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woman prison aint a thing to the man house :(

10/3/2009 #2,971

listening to stevie wonder writing chapter 6

10/3/2009 #2,972

@Palm: No but fairly to that nature. Heck, the Insanely Bad Future is a borderline case due to everyone trying to make their future selves sound cool..........And they do it with gusto. XD

@Blazn: I'm good Blazn. Have recently updated Insanely Bad Future two times this week so all is cool. ^_^

10/3/2009 #2,973
Palm Tree

@Lovaxx: "I wish I could tell you that he put up a good fight and The Sisters let him be. I wish I could tell you that. But prison is no fairy tale world."


10/3/2009 #2,974
Palm Tree

@Pogo: Lawl! I'll have to keep my eye out for it then. 83

10/3/2009 #2,975

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT I'M 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/3/2009 #2,976


10/3/2009 #2,977

*pops chapagne with birthday hat as he breaks out of cake and starts dancing for blazn*

10/3/2009 #2,978
Palm Tree

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAZIKINS!!! 8DDDDDD -throws confettit and gives homemade cake-

10/3/2009 #2,979

WOOT! *Huggles All* Happiest way to spend the first five minutes of my B-Day!! Best B-day introduction ever! I effing love you guys!!!

10/3/2009 #2,980

...u can eat the cake she gave u, but i wouldnt eat the one i came out of...i was n*** in there for awhile...just sayin

10/3/2009 #2,981

@Palm: Indeed. Still remembered Chapter 3, where Nagase almost sounded like a normal survivor......Only to of course, explain she's now a crack shot with a rifle, a rifle that runs on plasma. Oo

Her backstory in the next chapter confirms......Yeah, she's a badass already. XD

10/3/2009 #2,982

Lulz* picks up fork and takes a bite of both cakes* Hmm Vanilla and Lova, yummy^^

10/3/2009 #2,983

Happy Birthday Blazn! I don't even know who you are...you could be a puppy kicker for all I know, but happy birthday anyhow!

*cough* Newbie alert.

10/3/2009 . Edited 10/3/2009 #2,984
Palm Tree

-hugglehuggle- And we freakin' love you Blazn! X33333

@Lovaxx: 8D; Twice the love in that cake.

@Pogo: Excitement! 8G

10/3/2009 #2,985
Palm Tree

@Hero: Aww! How sweet! XD Plan to stay for the party? 8]

10/3/2009 #2,986

WELCOME, ... do u guys remember when i was a nub :(

10/3/2009 #2,987

Happy Birthday Blazn!

...............I could give you a portable catgirl army like I usually do with my Comic Book Rumble Forum buddies but I don't know...... XD

10/3/2009 #2,988

If I'm invited sure! :3

Lovaxx: Thank you.

10/3/2009 . Edited 10/3/2009 #2,989
Palm Tree

Gwah! You really are a newbie! -huggles Hero- Welcome! It's great to have you and of course you're invited! 8DDDD

@Lovaxx: A nub? XD Can't say. But newb? A little. You were too cool of a newb to really notice. ;]

10/3/2009 #2,990

Hey everyone

10/3/2009 #2,991
Palm Tree

Estrick! HEY! 8D

10/3/2009 #2,992

hehe, did i mention that Pence and Dean r gonna spar soon!!!!!!!

10/3/2009 #2,993

Hi noob^^ I love puppies^^

Lova: Yep, I do remember the greased up fat guys^^And Male bond oh the male bonding XD

10/3/2009 #2,994

XD thanks for the warm welcome...can I has a corner piece of that cake?

10/3/2009 #2,995
Palm Tree

@Lovaxx: Hot pancakes! 8'DDDD Rewy?

10/3/2009 #2,996

Of course *Give corner piece of cake* Do you be male or female?

10/3/2009 #2,997
Palm Tree

-swipes corner piece and gives to Hero-

You're welcome and I hope this means you'll become a frequent visitor! :3

10/3/2009 #2,998

yes u can new guy or gal

10/3/2009 #2,999

*takes corner piece* Thank you. I'm be a hot blooded male with a hair trigger temper.

10/3/2009 #3,000
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