Freedom RP
I made the world, you make the characters. You can be anything werewhatever, shapeshifter, mage, witch, ect.. The plot is not set, so anyone can createadapt it. It all starts on the planet Freedom.... .:From the forum of the same name on :.
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Irish toaster

"Thats Hanapu!"He said unable to supress his surprise."He is your master?!"

11/25/2008 #361

"In way yes." Bruno replied. "Master's anger changes his form."

11/25/2008 #362
Irish toaster

Rasferien decided to say no more.It wasn't customary for him to run but he wasn't going to find out if he was a fool by hanging around.

11/25/2008 #363

"It's not here boy!!! We can't sense it's presence!!!" The voices in his head yelled.

((Hanapu is currently in Scanlon form. The Dragon of War.))

11/25/2008 #364
Irish toaster

Rasferien cursed his luck.This Hanapu truly is mad! he thought

11/25/2008 #365

I'm not mad. We're just misunderstood. Hanapu told Rasferien telepathically.

11/25/2008 #366

Sapphire gazed up at Hanapu as she floated next to Rasfer. "Say, why are you so grumpy?" She called.

11/25/2008 #367

"No good idea!" Bruno told her.

11/25/2008 #368

"No, really!" She said, grinning. "His Aura is like that of a girl with PMS!"

11/25/2008 #369

"Paranoid Schizophrenia!!" Bruno yelled, "And MPS!!"

11/25/2008 #370

"Wow. No wonder he's gone berserk!" Sapphire laughed. "Is there any way to calm him down? 'Cause I'm thinking of placing him under a soul-splitting spell, but I'd need Grim's scythe to do that...I wonder if he's done with Spicer yet?"

11/25/2008 #371

"No laughing mat....." Bruno began, but was cut off when Hanapu raised his head and fired a large ball of black flames upon the town.

11/25/2008 #372

Sapphire scowled. "He's destroying the town! That's just dumb!" She suddenly floated up and stood on top of a building across from Hanapu. "Hey! Hanapu, if you're in there, I'm warning you to stop this before I have to use force, ya hear?"

11/25/2008 #373

Foolish creature. You will feel my anger!

11/26/2008 #374
Irish toaster

Rasferien shook his head.He should have expected this from a demon.He whipped out his sabre and sped towards the pair

11/26/2008 #375

"Hello!!? Dirty great, fifty foot demon dragon in the sky!! Mental people!!!!" He yelled at Rasferin and Sapphire.

11/26/2008 #376

"Mental? I'm far from it!" Sapphire muttered, glaring at Hanapu. "What's with you demons, always transforming into some hideous creature and going on a rampage?! Seriously, you're destroying all these buildings for no reason at all!"

11/26/2008 #377

"Because Master have no control!!" Bruno yelled.

11/26/2008 #378

"No control?" Sapphire scoffed. "How many times have I heard that one?"

11/27/2008 #379
Irish toaster

Rasferien shook his head again."Don't debate with demons.Their immpossible"he said with a grimace.

11/28/2008 #380

"Moonlight will break the curse........" Bruno mutterd. Relisation hit, "We must distract Master till moon shines!!!"

11/28/2008 #381

"Seriously? Okay, then!" Sapphire grinned conjured a scythe. "Let's entertain this guy, Rasfer!" With a swish of her scythe, a wave of flames shot towards the dragon.

11/28/2008 #382

When darkness falls and the moon shines bright. The curse of the demon will be lifted, discard the vile form and return to your true form.

The sky was setting.

11/29/2008 #383

Sapphire glanced up. "Tch. It's gonna be at least 20 minutes till the moon comes out..."

11/29/2008 #384

"Well keep distracting!!!"

20 minutes later:

In the dark sky, the moon rose slowly.

11/30/2008 #385
Irish toaster

Rasferien raised an eyebrow."Well? Is the demon sane again?"

11/30/2008 #386

Sapphire yawned. "This bores me. I've fought fairies that made better opponents!"

11/30/2008 #387

(Time for melting!!)

Once the moonlight hit Hanapu, his body begain to bubble and melt. He fell to the ground with a loud wet thud.

11/30/2008 #388

"Oh, wow..." Sapphire grinned and jumped down to where Hanapu lay. She sniffed him, then recoiled. "Ugh! He smells like a dead troll!"

11/30/2008 #389

The half melted dragon head tried to attack her.

11/30/2008 #390
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