How to make a mystery
How do we create a story that absorbs a reader while leaving must of the narrative restricted so they have to piece together the clues? Discuss here.
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What are some reasons of why mystery stories rule? WHat are elements you need to put together to have a successful story?

8/30/2010 #1

The criminal mind lends itself to the character, and thus to the reader. In some cases the character is the criminal, but usually we are looking through the eyes of a detective or vigilante, or just some sap, haha.

People love to know where or how things go wrong, and mysteries provide that, as well as crime stories.

10/30/2010 #2
Minamoto Yoritomo

Why mysteries rule? People die suddenly, death doesn't come by invitation. All those secrets hidden in one human being could be lost ... forever. Unless, of course ... the rest is a mystery ... (But remember: curiosity killed the cat.)

2/1/2011 #3

And...what if the teller IS the criminal? And they have some sort of memory loss problem so they don't remember it (sort of like what happens with Anne in The Woman In White, except the story would be from her view instead of the other guy's whose name I don't recall). Those are always CRAZY interesting, even when it's not the narrater him/herself with the amnesia, and just the situational irony of it....

9/21/2011 #4
A Fire Rose

If it's a murder mystery, there should be a motive. Among the most common are-- Revenge, jealousy, greed, heat of passion, accident, etc.

10/14/2011 #5
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