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Hi Kisho and sure :D My name has Chan at the beginning actually :3 Lovely to meet you!

7/26/2011 #3,001

Haha claim int he name of comebacks :3?

Speaking of I missed Rob and Heart oh buu D:

7/26/2011 #3,002

Oh, that's perfect then c: Blaze-chan... it's cute, I like it more than when I originally thought of it! xD

... Hey, hey, Blaze-chan, Blaze-chan, can you recommend any of your stories to me? :3

7/26/2011 #3,003
The Randomly Evil Xirroq

-blinks- Well..here again I guess...

7/26/2011 #3,004
Knight of One

-Gets out of roady van and cracks back loud enough to tremble the earth.-

Never, ever go on a road trip with four guys and a small mini van. Not enough space, not enough air, and DEFINITELY not enough junk food. If it weren't for the fact that we were hitting anime conventions all over the country, this little ride along would have never happened.

BTW, WELCOME BACK BLAZ-CHAN!! YOU HAVE FINALLY SHOWN YOURSELF! NOW WE WAIT FOR TEH MISS PALM, LOVAXX, TYLER, AND STARDRAG...none of those besides Palm has gotten back to me. If everyone can, get on 2morrow. I'll try to see if Palm can get on too.


7/26/2011 #3,005
John Quinn

@Knight: That sounds extremely uncomfortable, but why can't you use a plane or something? Or multiple mini vans? And why are you hitting anime conventions all over the country and how long will this be going on?

And we can always lure everyone back with cookie *cough cough* bait *cough cough*

@Louis: Hm, you're intriguing me with your story now. As for my characters...well, instead of transplanting the character personalities, I usually end up borrowing techniques since I can't actually come up with battle scenes. It looks like I can, but I probably unconsciously thought of something else. For example, in Tale of Basil, the main character used to have an attack similar to Ciel's black keys, really more like Shirou's rapid spamming Unlimited Blade Works...but restraints placed that off for later. For now, he's Shiki without the mystic eyes of death perception.

Speaking of near blatant carbon copies, I'm trying to do something fancy for Fate/Stay Night. The hardest thing is looking up mechanics but otherwise it's going along pretty good.

7/26/2011 . Edited 7/26/2011 #3,006

It seems that Kisho has this habit of adding -chan after people's name. Well, it's not really bad, I guess. After all, I feel cute when Kisho called me Lou-chan.

7/26/2011 #3,007

@John: Ah, mystic eyes of death perception, the most game-breaking hax ability ever. One hit kill, able to kill even immortals, Shiki is a beast. Yeah, I absolutely love Shiki since he is not your standard action hero (hot blooded? no). I think that he's one of the most dangerous entities in Nasuverse. And next, Shiro. Even with his 'die when you're killed' makes me go lolz, his ability to create field of swords from his soul is one of the most badass things I've ever seen in Nasuverse. I like Archer more than him though.

7/26/2011 #3,008
John Quinn

@Louis: Archer and Shirou are the same though, which means it's really sort of irrelevant who you like better since technically you're liking both.

But yeah, mystic eyes of death is pretty broken. On the down side it comes with a decreased life span and possible insanity. The only thing I could think of that would be as game breaking would be...you know, I take that back. You can make anything broken if you keep at it long enough. Assassin (not true assassin) made reality give up just by swinging his sword in impossible ways.

7/26/2011 #3,009

@John: Oh yeah, Tsubame Gaeshi, huh? Assassin can even bend the fabric of reality by swinging his sword, and it's not even a Noble Phantasm. And let's not start with Gilgamesh. That guy has Ea, something that has the power to destroy universe.

7/26/2011 #3,010
John Quinn

@Louis: You know, I kind of want to make a story where I put as many 'overly powered anythings' in it now.

7/26/2011 #3,011

@John: Go ahead. That might be rock!

7/26/2011 #3,012
Knight of One

All of your interesting stories while mine is pretty much a mix between Inuyasha and Tales of the Abyss.

@John: We're driving to as many cons as we can hit and as much money we have to last us. It's an official Anime roadtrip, and the driving part is supposed to be fun. It is, but it can get a bit hectic when people like to get rowdy and/or drunk. We're headed up to Indiana right now.

7/26/2011 #3,013
Heart of The Tainted

Did you go to akon?

7/26/2011 #3,014
Knight of One

No, that was one that we missed.

