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SSJ Jolt

Ok so I'm writing my newest fic and I've hit a pretty big snag.

Most of the main (named) cast early on are female with only one guy who only plays a small role for the first three chapters or so, after which the focus shifts to him (mainly because the main girl goes 'Blue Screen of Death' mode).

The problem is I'm not very good at wiritng girls. Aweful actually. Can anyone give me advice on making this all easier on my and less likely to give myself a serious injury from ramming my forehead on my desk so much?

9/22/2009 #1
Vampire Kuroken

Advise? That's what I'm here for. Okay first of all if you're focusing on girls.. they act mainly on emotions.... Work on that first..

10/14/2009 #2
SSJ Jolt

Took longer to get help then I expected, but better late then never.

I'll take what you've said into consideration when working on them, thanks for you help.

Now I just need to work on my pacing...

And getting my muse working again...

10/14/2009 #3

Hope I am not intruding, but a lot of people are highly annoyed by the whining girls who always need rescuing, um I do not know what type of story you are writing but girls hide their emotions around guys a lot until they just sort of snap and let it all out...erm hope this wasn't random or useless '-_-

10/14/2009 . Edited 10/14/2009 #4
SSJ Jolt

No, your not intruding. I wasn't planning on having annoying whiny girls who need rescuing all the time, in fact the main girl will be doing alot of the rescuing (of the main guy, who is vastly stronger then her, no less).

Girls hide thier emotions AND are extremely emotional? hmm... Ok... man, girls are complicated...

No help is ever useless, I appreciate all of it.

10/14/2009 #5
L.A. Clearwater

Yeah, were complicated, the same way we think guys like you are (laughs). Anyway, what I can I say is that girls love cute things, like pink stuff and stuffed toys (remember Power Puff Girls?). But not all of us love those to death. Some are way more into rough sports etc. That's all for now. I'll come back for more info.

10/15/2009 #6
SSJ Jolt

The girls I have planned most aren't the pink lover type, though one of them uses pink stuff as a way of boosting her cuteness to attract guys... which is a little disturbing... That one looks twelve while she and her friends are actually sixteen. Somehow this gave her a complex and made her the groups resident perv (yeah, the guy ISN'T the perv).

The other girls consist of the long haired shy girl with glasses and the dark haired tall girl with a hieght complex. Thats about as much as I've thought of for those two... those three don't even have names.

The main girl, Alicia, is the tomboyish member of the group who is envious of her friends because shes the smallest in feminine areas despite being the only American in the group. Shes also the main guy's childhood friend though she thinks hes a lookalike with the same name and that he's actually dead, he's trying to not let her find out the truth. She's also surprisingly good at stereotypical girl things like cooking and cleaning, though she hates the idea of being a housewife and would rather be a construction worker. (He secretly supports her on that)

The main guy, Eon, would fall under 'emo' at first glance if not for the fact most of what he mutters has a hopeful edge to it. He has a great many secrets and mysteriously knows what is yet to come without being psychic or a prophet. Officially he's been dead for two years, and not even on Earth for six, though the only person that could realize it (Alicia) is in denial that it's even possible, something he's making no attempts at correcting.

Thats all I have on the descided main cast for now, I'm also planning a male secondary character to act as the main guys best friend/rival but I've yet to think of anything concrete for him. The plot details will have to wait untill I'm actually writing, but don't worry, the girls won't spend all thier time whining and needing to be saved, they'll all get thier moments to be cool (it's an action story so expect at least one to jack a machinegun). Any thoughts on who to write the girls? The guy I'm pretty much set for.

EDIT: Guys aren't that complicated. You just need to remember that we remember things differently, like if you wnet on a date you may remember the color of the flowers in the vase of the resturant, while the guy might only remember if the food was good. Heck our brains even sort things differently, as one science report I read said women sort memories 'emotionally' while guys sort them 'literally.'

10/16/2009 . Edited 10/16/2009 #7
Benedict A.86

very interesting.

6/22/2013 #8
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