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Vampire Kuroken

The setting may be altered, by request of over half of the group. The setting will be added after characters are added (so I know what kind of setting is needed). Rivalry is okay, fighting is okay, killing each other is NOT ok. =-3 Try to have fun.

7/17/2008 #1
Vampire Kuroken

Setting thus far, forest, in ancient Japan... I guess. Villain, can be any. Auto villain: Shirue (Kai's brother) feel free to edit if you have any more interesting thoughts =3 I'm looking forward to working with you.

7/22/2008 #2

There was a strong breeze flowing in and out of the trees as Naoko slept in the eldest tree in the center of the Taizen Forest.

( was thinking maybe your character comes into the forest unintentionally and I think he's bad, but he's not. Then, we meet)

7/23/2008 #3
Vampire Kuroken

(By the way I love your icon)

Kai yawned and crawled out of the cave with an exasperated sigh. Another night of bad sleep, he told himself. s he stretched he took a casual walk around. There was always a forest near his temporary home. He had to move again, in order to find his brother. So, he decided to take a short cut through the forest, maybe there would be some sort of clue on the way.

7/23/2008 #4

(thanks. It used to be Gaara)

The breeze picked up the scent of a demon. Naoko's eyes shot opened. She grabbed her sword next to her and rushed to the edge of the forest.

7/23/2008 #5
Vampire Kuroken

Kai walked in a bored fasion through the forest. One of his eyes was closed, while the other remained open. He was used to being in forests, but this one seemed different. A hestitant hand hovered cautiously over the hilt of Ameryu. Anything could happen and he needed to be careful.

7/23/2008 #6

Naoko followed the scent of the demon. She hopped from tree to tree, going as fast as she could. She had to get rid of any demons that come into the forest. The scent became stronger and she stopped and waited for it to pass.

7/24/2008 #7
Vampire Kuroken

Sorry I've been gone so long

Kai stopped at the sound of footsteps and spun around. "Who's there?" he asked in a deep, demanding voice. He was used to surprise, but that didn't mean he enjoyed it. His dark hair moved lightly in the heavy forest wind.

7/28/2008 #8

Naoko jumped down and landed in front of Kai. She narrowed her eyes and barred her teeth. "What is your business in this forest?" she said coldly.

7/28/2008 #9
Vampire Kuroken

Kai had a fixed look on the girl, neither anger nor joy. "I am simply walking through. I don't wish to stay long. I am searching for someone." Kai turned away and began walking. He made his point bluntly.

7/28/2008 #10

Naoko cocked her head and stared at the demon for a moment. "Who are you looking for?" she said.

7/28/2008 #11
Vampire Kuroken

Kai stopped walking and closed his eyes. "A murderer, the one who killed my family."

7/28/2008 #12

"Well, if he's a demon, he won't be here. I don't allow demons in my sacred forest. So be gone demon, or I will kill you," Naoko said impatiently. Normally I would have killed him, but he didn't look like he was up to anything. But I have been mistaken before... Naoko thought.

7/28/2008 #13
Vampire Kuroken

"Well, I wouldn't exactly call him a demon, but nevertheless, I will leave you be. I do not wish to cause any problems." Kai did a light bow. "Have a good day, miss."

7/28/2008 #14

Naoko looked at him hardly, then turned. She had her hand on her sword just in case.

7/28/2008 #15
Vampire Kuroken

Kai laughed to himself at the nervousness that the girl exerted. Many people acted the same way around him, maybe it was because he had powers over the moon, which traslated to darkness for some. Little did they know that he was a pacifist, and loved to avoid fighting unless it was demanded.

It didn't take long for him to get lost though. I hate enchated forests, he muttered angrily to himself. This is so aggravating.

7/28/2008 #16

Naoko turned around. "Why are you laughing?" she said bitterly.

7/28/2008 #17
Vampire Kuroken

"Oh, I apologize." Kai replied, looking annoyed because he just walked in a huge circle. "It's just everyone I meet acts the same way. It's fairly amuzing." Kai shook his head. Though the word amuzing left his lips, he never seemed to smile.

7/28/2008 #18

"Amusing? Well, I'm pretty powerful my self. If you wish to carry on likde that, then you'll get to see," Naoko said placing her hands on her hips.

7/28/2008 #19
Vampire Kuroken

Kai again bowed, his red cape, flaoting in the air. But even so, you could not see anything bloe his nose. "Again, you have my apologies, miss." Kai stood back up. "I don't wish to anger you. I am simply passing through."

7/28/2008 #20

Naoko grunted. "Well, if you wish to pass, then I will have to come with you. The first sign of damage that you may do to this forest, I will harm you," she said letting go of the Zetsumei.

7/28/2008 #21
Vampire Kuroken

"Very, well. If it suites you." Kai yawned. "I have no intentions of harming this forest unless it harms me. But do as you wish."

7/28/2008 #22

Naoko blinked. "Ok.... well, my name is Naoko. I am a wolf demon, and I protect this forest, Taizen," Naoko said walking next to the boy.

7/28/2008 #23
Vampire Kuroken

Kai was never good at conversation since most people avoided him. The red gem on his forehead seemed to send them running. He nodded to the girl. I will attempt to talk. "My name is Kai-Aiame, I am a dragon." he said with his eyes set forward.

7/28/2008 #24

"A dragon, eh? That's pretty powerful, I think I might not be able o take you on," Naoko said in a sarcastic tone. She smirked. "I trust every once of demon power in me. I have protected this forest for years. Your just another demon trying to get it's power," she said.

7/28/2008 #25
Vampire Kuroken

"Aaahh.. yes, however did you guess?" Kai sneered in a supremely sarcastic tone, with a flip of his eyes. "I have no interest in power. I simply believe in justice. Do not think your the only protector in the world either." Kai made no eye contact whatsoever. He knew he was kind of harsh, but he was sick of the label on him.

7/28/2008 #26

"Yeah, yeah. You talk big. I might as well kill ya right now," Naoko said. I don't like this guy...

7/28/2008 #27
Vampire Kuroken

"Look, miss, I am only in one fight right now. I do NOT plan on engaging in another. Please stop provoking me, I have a hard time with self control. I don't want to hurt you. I simply want to find the murderer." Kai had closed his left eye now. He was getting a headache. Why couldn't it be night? Then I could bathe in the moonlight.

7/28/2008 #28

Naoko grunted, then fell silent.

7/28/2008 #29
Vampire Kuroken

Kai usually didn't mind silence, but this seemed wrong. He looked around the forest with his right eye. This was a strange forest, indeed. For one girl to protect must mean she wasn't a slacker for sure. He wondered if she ever got lonely like him, but shook off the feeling as quickly as it came. It wasn't possible, she had the creatures of the forest, she'd be fine.

7/28/2008 #30
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