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I made the world, you make the characters. You can be anything werewhatever, shapeshifter, mage, witch, ect.. The plot is not set, so anyone can createadapt it. It all starts on the planet Freedom.... .:From the forum of the same name on :.
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"People are easy to read. Fighting skills are just the same."

12/14/2008 #661
Irish toaster

"Demons,arrogant as ever of coarse."

Rasferien spun and made another slash with his blade

12/14/2008 #662

Hanapu bent backwards avoiding the attack, he back flipped into a standing position.

12/14/2008 #663
Irish toaster

"Demons,flexible as ever too."he laughed.

He then leapt back and adopted a defensive stance."Come on,lets see if you are worthy to cross swords with me"

12/14/2008 #664

Hanapu ran at him, lightning fast, and aimed an attack for his head.

12/14/2008 #665
Irish toaster

Rasferien cursed as he barely managed to dodge the attack.

I should not underestimate him,he is fast. he thought to himself.

"I overestimated your skill.I thought you could do better than that."he chuckled

12/14/2008 #666

Crimson sparks flew off the end of one of his swords.

12/14/2008 #667
Irish toaster

Rasferien readied himself.

((Have to go.Bye now))

12/14/2008 #668

((So do I.))

Black spaeks flew off his other sword.

12/14/2008 #669

Sapphire watched with fascination. "Yeah! Go Rasfer!" She cheered, punching her fist into the air. Malcolm appeared next to her, prepared to defend if necessary. There was a small smile on his face. That's the way to go.

12/14/2008 #670

"Go Messanger. Destroy one of those who killed you!" Diablo called.

12/14/2008 #671

"Bah, grudges are for morons!" Sapphire hollered. "Hasn't he already killed enough?"

12/14/2008 #672

"Of coarse not." Diablo replied. "He is possibly the only one the Devil fears."

12/14/2008 #673

Malcolm smirked. "Interesting. I'm braver than my grandfather."

"Hmm...hey, Hanapu!" Sapphire called. "Do you like egg rolls?"

12/14/2008 #674

Hanapu ignored them.

12/15/2008 #675

Sapphire became a bit annoyed. "I asked you a question, Hanapu! Do you like egg rolls, or not?"

12/15/2008 #676
Irish toaster

Rasferien inclined his head to Sapphire and Malcolm."Thank you,you're too kind"he said with a little smile.

"Egg rolls...the devils food..."he said.

12/15/2008 #677

"I thought the Devil's food was double-chocolate cake!" Malcolm said, with a trace of amusement in his voice. "At least, that's what it said on that box of chocolate cake mix I bought!"

12/15/2008 #678

Hanapu ran at Rasferien, both swords sparking.

12/15/2008 #679
Irish toaster

Rasferien had not the time to reply.He knew the demon would try something.

He nearly underestimated the demons speed again,backflipping away he landed awkwardly on his feet.He stumbled the righted himself.

"By the Gods!"he yelled,feeling embarressed."You have not even the decency to allow me to talk to a friend."

He gritted his teeth."Prepare for a waltz of blades you pathetic whelp!"

Rasferien counter attacked with a flurry of attacks

12/15/2008 #680

Hanapu blocked the attacks, before delivering a spin-kick.

12/15/2008 #681
Irish toaster

Rasferien chuckled as he caught Hanapu's foot."You will have to do better than that.Perhaps your dogs could try outflank me?Then it could be an even fight"he sneered.

12/15/2008 #682

Spikes shot out of Hanapu's leg and foot.

12/15/2008 #683
Irish toaster

Rasferien cursed as his hand was pierced.He stepped back and laughed,licking his own blood."You will need something more effective against a vampire.He spat on his hand,sealing the wound which quickly healed.

12/15/2008 #684

Hanapu bowed his head, and laughed.

12/15/2008 #685
Irish toaster

Rasferien did not bow but inclined his head out of politeness.He did not wish to be caught on the wrong foot again.

12/15/2008 #686

Diablo took several steps away from the edge of the building. Hanapu raised his head, his eyes had turned black with white pupils.

12/15/2008 #687
Irish toaster

Rasferien raised an eyebrow,wondering what would Hanapu's reaction be.

12/15/2008 #688

"Oh crap....." Diablo muttered.

12/15/2008 #689

"Eh?" Sapphire looked from Diablo to Hanapu and back.

"Brace yourself for impact," Malcolm said in a low tone, half-jokingly.

12/15/2008 #690
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