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I made the world, you make the characters. You can be anything werewhatever, shapeshifter, mage, witch, ect.. The plot is not set, so anyone can createadapt it. It all starts on the planet Freedom.... .:From the forum of the same name on :.
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Barely a few miles away from Freedom’s one ocean, is the planet’s largest lake. The lake is completely pure and a almost unreal blue color. Huge jutting rocks and mountains seal the aquatic paradise from all intruders. Magestic waterfalls (six in total) fall from the top of these rocky structures. Fish are abundant, along with larger water creatures, and other than the beautifully sculpted figures that are etched into the sheltering mountainsides, the area looks untouched by any creature.

But deep in the sparkling blue depths of the lake a whole other world exists. The merefolk, along with other aquatic beings, live here quietly. Their homes are made in part by erodes rock, and coral. The lake bottom is rich in minerals and metals, so the inhabitants have very strong and durable weapons. The town consists of mostly warriors, though you may find a rare few who are gifted in the art of magic.

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Tsubaki Hikari

Coming all the way here to Lake Perajurie to find a single person seemed crazy but it wasn't beyond my abilities, or that is what she thought. The nice calming sounds of the waves beating onto the rock on which she is currently sitting on seemed like her perfect ideal of paradise.

The rock which she selected wasn't too far from town so she could see what was going on but it was far enough for her to keep her peace. Being a wielder of one of the higher leveled Eden Blade is not easy especially when one is a girl. The place was almost deserted and empty. There was no one here at all for truth be told.

Where is he? He was the one who told me to come here but then did not appear after so long... If I wasn't wrong, almost five earth days has passed and still no sign of him. All I got was a letter with no name and only a hint that the person was a male. Or maybe not. Was I tricked? It was possible... but then who knew?

"I am so tired of waiting!" She exclaimed, feeling annoyed at the possibility that she was being played. Maybe she should go to one of the towns soon if no one realizes she is there on a rock. Would someone find me and talk to me to ease my boredness?

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Tsubaki Hikari

"Ooh...What is this? Another letter of some sort or is it simply my imagination?" Sora sighed thinking as she picked it up.

Just a while longer... The note said and she picked up the parcel lying below it. What is this? She took the parcel and removed the paper covering beyond it was a book that seemed to be have written in another language. 'How am I supposed to uncode this!' Sora thought desperately. It must be some kind of clue that the person has decided to give her. if only he would stop beating about the bush...

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Jay had been watching the girl for a few minutes wondering why she would just sit on a rock and not even come into town. He silently made his way behind the girl, making sure she couldn't hear his quiet movements, and looked over her shoulder at the book that she had jus recieved. Forgetting that the girl would be very surprised to know that someone had been watching her and was two inches away from her face, he spoke out with curiosity.

"Whats that?"

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Tsubaki Hikari

[Thank you. Honestly.]

Hearing a voice, Sora turned around meeting the gaze of a stranger. He was looking at her book that she just got. Curiously, she looked at him, messy blue hair and eyes that seem to be burning. This is starting to get interesting.

"Are you the one who sent me this letter?" Sora asked as she lifted up the letter that she got from The Region Headquarters. It held no name so it could be anyone.

[I was trying out a plan for another part of my story. Something like a stand alone novel but with other people's input. I will definately credit you. Please? We can like write it together. ]

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Tsubaki Hikari

[Or maybe I can make a forum and we can shift 'The story' there?]

"But before that stranger. What are you doing here? and who are you?" Sora asked. He wasn't supposed to be here unless he had saw me from the town or anything of that sort. Sora looked at the person calmly. I better do this slowly in case he is out to harm me or anything else, she thought. Why was he asking about the book anyway? It wasn't as if he could read it...Could he? Sora had only decoded the first two sentence of the book and has not made any progress since then.

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(Actually shifting the story would be a good idea, could you make a forum and then send me the link so we could continue there? That'd be great :))

Jay smiled at her and held out his hand.

"You know, normally its polite to introduce yourself first" He laughed. "But then again I asked about your book before I introduced myself. My names Jay, and as for who I am... I'm just me." He gave her a soft smile, contradicting his flame colored eyes.

"I came from that town over there" He pointed behind him towards a small rusty town. "What about you? You seem pretty young, why are you all alone waiting on a rock?"

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Tsubaki Hikari

[[PMed you the link. Lets start a new story. Or actually I am going to repost the above on one of them and we will continue this there. Otherwise, you can join me in the other story. :D]]

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(Oh ok awesome. Would you like to start over or shall we just copy paste what we have written for now?)

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Jackie the Giant

(Wait, does that mean I can't be in this? Is this even going anymore?)

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Tsubaki Hikari

(It is not going on anymore, Well... since the last time I came here.)

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((Actually, Tsubaki, it's your turn to post... ._.;; it's not going on because you haven't replied yet. xDDD))

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Tsubaki Hikari

((Ah hahaha, sorry. I was going through the usual works of Homework and exams.))

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((It's alright! :) ))

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Jackie the Giant

(So does that mean I can jump in, or is this an exclusive club?)

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Tsubaki Hikari

(You can jump in, but there is no one to reply you here. But you can join me and Da. at

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