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kiseki- Greeen

9/6/2009 #31
The Randomly Evil Xirroq

Apocalyptica is good for the writing senses with the combination of Orchestal Metal........

9/10/2009 #32
Kid W25

Mostly I am listening to Fall Out Boy especially their album: Take This To Your Grave.

12/26/2009 #33

Ah, I listen to Young by Hollywood Undead, Honor by Atreyu, and Liar by Fireflight. At least, that's what I listen to while outlining my stories.

5/10/2010 . Edited 5/11/2010 #34

great music taste sohrryp, hollywood undead pwns as well as fireflight

5/10/2010 #35

Thanks! ^^

I also listen to Beautiful Bride by Flyleaf and Cellar Door by Escape the Fate. (Music is my sanity... I don't have enough room to list all the songs I like.)

5/11/2010 #36
Ai Neko Loveless

I usually listen to shiki no uta, the samurai champloo ending and Lost Reason by abingdon boys school.

When I'm writing action or fast paced parts I listen to Savior by Rise Against.

5/11/2010 #37

Flyleaf pwns, u should get a song called Again by them

@Neko: rise against r***!

5/11/2010 #38

I love that song! I mean I love Again by Flyleaf, It was what made me buy Memento Mori. I think their newest album is one of my favorites so far. Alright, I've just fallen in love with Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore. Now I've got to listen to all their other songs. Any suggestions?

5/11/2010 . Edited 5/11/2010 #39

paramore is on of my favorite bands um best songs in my opinion r Pressure, Decode, Misery buisness, Emergency, Crush crush crush, Thats what you get etc

Check out another band called We Are The Ocean, they fuckin own

5/11/2010 #40

an if u like paramore check out a band called Versaemerge

5/11/2010 #41

Okay, Lovaxx, you are my musical twin! I love all of this stuff! Especially Versaemerge! I must buy their albums now! Any other good bands you know of?

5/11/2010 #42

I listen to Circle by Paramore and Taiyou to Tsuki no Rondo by Hatsume Miku and Megurine Luka lol.

Also Breakeven by The Script, All the Right Moves by One Republic and Anna Molly by Incubus.

...Oh and some rap and r&b lol

5/11/2010 #43

well i like alexisonfire (one of my all time favorites, dallas green's lead vocals are what get me through fight scenes). Anberlin is awesome another great on with alot of slow songs as well as fast paced action. Chevelle is good, Sevendust is good, Killswitch engage owns, Circa survive is good too great vocals and greats melodies slow and fast, Closure in Moscow is on of my favorites as well, Dance Gavin Dance (my all time favorite band if u can get passed the screaming the vocals will make u kill yourself they r so awesome Jonny craig is god!) many more just let me know when u check all of these out.

5/11/2010 #44

I believe that we must have been separated at birth or something because everything you've listed I've either already known about and loved or loved it after I've listened.

"the vocals will make u kill yourself they r so awesome"

I laughed, and I loved Dance Gavin Dance. This is great stuff!

5/12/2010 #45
Onyx Waves

Slipknot, Jpop, and And-Eccentric Agent

5/16/2010 #46
Golden Crisis Raku

I listen to either really aggressive stuff like Semi-Fiction by The Fall of Troy or really calm stuff like Thursday by Asobi Seksu.

5/20/2010 #47

Hello all, I'm new here.

I like to listen to Globus primarily when I'm writing. I love instrumental pieces and epic rock, definitely sets the mood. Though it really depends on what story I'm working on.

Anyone else here make playlists prior to really sitting down to begin writing?

6/10/2010 #48

What up people of the world? I'm another newbie (to the otaku side of FictionPress).

I actually listen to foreign music while writing. Like VOCALOID, Nana Mizuki, Miyano Mamoru, other seiyuus, character songs, that kind of thing. But I'll occasionally listen to Paramore, The lonely Island (I'm on a boat!) and Avril Lavinge.

@EL.L0B0.L0C0 Yeah, I do that sometimes.

6/25/2010 #49
Prof Pumpkinhead

Hi, I'm another newbie here!

I usually use AMV rather than only music; so that when I'm too tired of writing, I can just watch the images there.

I like varied music, actually, including Melodies of Life (from Final Fantasy IX), Pressing On, and Canadian Idiot. I just choose it following the mood I need to express in the story, but sometimes just random. I'm too lazy to think too much :-)

7/2/2010 #50
Charming Dice

Hero by Chad Kroger

Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore

Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down

Shining Down by Lupe Fiasco

What I've Done by Linkin Park

Already Home by Jay-Z feat. Kid Cudi

Magnificent by U2

When I'm Gone by Eminem

7/5/2010 #51

I've literally got a playlist closing in on 100 songs for when I write on my Itunes :P

Which ones I listen to depend on what kind of scene I'm writing

3/5/2011 #52
Knight of One

Haven't written anything lately, but I've been listening to a lot of stuff like Getting Away With Murder by Papa Roach, and Give It All by Rise Against. And can't forget Power by Kanye West.

7/25/2011 #53
Hello-newbie here. I like to mostly listen to Japanese music-including "Asian Kung-Fu Generation," "Yui," and "NICO Touches the Walls" they are just fun things to listen to. I also like to listen to Anime OSTs. They are really interesting.
6/27/2013 #54

Hey, Lucy! If you'd like to join a slightly more active group, the continued version is where everyone is at. Feel free to post in the welcome thread there. I hope to see you soon

If you meet an insane perverted warmonger, don't say I didn't warn you.

6/30/2013 #55

Thanks Hypnagogia! I'm new here and it seemed pretty cool that they have forums-so I decided to check some of them out. I do like this one-thanks for telling me about the other one!

7/1/2013 #56
Benedict A.86

If you meet an insane perverted warmonger, don't say I didn't warn you.

Re-iterated for emphasis

7/5/2013 #57

You're welcome, Dragon Lady. I hope to see you a the RAOSC Asylum.

7/6/2013 #58

For those of you who can't listen to music with lyrics while writing, I recommend you check this out:


It plays for a little more than six hours! I've searched for piano music as well, but it usually makes me sleepy rather than help me concentrate.

7/22/2013 . Edited 7/22/2013 #59
Black Raven 2539
I listen to usually any song by Ed Sheeran for inspiration for love stories.
3/3/2014 #60
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