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I made the world, you make the characters. You can be anything werewhatever, shapeshifter, mage, witch, ect.. The plot is not set, so anyone can createadapt it. It all starts on the planet Freedom.... .:From the forum of the same name on :.
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This is for any MODs I hire to look after this RPG. If you become a Noble, you gotta be a MOD. Nobles look over large cities.


Name: Poole Pravius Rex

Gender: male

Age: 438

Type: ruler

Race: demon

Alliance: Evil

Weapons: dark magic/ strength/ sword

Pets: none

Description: mostly humanoid, with big black feathered wings. He had black eye whites and light red pupils, but always wears black sunglasses. He has a black jacket made of leather that flaws down to his boots. All his clothes are black, including his gloves. He has short blond/white hair and tan skin.

Personality: a very smug and arrogant attitude. He respects no one. Unfortunately he has enough power to keep everyone bent to his will. He hardly ever gets angry, and merely finds all defiance amusing. He controls planet Freedom harshly, often adding more taxes or grievances to the people just for his own benefit or enjoyment.

History: Born on this planet, Poole always had a lust for power. As he gained power he also gained support of his demon brethren. HE began taking over territories, forcing others into his army until he had finally created such a powerful army that all races submitted to him for fear of being annihilated. In that way he became the sole dictator of Planet Freedom.

King's Servants

Name: Ukyou

Gender: male

Age: 216

Type: warrior/ elemental

Race: vampire

Alliance: Evil

Weapons: ice powers

Pets: black cat

Description: light brown hair w/ golden strands, eery light blue eyes. He has pale skin, and is lean but muscular. Wears black jacket with light blue ends, a light blue shirt, and black pants

Personality: Very un-evil like. He's actually a little childish, and is 'friends' with Sankyou. He has a black cat the keeps with him everywhere he goes. Loves very random things. Warnig: Will bite without notice.




Name: Sankyou

Gender: male

Age: 19

Type: warrior/ elemental

Race: werewolf

Alliance: Evil

Weapons: fire power/ claws/ teeth

Pets: none

Description: messy shoulder length black and dark brown hair, golden eyes. He has the same jacket as Ukyou except with red outline, and red shirt. He can change into his wolf form at will. He is a black wolf with amber eyes.

Personality: Very calm and indifferent. He's very mature and has to take care of Ukyou most of the time. Still for some reason Ukyou is the 'leader' of their duo. He's someone you have to worry about, when he's serious. But most things are too much work for him, so he's hardly ever serious.



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Vampire Bros.

Name: Epicurus (Kyuryu)

Gender: male

Age: 599

Type: Wanderer

Race: vampire

Alliance: good

Weapons: long blades in his sleeves/ a gun w/ silver bullets

Pets: a bat named Hippocrates aka Hipa (not so much a pet, but his servant)

Description: He has pale skin and deep brown eyes that turn red if he smells blood. His jet black hair falls loose around his head and stops just at his collar bone. He wears black boots, a black long sleeve shirt, black gloves, and a large black jacket that goes down to his shins. He carries his coffin on his back.

Personality: He 'hates' humans, even though he actually hates how much one human weakened him. He hates getting emotionally attached to any creature, just especially humans. He gets upset that his future is undefined because he's immortal. He is selfish and thinks mostly on desire(except when it comes to blood), and has the same happyness theory as his namesake. Also he doesn't mind werewolves, even though most of his kind does. His parents were from Earth. He is Prince of the vampires & part of the royal family.

History: Kyuru was born a vampire, but for a long time he has refused to drink blood. It started when he got to know a human girl, and she was able to change that part of him. When she died he ran away from his home and travels anywhere he wants.

Other: He doesn't drink blood, s he has to eat a lot to compensate(although human food can't really suffice) and allow him to move. He barely has any of the usual vampire strenght because of that, and can ust barely manage to carry his coffin around. His servant(Hippocrates aka Hipa) often has to bring his food for when he collapses from exaustion/starvation.


Name: Descartes (Desukete)

Age: 701

Gender: male

Type: Legend

Race: vampire

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: dark powers/ scythe/ gun w/ silver bullets

Pets: Machiavelli (Maki); originally a vampire, but was cursed into a shape-shifting form. He can only transform when his master wants him to, he is usually a bat, spider, or mouse but sometimes he has a humanoid form.

Description: Deep black hair and dark bue eyes. Black pants and long sleeve shirt. Long black tenchcoat with silver endings and buttons. There is a silver cross stitched on the back. When he gets to full power his hair turns white and his eyes turn red. He also has two huge black bat wings he can make appear or disappear.

Personality: Aloof and quiet. He can be harsh. He left his family after his father caved to Poole's rules. He has reached a high point of power, which some believe is not even possible, but he rarely uses it. He still drinks blood, but has so far refused to turn anyone. He's been watching over for his younger brother for almost 500 years.

History: He inheirited the legendary power of the darkness, and he's been known as a monster even among his own kind. However he never payed any mind. When Poole came to take over he was prepared to fight, but his father just gave up. He father planned to hand him over to Poole, so Descartes ran, using his powers to escape. Now he is just a legend, but Poole is still after him and his powers.

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Traveling Characters

Name: Bizou Kyuizo

Gender: female

Age: 16

Type: theif; shaman

Race: half-demon; half human

Alliance: neutral

Weapons: a obsidian blade strapped to her back. She channels her demon powers through it. Spirit beads she uses to call upon spirits.

Pets: A demon crow that can shrink or grow at will.(Corvus) A snake that hides in her bag.(Aya) Many spirits.

Description: Short messy brown and golden hair. Bright green eyes. She wears mainly cotton shirts with a black cotton coat and scarf, and worn faded, but boy, blue jeans. She has black boots and a black straw hat. Her skin is fair with a light golden tan. She carries a camera around her neck that was passed down to her from her ancestors from Earth. Can be easily mistaken for a boy.

Personality: She has a very strong personality, but is very indifferent as well. She has a playful side, but is usually very calm. She doesn't really recognize genders, and doesn't mind if people mistake her for a boy. She is afraid of almost nothing.

History: Conceived by a demon father and a human mother, she lived in Mortraville with her mother. When the vampires found out about her power when she was 7, she was run out of her village. She spent the next 6 years in the witchcraft village. Cranitpic, learning to becom a shaman. Now she wanders.

Other: Happens to love spooky things that most people would stay away from.

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Now what?

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