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I made the world, you make the characters. You can be anything werewhatever, shapeshifter, mage, witch, ect.. The plot is not set, so anyone can createadapt it. It all starts on the planet Freedom.... .:From the forum of the same name on :.
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"Did you do something?" She called after him, sounding slightly harsher this time.

6/23/2009 #1,441

Tae paused and cursed under his breath, unless he had a pressure of a mission on him he was a horrible liar. "Umm, depends on what the something is..." His eyes became shifty and he turned his head to face Alica " wasn't that bad though, i guess"

6/23/2009 #1,442

She smiled warmly. "Hey well if it isn't bad then you don't need to hide it from me right? So spit it out" she laughed.

6/23/2009 #1,443

Tae sweat dropped, this lieing thing wasnt working. It was time for switch of plans, something that would get her to be quiet. "Both you and Derek survived right?" He felt like a complete jerk saying that, but thats what he was so he didnt mind.

6/23/2009 #1,444
Irish toaster

Rasferien shrugged. "The mother is dead. I do not need to explian myself. Also; stop reading minds for it is most rude"

6/24/2009 #1,445

"I can't help it!" Sapphire grimaced and rubbed her temples. "All your thoughts just come spewing out of your head and my mind picks them up like a satellite. I can't help but notice the interesting ones, too!"

Lucian's expression was a strange mix of sympathy and scorn. "Dead, huh? Was it during childbirth?"

6/24/2009 #1,446
Irish toaster

"She died by the hands of a traitor as my Empire fell. Her blood is on those cowardshands"

6/24/2009 #1,447

"Hmm..." Lucian suddenly appeared behind him and snatched the frog that was sitting on his head. "This thing was getting annoying!"

Sapphire nearly fell over laughing. "How'd that get on his head?!"

6/24/2009 #1,448
Irish toaster

Rasferien raised an eyebrow at the frog while Isabella was tip-toeing away

6/24/2009 #1,449

Lucian grinned and squeezed the frog. "He looks delicious!" Without a second word, he shoved the amphibian into his mouth and swallowed him whole.

Percy and Malcolm yelped. "DUDE!" They shouted in unison.

Sapphire nearly fell over again. "EWWW!"

6/24/2009 #1,450
Irish toaster

Rasferien nodded. "Frogs are quite tasty. However puppies and kittens are the most divine"

6/24/2009 #1,451

Percy trembled. "That's sick!"

Lucian licked his lips. "Eh, not too shabby. I prefer poisonous animals, though. Really notches up the flavor when you know it could be killing you."

6/24/2009 #1,452
Irish toaster

Rasferien shrugged. "As long as the animal has healthy blood. That goes for humans too"

6/24/2009 #1,453

Sapphire stomped on the ground. "That's enough talking about food!"

Lucian ignored her and threw his hat at Rasferien, which spun rapidly like a shuriken. "Think fast, vamp!"

6/24/2009 . Edited 6/24/2009 #1,454
Irish toaster

The vampire grunted and deflected it with his sword.

"Dammit warning would be curtious"

6/24/2009 #1,455

The hat suddenly changed into a giant blue hyena that towered over the trees next to it. It let out a high-pitched call. Lucian laughed.

6/24/2009 #1,456
Irish toaster

Rasferien bared his fangs and readied himself for battle,holding his sword in two hands.

Isabella sweat-dropped. "These guys sure do love showing off..."

6/24/2009 #1,457

Lucian leaped onto the hyena's back and stroked its mane. "Calm down, Swordhead. Or I'll have Joker here trample you!"

6/24/2009 #1,458
Irish toaster

Rasferien sheathed his sword. "You are lucky that thing is tame for if it attacked me your pet would be disemboweled."

6/24/2009 #1,459

Lucian rolled his eyes. "Joker doesn't wanna attack you. He just wants to pounce on you is all." As soon as he said that, Joker leaped forward and tackled Rasferien to the ground and licked him, coating him in slobber. Lucian laughed hysterically.

6/24/2009 #1,460
Irish toaster

Rasferien resisted the urge to lash out and simply growled.

Isabella covered her mouth as she laughed.

6/24/2009 #1,461

Sapphire walked over and sat on Joker's tail. Joker lifted her up and down and she laughed. Then the hyena stepped off of Rasferien and yipped.

6/24/2009 #1,462
Irish toaster

Isabella ran up the Hyena's tail and sommersaulted onto its back.

6/24/2009 #1,463

Lucian frowned and Isabella and poked her in the side. "Oy, no rides for the humans!"

Sapphire floated up and smacked Lucian on the head. "Ignore him. He's partially retarded."

6/24/2009 #1,464
Irish toaster

"You must have it out for humans huh?" Isabella said sitting down letting her legs dangle over the side.

6/24/2009 #1,465

"Not really. I just don't like being around your kind since your scent turns me into something ugly." Lucian stated, looking a bit depressed.

6/24/2009 #1,466
Irish toaster

"Well I wash so I can't be that bad. Then again I havn't washed in two days and I've been running around, I must be dirty as heck"

6/24/2009 #1,467

"Ooh!" Sapphire's eyes sparkled. "There's a hot spring nearby! We can go bathe there sometime."

Lucian rolled his eyes. "It has nothing to do with that. You just smell too appealing, so back off."

6/24/2009 . Edited 6/24/2009 #1,468
Irish toaster

"Love too!" Isabella shrieked. Then she grinned at Lucian. "So good I'm delicious huh?"

6/24/2009 #1,469

Lucian snapped his jaws at her. "I feel like ripping your throat out, to be honest."

6/24/2009 #1,470
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