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I made the world, you make the characters. You can be anything werewhatever, shapeshifter, mage, witch, ect.. The plot is not set, so anyone can createadapt it. It all starts on the planet Freedom.... .:From the forum of the same name on :.
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It was no big surprise to anyone. Everyone knew, they just wouldn't acknowlege it. Earth was dieing.

Yes, the blue and green planet was reaching its end, killed mercilessly by its own inhabitants. The planet with the unique history of bearing life, was about to reach the end of its own.

The humans had since their beginning looked to the stars. There where those who payed them more attention than their own suffering home. But, as they strived to look deeper and deeper into space, searching for the unknown, the other beings of the 3rd planet were secretly planning their escape.

They knew the fate of their world, and unlike the humans, they knew that the only way to survive was to leave. Leave for a place that could be a new home.

These creatures, these beings, were in no way allies of each other. To humans, they were either something to be feared, or a myth. For milleniums they strove to bring liberty to themselves, by force or other wise. But with everything in shambles, the fight against the humans reign was useless, and so they too looked to the stars.

It was years before they found another planet that could support life, and years again before they reached it.

This planet was vastly different from their home on Earth. Among being 3 times Earth's size, the ground was mostly desert, with a cold steel gray and deep violet hue. Two suns shone in the dark blue sky, one a large red Massive star, the other more reminisent of Earth's. The purple waves of nearby nebuli can be seen though the planets atmosphere, and when night arrives, you have the chance to see any number of the planets five moons. The planet is unusually dry, except the one ocean that spans over 1/5 of the planet.

The weather is eratic, spaning from blistering heat, to pouring rain, to violent blizzards. However the creatures that now inhabit this planet have all adapted in their own ways. For the first pioneers, this world was strange, but the beings took to it in hope. It is unknown how it was decided, between so many different creatures, but it might have been for their common goal. The planet was named Freedom.


Centuries past and the offspring of the original settlers, live fully adapt to what is their home planet. The planet is changing, those having known magic had long ago coaxed Earth like trees into existance, creating forests. Cities and towns have been built, people have chosen their lifestyles. Towns range from the high tech to the commonest village.

Another shot at life, and yet they are no more connected than before.

A ruler has appeared, one with enough strength to control the large planet. The people are oppressed, and it seems the planets namesake will only serve as a vicious irony as to what life really is.

But in this new generation, on this new planet, can history take an unexpected turn? Is Freedom's fate the same as Earth's? Or will there be those who rise to protect the people, their hopes, their liberty, their Freedom? who are you?

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Okay, that was the background story. That was probably the point of veiw of a God or a being who was originally from Earth.

Also, sorry this is on another planet, but really Earth was just to crowded for a good story, on this planet I can manipulate it into any stroyline.

Also, I made a 'villan'. Gave my planet a tyrant ruler and all. But don't get scared or anything. You don't have to choose good or evil. You can be neutral and go about your bussiness. This is just for all the hero types.

Also the king is Poole Pravius Rex.

Also here are the names of the suns and moons!


Letum(death)-A massive star that is a blood red in color. It dominates Freedom's sky during the day

Vita(life)- A normal star that is a bright yellow or white. It is smaller than Letum, and looks even smaller in the sky as it is further away


Ignavus(lazy)-the moon that hangs lowest in the sky; it is a yellow-white color; second largest

Animus(courage, soul)-the highest hanging moon, and also the largest; it is a orange-red color

Indigeo(need)- moon that revolves around Freedom fastest; second smallest moon and is a pinkish red color

Puto(believe)- middle sized moon that looks very much like Earth's moon; has a bluish white color

Otium(peace)-smallest moon; it is a pure white color

The names are in latin.

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That was very hard to do, and it still looks bad. Well at least you can see basically where you are.


+ Towns/Cities

* Capital

::::::: Snow

^^^^^^^ Mountains

//////// Pine Forests

00000000 Rain Forests


======== Water

[][][][][][] Metal island in the sky

############ Island created entirely out of darkness


/~~~~~~\ Active volcano

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Quallia - elfish people w/ lush vegetaiton/forests

Perajurie - Aquatic people w/ lake with a tall waterfall lots of fish and vegitation/ rocks around area for protection

Memaceite - high moutain w/ caves that connect to many places thru the world/ Dragons and human-like Dragon people/ very little vegetation so the Dragons always go down from the moutain to kill for food. While the human-like dragon kill and take vegitation(thanks Yoly)

Deanlete - just below the Memaceite/ Humans live here growing vegitation, raising live stock and such/ dragons steal their livestock and the Humen-like dragons steal their Vegitation and poultry along with livestock.

Ligimenta - high in the sky it not very easily found/ floating on a machine that is invisable to everyone but the people who live there/people are like half bird half human creature(harpies?) they grow their own vegitation

Remalotte - dark forest with a castle and it own town/Vampires live here but they they prefer animal blood to humans/ trees block out the sun so they can come out whenever

Zoemutilee - werewolves and were creatures/Thick woods a lot of people think its scary/ has a small dirty pond in the middle of it,the only clearing/they stay traformed almost all year round because of the many moons

Yolamie - desert like waste land that splits Perajurie and Terimania/ strange creatures called Domamgo live there they are reptile/dragon like creature that love the heat they're vicouse and dangerous creature that should be avoided/they eat smaller creature which also thrive in the desert waste land. Their is an Oasis with bountiful vegitation somewhere in the desert

Stamrangee - nearby the Quallia home but the forest around them seem to glow with energy/ Fairy and sprites live there/ even the lake glows

Terimania - very Rocky area with very little vegitation/ Strange Rock creature come and feast on the different rock they are a very kind race/love to wrestle with each other as a sign of good sportmenship

Bynloma - smililar to neighbor Deanlete at a glance/ Kitsune (The shift shapers of Japan.^^) live and thrive here their humanoid fox form has a very gentle, and nature loving look to them /they are cunning and crafty creatures even the dragons would never go near them even thou they were just at the foot of the moutain/will not tolerate any tresspasser/vegitation flourished more then the humans which attracted animals they hunt/Thou they usually had close family when a Kitsune reached adolescent they been know to shape shift their form (Any creature they want) and leave their home to other city unoticed

Maniego - near the Ramalotte/tall dark trees hide the demons that live there/ Some demons were either peacefull or wicked/diffrent demons each with a slightly diffrent form/ But no one dares to take a chance with the demons and lets them be; vampires however don't have much of a care for them and could co-exist with the demons that live in the forest.(Thou it not often they usually kept a distance from them.) Sometime the Demons would leave their home and hide in town/city pretending to be one of inhabitents untill their true form is revealed.

Cranitpic -On the shore line of the Great Ocean, a town of witches and warlocks sits. The town is shrowded in a mist, and hidden by trees. The mages here can practice their craft in peace and solitary. The vegetation is amazing and unusual, having been manipulated by strong magic. The animals attracted to the town are used as food or pets.

Nallliemana -These creatures seem much like Earth’s wolves, except much more intimidating. They have full white coats, sharp teeth which they use to hunt weak prey, and slightly glowing eyes. Creatures who almost look human take residence here as well. They seem to be part wolf though vastly different from the typical werewolf. Instead, with wolf ears, claws, fangs and fur they look like vicious half man half wolf mixes. Although their appearance is intimidating, like the rock creatures on the southern hemisphere, they are a peace loving race, who are kind and willing to help lost travelers. If any dare approach.

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