Freedom RP
I made the world, you make the characters. You can be anything werewhatever, shapeshifter, mage, witch, ect.. The plot is not set, so anyone can createadapt it. It all starts on the planet Freedom.... .:From the forum of the same name on :.
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Sapphire tilted her head to the side, a strange smile spreading on her face. "The only coward is him. Not even having the guts to attack us first."

12/14/2008 #631

"I don't fight weak opponents unless they strike first."

12/14/2008 #632

"Same here. You're not a threat, you're a pest, and I don't have time for pests." Sapphire turned around and began walking in the direction of the hotel.

12/14/2008 #633

A shiruriken went flying past her.

12/14/2008 #634
Irish toaster

Rasferien spat "Lets just end this"

The vampire ran to the demon and slashed out at him.

12/14/2008 #635

Diablo blocked him with his cane.

12/14/2008 #636

Malcolm blew a barrage of fireballs at Diablo. Sapphire turned around, her eyebrows raised. "Like I said, he's a pest!" She pulled out her staff and prepared to attack.

12/14/2008 #637

The area was shrouded in a thick black fog.

12/14/2008 #638

Sapphire laughed and sent out a blast of wind, blowing the fog away. She jumped backwards on top of a nearby building. "Try something different, creep!"

12/14/2008 #639

"Pleasure." Diablo grinned. "Boys!!" He called and they were surrounded by over 100 Hellhounds.

12/14/2008 #640

"That's just perfect!" Malcolm said sarcastically, blasting ten Hellhounds away with a spell. "If only Kiara were here!"

"We don't need her!" Sapphire turned to glare at Diablo. "Bring it, demon! Just you and me!"

12/14/2008 #641
Irish toaster

Rasferien shouldered one leaping hound then turned to swipe another away with his word.He had to roll away as another attempted to sink its teeth into him.

12/14/2008 #642

"As you wish." Diablo lept up to the building opposite her.

12/14/2008 #643

Malcolm stomped on the ground, creating a long crack that several Hellhounds fell into while kicking away two other Hellhounds who had jumped at him.

Sapphire charged and brought her staff down on Diablo's head.

12/14/2008 #644

Diablo ducked and aimed the butt of his cane for her kidney.

12/14/2008 #645

Sapphire spun away in midair and landed lightly on her feet. She twirled her staff in her hands and sent out a blast of electricity.

(I have to leave now, peeps. I'll be back in a few hours.)

12/14/2008 . Edited 12/14/2008 #646

Diablo flipped out of the way.

12/14/2008 #647
Irish toaster

Rasferien grunted as a hellhound pounced on him and fell to the ground.He struggled to stop the hound sinking its teeth into his neck.Saliva dripped from its mouth.

Rasferien growled and sunk his teeth into the creature,it whelped and sprinted away.

He then rolled back onto his feet and readied himself for another attack.

12/14/2008 #648

"Take him down." One of the larger HellHounds growled.

12/14/2008 #649
Irish toaster

Another Hellhound leaped up at Rasferien,he trusted his word up into the hounds exposed stomach and twisted the blade, allowing the dog to fall then drew his blade.He stared defiantly at the large hellhound,licking the edge of his blade."Anymore for me to kill doggy?Or are you ready to fight me?"He flashed a grin.

12/14/2008 #650

"Isn't that considered crulty to animals Rasferien?" Hanapu appeared beside the HellHound general.

12/14/2008 #651
Irish toaster

Rasferien shrugged."I share no concern.Now,who's first?"

12/14/2008 #652

"Me." Hanapu replied.

12/14/2008 #653
Irish toaster

"Good"Rasferien said."Lets see how well Demons these days fight."

12/14/2008 #654

Twin swords formed in Hanapu's hands.

12/14/2008 #655
Irish toaster

"Am I supposed to be impressed?"

12/14/2008 #656

"No." Hanapu replied.

12/14/2008 #657
Irish toaster

"Good.I should hope not,one sword does just as well as two,in the right hands."

He charged for Hanapu.

12/14/2008 #658

"I see." Hanapu replied. He blocked the attack.

12/14/2008 #659
Irish toaster

Rasferien gritted his teeth."Well done.Most dont even have time to fathom my skill,for you,there may be an exception"

12/14/2008 #660
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