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Tolkien may have written a lot but not particularly well, but for some reason, many fantasy writers insist on regurgitating his ideas. This forum is for people who like really innovative fantasy, like China Mieville's Perdido Street Station.
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So I was just thinking: There's all this fantasy stuff going to the big screen a lot more often now, but its all the same. The Lord of the Rings and now this new Eragon (which I heard was bad, but thats just rumor i haven't seen it) and it all looks the same. Does anyone have something new in this genre? By this I mean, really unique. Like M. Night Shamalan's stuff. Have you seen Lady in the Water? Its weird but its a great unique fantasy story. That stuff seems to be lacking in big time media and books (though truth be told i don't read much fantasy). Have you guys seen unique stuff or are as bored with the modern fantasy movies as I am?
12/25/2006 #1
misterfuzzums EXTREME
The Prestige was pretty good... dunno whether it was fantasy but the book was listed as such...
12/27/2006 #2
Jave Harron
Prestige was fantasy-horror-historical. A very cool combo. For movies, Eragon did indeed suck. "City of Lost Children" was pretty good. Hellboy was also surprisingly good.
1/5/2007 #3
City of Lost Children is amusing and definitely different. Hellboy, I liked alright. The Lovecraftian gods thing at the end threw me off a bit, but I haven't read the comics, so maybe that was to be expected(?). Perlman's in both of those movies, actually, and does a fine job. The director of Hellboy, Guillermo (sp?) del Toro also directed the recent movie "Pan's Labyrinth". I haven't seen it yet, but I'm really hoping it's worthwhile. --dreamshell--
1/6/2007 #4
Lord Monbodo

Hmm, Lady in the Water? That was certainly original, though wasn't very interested in it. I'm afraid I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary in a long time.

3/19/2010 #5
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