymphs, Tessa is actually quite shy and viewed as reserved or chilly by some. However, she does notmean to present herself as cold-shouldered; she is only very self-conscious and always trying to impress anyone she can. Despite this, the nymph longs to be the center of attention at all times possible and is desperately trying to reconstruct herself in order to obtain a charming aura. Despite her size (which she seems blissfully unaware of) and her timid personality, Tessa believes she can both fight and fend for herself in any situation. Within her heart lies goodness and incredible loyalty, both to her friends and to her duty. This nymph hardly ever judges someone or holds them in bad regard, which means she can (at times) be too trusting of others. All in all, Tessa is one of the most quietly faithful creatures you will meet.

History: Tessa was brought up with a large amount of other various nymphs at a place called "The Sanctuary." The Sanctuary is where all nymphs in her homeland are sent when their parents cannot be found. The nymphs are released as soon as the guardians feel that the pupils are well educated enough to survive in the outside world. Tessa was released only a few months ago -- far after all of the friends she had made were released.

Abilities: Tessa, being a fire nymph, obviously has control over fire. Her weakness is water, as is the case with most fire nymphs.

6/1/2009 #52

Name: Lisa Collins

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Type: Ninja/Mage

Race: Ninja

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: Magic and a hidden dagger

Pets: None

Description: Average height. Looks pretty cute, long silky chocolate hair. Dark brown eyes

Personality: Hyper for a 12 year old. Usually very optimistic.

History: Trained in magic and martial arts. Nothing too special, pretty much a normal life/

Other: Nothing!~ X3

7/24/2009 . Edited 7/24/2009 #53
Mr. Metamorphosis

DaCwzy, hey! You left the other RP forum? So did I...

Name: Jake Cunninghman

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Type: Mage (Only apprentice as of now)

Race: Human

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: Magic, throwing daggers, Sword

Pets: None

Description: Dark brown hair wrapped in a ponytail, blue eyes, always a very gloomy expression on his face.

Personality: Sad for a 13 year old, but sometimes even laughs.

History: Parents burnt to death after their house caught fire, he was sent to a mage to apprentice, and has spent his time there since.

Other: Nothing! :0

8/13/2009 #54

er... can i join...although the character is different...sort of like a shapeshifter but not...maybe I'll give it my own name?

9/8/2009 #55

i joined before as raewood999 but got a new account. this is me...

Name: Laureneza (Renez) Meyer

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Type: Mage

Race: 1/2 Elf, 1/2 Vampire, also Witch

Alliance: Good

Weapons: her temper, a dagger, and a sword. Also her powers: Super speed, invisibility, and 2 minute visions into the future.

Pets: a Pixie and a cat

Presonality: Shy

Description: Long, black hair, bright blue eyes, 5' 4"

History: Found so close to death and doesn't remember a thing

Other: She can see spirits and has obsorbed three spirits in her time: Rick, Emma, and Ethan.

9/15/2009 #56
A.J. Chaos

AJ walks in to the smallish room and looks around the many empty chairs, curious as to see if anyone at all was there. Taking a couple steps further, she almost walked into the small table in the middle of the room that had a neat stack of papers in the middle of it. She picked one up delicately and read the profile skeleton. "Ah, I have the perfect character for this!" she exclaimed, seemingly to herself. "But first..." she trailed off as she took a moment to read other's current posts that had been tacked to one of the walls. Taking a pen out of her pocket, she wrote a note on the back of the sheet she had recently picked up.

"Wondering if I might join. ~AJ Chaos" it read in her carefully printed handwriting.

Spinning herself around to once more survey the room, she could not find any better place to put it, so she took one of the unused tacks and pinned her note on the wall in a more open area. "I shall return!" Her words bounced through the empty space as if looking to find some lurking ears. Then, she simply walked back out of the room.

(Don't mind my strange mind; I'm in a very RPing mood, but I have not the time to sit tonight for very long. ^.^)

9/17/2009 #57

Name: Konabandit

Gender: female

Age: fifteen

Type: loner

Race: shapeshifter, mage

Alliance: good

weapons: she can talk to animals and she is very good at hunting and fighting. Everything about her makes you want to run away but somehow you are curious and fascinated. When she wants to be heard she is heard.

pets: Wolf names Brokefang

description: She has short, straight, dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. She is ver slim and wiry but powerful all the same. She is stronger than she looks and her voice is low but attracting. Her hair is always in her bangs hide her eyes and she rarely talks. She shapeshifts into a giant white wolf. She has battle scars all over her body.

personality She likes being alone. She is not comfortable being around people. She is quiet and keeps mostly to herself.

history: She has been in many fights and comes from the world of delain. Her parents were brutally murdered by delain's king. After her parents murder a wolf pack took her in and raised her as one of her own. As she grew she learned the magic she had on her own and she is a great warrior

8/1/2010 #58
Tsubaki Hikari

Name: Morino Sora

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Type: Human

Race: Eden Blade Wielder (its part of one of my story)

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: Eden Blade of Dreams aka Eden Blade #2

Pets: Nil

Description: Long Sky blue hair with the same coloured eyes. Slim bulit like a gymnast but is of medium height. Had headphones slung on her neck and is wearing shorts with a layer of cloth wrapping leaving a slit.

Personality: Friendly, fun loving and wants to make friends with everyone and read more stories and get a lot of ideas to continue my [Snow] series

History: Still waiting to be uncovered

Other: NIL

Am I welcome here? Moderator-sama?

10/29/2010 #59

Hey, no ones posted here in FOREVER. But I can make a new character to meet up with yours! :)

Name: Jay (Full name is unknown for now.)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Type: Human

Race: Unknown

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: Unknown.

Pets: None.

Description: Messy blue hair with deep and crimson red eyes. Like this : Usually always has black headphones with a white star on his ears but he always seems to be able to hear everything. Everything as in even with his music on he has very good hearing. Has a black cross necklace and wears clothes like a breakdancer.

Like so:,r:11,s:0&tx=108&ty=102

Personality: SEEMS very open and is always smiling but in truth he barely gives away any of his private information and is very mysterious.

Other: Always sacrifices for others.

11/1/2010 #60
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