If The World Wasn't Round
What If? My favorite question. Plese come and share your big, racey therorys on everything and anything, no matter how stupid. I want to hear you philosophy on stuff! You must be open minded for this one
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I have spent many nights lying awake contemplating what the world would be like if every person was replaced with a tree. Humans are so detrimental to the well being of the planet, but trees, are giving and life supporting. If I could be anything in the world I would want to be a tree. A big maple one in the back yard of a family, kids would climb my branches and spend time with me, laughing and playing. I could supply homes for birds and insects, squirrels and caterpillars for many many years. Call me crazy I don't care! What an honour it would be, to be your loving giving tree! ^_^


8/28/2008 #1
Indred Dragon

Okay so this is totally twisted and really really cool at the same time. I totally agree that life would be better if like two thirds of the worlds population were trees. I personally would want to be a weeping willow or a cypress tree.

Trees are very important! They provide aid for the most basic and most taken for granted function of all man kind: BREATHING!!!

So i totally agree, trees are awsome!! It would also be really cool to come back as a twinkie, but thats a different topic!! LOL

9/4/2008 #2

Thank you for being the first person to open their mind to my thoughts on trees. This is a great forum I'm so glad I found it and was able to voice my thoughts and feelings without them being shot down right away. Thank you , very much. ....And for some reason I can't help but wonder now what the life of a Twinkie is like....:P

9/4/2008 #3
Scarlet Elizabeth Down

The life of a twinkie, to be totally made of chemicals, and your sole goal in life is take away 30 seconds of the life of the person who eats you. sound exciting to me.

Honestly i don't think it would be enjoyable to be a tree, first of all, YOU DON'T GET TO MOVE. i mean i would die of boredom, just sitting there, and being like oh lets give life to those that are killing us, yea, (i'm not trying to be atronizing, just in case it sounds like that.) personally, i would far more enjoy being a falcon, or a tiger- any kind of cat actually.

9/4/2008 #4
Indred Dragon

Okay so i totally had to laugh at that twinkie thing and laughed again at your view of not getting to move. For some reason it just cracks me up!!

What you said also gave me a really cool idea. What would you want to come back as animal wise?

Realistically: I'd want to be a gorilla or some type of ape.

Otherwise: I'd want to be a DRAGON. (What way? All the way, anyway, oh yes!) Sorry about that, one of those mental hicup type things! You know how it is.

What about you people? Realistically and otherwise?

9/10/2008 #5
Scarlet Elizabeth Down

It would be amazing to be adragon, or ohh, how about a type of fairy

9/10/2008 #6

Well being a tree has its good aspects, but i would die of boredom as mentioned earlier. Being an animal would be cool too. Personally, i would like to be something with human characteristics. I actually would like to be a fairy, but a flying one. I wouldnt want to be an bird because it's too, well, animal like. A fairy would be cool. I would have huge blue and pink wings that look like an eagles. And be able to hold my breath under water. The two things on Earth that i enjoy the most are being on the beach and letting the waves flow over you, and letting a chilly breeze caress your face.

10/25/2008 #7
Red Cambell

Well, if i could be a tree i agree with you Dragon I wuold want to be a weeping willow. Like the one off of Pocohontas. I would want to be very old and big so I provided shade for two lovers who wanted some privacy...lol (I know it sounds perverted but I totally didnt meant it to lol)

I would only want to be an animal if it were before humans roamed Mother Earth freely so I wouldn't have to worry about being wiped off the face of the earth by poachers. And if I could be any animal it would be a horse, a wild stallion. Running with the rolling hills and galloping with the mountains it would be wonderful.

2/26/2009 #8

Haha, this so reminded me of a bit in a Terry Pratchett book....

"Ooh, that was a sharp one."

"What was?"

"That winter just now."

"That's nothing! You're just a youngster, only 1000 years old. In my day we had real winters!"

Or something along those lines. XD

8/26/2010 #9

"I talk to the trees... That's why they put me away." Eccles, one of the (highly esteemed) Goons; AKA Spike Milligan :)

7/12/2011 #10

Strangler figs and redwoods would be my two choices.

7/6/2012 #11
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