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Kai Touka

I've been having problem with my Prologue in Ancient Chronicles. Some of my readers just took off after reading it T^T

So, I was thinking if I should switch Chapter 1 with Prologue.

Or is there another way to improve my Prologue?

Because I've recently been improving in my writing and was waiting for readers to read through the chapters, but my frigin' Prologue took them off T^T

7/15/2010 #1
Open your eyes Chopstick

why don't you just not have a prolouge if that's the reason people are "taking off." I didn't read your prolugue, but one thing i look for when reading it are 1) is it relevant 2) is there some sort of mystery 3) if it leaves me asking questions. actually, it's like this for all the chapters. prologues are just shorter. If you dont have any of those three things in your prologue, then rewrite it. Or, instead of making a prologue, how about what you wrote for it be inserted into the story itself? It'll leave some mystery and it might flow.

7/24/2010 #2

I agree witht he post above me. It should have a foreboding feeling to it along with a clear sense of mystery behind it. I see a couple grammar mistakes I can help you with I think...I like the circle of light thing though. Are you sure people are "taking off"? Maybe they didn't get the feel of your story, and technically, that's the first chapter. I'm trying to say it nice, but if they don't like the opening story, then they won't read the rest.

7/25/2010 #3
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