Totally beat my friends a** for getting up late.

7/26/2011 #3,015
Knight of One

They're the reason we missed Anime Expo, which was supposed to be the highlight of the trip.

Right now we're on our way to Gen Kon Indy in Indianapolis.

7/26/2011 . Edited 7/26/2011 #3,016
Vio the Wandering Lover

Stopping in to say good night.


7/26/2011 #3,017
Knight of One

@Violent: Wait, who's fault is it for not coming to my school? I haven't even heard from you sense you were in High School! What College did you end up going to?

7/26/2011 #3,018

If someone wish to watch a good anime, I suggest you 'Monster' from Naoki Urawasa. Watch this, and you won't be disappointed.

7/27/2011 . Edited 7/27/2011 #3,019

Um Idk Kisho D: I took my old stories down for rewrites so unless you like slash I have nothing to refer. :D It is nice to meet you though! Hey Knight, im not sure about them really, I know Tensei is still around nit sure about everyone else?

7/27/2011 #3,020

And now, the latest chapter (chapter 22) of Legend of Nura: The Tale of Akira Kuzuryu has been uploaded. Well, this chapter is a bit naughtier than usual and not really suitable for minors. Well, considering that this story is inspired from a h*** visual novel, it can't be helped. But, it is safe for work since I keep it vague.

Anyone, please read?

7/27/2011 #3,021

I got an idea about a new story, but I think I can't write one right now. I got this inspiration after watching Alice in Wonderland.

Dun dun dun~!

The Mad Tea Party

This story is about a trio of eccentric assassins who called themselves 'The Mad Tea Party' who will do assassination as long as they're paid. The characters are...

The Hatter: The de facto leader of the assassins. The most eccentric, totally insane and has a crude sense of humor. Use stage magic and cards while assassinating.

The March Hare: The snarker of the trio. Loves drinking tea, even while assassinating his targets. Poison expert.

The Dormouse: The only girl in the trio. A sleepyhead. Relies on hypnosis and mind-control.

Opinion, anyone?

7/27/2011 #3,022
John Quinn

@Louis: I would really like to say that it's a good idea...but I've heard about one Alice in Wonderland inspired story too many for my tastes.

Anyways, idea to put as many superpowered stuff into one story...can't do that since that sounds like a humor sort of thing and my writing can't really do that.

7/27/2011 #3,023
Heart of The Tainted

Yeah you always gotta be careful about overloading a story with too many overwhelmingly bad a** characters because if they are unstoppable then all you got is Ghost rider with Nick cage. My favorite Alice in wonderland references in an anime is in Project Arms a bad a** anime no one has heard of.

7/27/2011 #3,024
Heart of The Tainted


Monster is an awesome anime but its only flaw is that it starts slow a bit. It's like a snow ball. In the beginning its no big deal but as it rolls down hill and builds momentum you get unsuspectingly swept up into it and can't break free :D

7/27/2011 #3,025
Heart of The Tainted

I got to attend akon =P it was sweet as usual. Did you at least attend otakon or anime Boston? It would be a shame to miss not only #1 and #3 but #2 and 4 as well. Those are the top 4 conventions I believe Anime Expo, Otakon, Akon, and Anime Boston in that order.

7/27/2011 . Edited 7/27/2011 #3,026
Knight of One

lol No I attended Otakon, but not Anime Boston.

And the list is actually

Anime Expo


New York Anime Festival

Anime Central (Or Acen)

and Sakura Con.

A-Kon is number 6. XD

I already missed Acen and Anime Expo and I need to check the dates of the Anime Festival and Sakura con.

7/27/2011 #3,027
Knight of One

lol it wasn't Otakon it was Otakukon

7/27/2011 #3,028
Knight of One

I guess I still missed it then...

7/27/2011 #3,029
Heart of The Tainted

I'm pretty sure #2 is Otakon, since MGS wouldn't name a character after a lame con =P and Otakon is at the cusp of breaking the 30K barrier. 2010 Reported 29000+. Akon was number three along time ago, back in her glory days 5 years ago =P but no one is topping expo ever in the US. 40000+ And over 4 days is insane.


Wait I see what you mean. So that's what ota is short for (as if it should be a mystery) lol scratch the nonsense I said a moment ago =P

7/27/2011 . Edited 7/27/2011 #3,030
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