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Reine Ayten

As the title says, this is the entrance to the city. It consists of a large, iron gate, with a gatehouse right in front of it, housing two guards.

{This is where all you new people come into the city}

8/8/2008 #1

((Okay? We start here?))

Caleb sighed as he stepped through the gate, keping his head low in case she was here. It wasn't likely, she hadn't found him back then, but he just never knew with her.

8/9/2008 #2
Reine Ayten


Evander just strolled through the gates, shouting a greeting at one of the guards he knew well.

8/9/2008 #3

Caleb flinched at the call, and glanced back. He sighed when he saw the boy, and relaxed slightly.

8/10/2008 #4
Reine Ayten

Evander felt eyes on him, and he noticed Caleb.

8/22/2008 #5

Caleb blinked, then turned away.

8/23/2008 #6
Edalene Athene

Arianwen stepped through the gates, eyes downcast, hood covering her dark hair, a dagger disclosed up her sleeve. She’d made too many enemies over the past years, it paid to be careful. When she was through the gate and deemed it safe she raised her eyes. As she scanned the street with her eyes she noticed a boy of about nineteen or twenty. He was tall and hadn’t quite grown into himself, giving him a lanky, awkward appearance. He also seemed to be rather skittish, jumping and flinching every time an old lady offered him an apple or pie. Arianwen smiled, ‘This could be fun!’ she thought to her self and she began to follow the boy into the crowded city

8/24/2008 #7

Caleb stopped, suddenly sure somebody was following him.

((Wanna move to the streets topic?))

8/25/2008 #8
Reine Ayten

Evander ran off through the crowded streets, looking for something to do.

{Yeah... that might be a good idea... XD}

8/26/2008 #9

((The streets it is then.))

8/27/2008 #10
Zina Nevirone

Trying to look natural Madysen walked into the city. She glanced up at the sun and stopped herself from running to hide. She could control the sparkle now, no need to run. She looked around herself and smiled, maybe she'd be okay here. Just maybe. She walked along a little then turned and stopped. She looked back at where she had just come from and breathed. A new start, a new Madysen.

She walked on again.

((To the Streets.))

1/3/2009 #11

Myrad slouched against the cold iron gates trying to stay far away enough so that she couldn't hear any thoughts. The headache she had was bad enough already after waking up to a room full of angry men. SHe sighed and slinked off through the gates in to the town.

7/10/2010 #12
Reine Ayten

{You need to post your character information in the Character thread before you enter the city, please.}

7/10/2010 #13
Jackie the Giant

A black wolf, larger than most, approached the gates. A satchel was clenched in his teeth and swung close enough to the ground to force the wolf to trot slowly in order to avoid stepping on it. When it reached the gate, it dropped the satchel and transformed into a young man (his clothes thankfully carried over between forms), though he retained the wolf's ears and tail. Scooping the satchel back up, he slung it over his shoulder and strolled casually through the gates.

8/3/2011 #14

Luna walked up to the gates of the city and took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She must be mad to come to such a place full of supernatural beings, but for once in her life she had no where else to turn for aid. This is where she would begin her knew life. This is where perhaps she could find answers.

"Okay, here I go," she told herself tightening the straps of her pack and putting on a brave face to hide the fact her heart was racing. Through the gates she passed and a new journey began.

8/16/2011 #15

"Hello?" Aeda called, stepping into the deserted looking village. It seemed so quiet here. Was anyone here, anyway? She hoped so. As she checked her bag, the girl noticed she had little food left.

"Gosh, I hope someone's here," she murmured. It would have been a shame to come so far and have to turn back around. With a deep breath, the girl continued walking through.

6/27/2012 #16
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