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Vio the Wandering Lover

(Yes Raigo and Kaigo are swords.)

Tentsu heard Naoko's words. Then he heard Mikoto.

"It doesn't matter. I could never lay a disrespecting finger on her...no matter how angry I get."

Tentsu turned from the group. He walked towards the lake.

"I'll end this suffering...but not today..."

He dove into the water and did not resurface.

8/29/2008 #301

"What the heck does hhe think he's doing? Ya know what, I'll give Kai a way out. But the rest of you are on your own. Kai's the only one I can stand, Mikoto to but she's got that stupid cat," said Naoko.

8/29/2008 #302
Vio the Wandering Lover

Tentsu swam as deep under the lake as he could. He tried to shake the thoughts of Naoko from his head but they swirled and mixed with his memories of Denitrix. How could someone so cold possess an aura so warm.

He made a flame in his right hand when he reached the bottom of the lake. (Not an ordinary flame, told you.)

Symbols were on a stone tablet at the bottom. He put the flame up to the symbols and they began to show in letters.

BEHOLD! The tomb of Loch. Put a flame on the tablet to read the words. Once read the Loch shall awaken once more.

Tentsu quickly drew his hand back but it was too late. The stonde sank back into the dirt. Tentsu jetted from the bottom, aiming for the top. He jumped out the water at the middle of the lake.

"GET OUT OF HERE!!!" He sreamed to the ones on land.

8/29/2008 #303

(This is angsty...jeez...)

"That's a relief!" Percy said brightly. "I can tell Mikoto-sama didn't want him to die for more personal reasons."

Mikoto exhaled slowly. "Perhaps Father was right. Maybe I'm becoming softhearted. What do you think, Perce?"

"I think it doesn't matter. I mean, I don't like Naoko much--"

"I've noticed." Mikoto smirked.

"--But even I would think twice about burning her to a crisp! Now, I wonder if it's the same for her..." Percy trailed off, freezing at the sound of Tentsu's scream.

8/29/2008 . Edited 8/29/2008 #304
Vio the Wandering Lover

(ANGSTY? It's just drama...okay so Tentsu has the hots for Naoko and takes it to the extreme but look at his past. He has a reason to try to re kindle a loss love...right?)

8/29/2008 #305


8/29/2008 . Edited 8/29/2008 #306
Vio the Wandering Lover


8/29/2008 #307

(Okay, can we continue the story now? I'm sorta waiting for Sandshinobi's reply.)

8/29/2008 #308

(sorry guys, i'm watching a movie)

"When will that guy get a hold of himself. Don't comment feline," Naoko said quickly before Percy could make some smart-alek remark and make her wanna slice him in two. She turned to the girl. "Now, who the heck are you?" she said angrily.

(now we what for kuro)

8/29/2008 #309
Vampire Kuroken

Kirai frowned as the group conversed like old friends. It was so unfair, but she forced on a smile and stood up. "My name is Kirai Moon. I'm an assassain hired by... you know what. I already know that if I finish this sentence, you people are going to be mean." Kirai crossed her arms and turned away. "This job sucks!"

The wolf, Ji walked over looking very displeased. "Kirai, you have a job. Stick to it." the wolf growled in human words. The wolf's eyes flicked towards Percy. "I knew I could smell a furball."

"Ji! Behave yourself!" Kirai shouted.

Kai stood up. This whole drama was getting on his nerves. "I'VE HAD ENOUGH! EVERYONE QUIET!"

A silence filled the area, even Kirai looked over her shoulder at him. "We're all going to tell everything we know, one at a time. This will help eliminate some of our problems. Anyone have a problem with this?"

8/29/2008 #310

"I like the wolf," Naoko pointed out. She sat down next to it and sniffed it. "For a wolf, you smell pretty good. What's your name?" Naoko coaxed sweetly.

8/29/2008 #311
Vampire Kuroken

The wolf looked over calmly. "My name is Ji. You must be Naoko, if I am correct?"

Kirai sighed and walked towards the lake, making the giant ring disappear into silver-blue dust. "Well, I wanna go for a swim."

Kai rolled his eyes and sat down. He held his hand to his head, relieved that most of the drama was gone, but the headache in his head refused to leave.

8/29/2008 #312

"Mmm hmmm. I'm Naoko. I'm a wolf demon too, just a little different than your friend. If you guys are assasins, I hope you aren't hear to assasin me," Naoko calmly said. She stroked the wolf's fur gently. I feel so different, relaxed, in some way. Why is that all of the sudden? Is this assasin girl trying to out a spell on we so that I let my guard down? I shouldn't think that. Nah, I can take everyone here out in one swipe, so I'm good, thought Naoko.

(I have to go soon)

8/29/2008 #313
Vampire Kuroken

(Ji is actually a person who was defeated, so he now inhabits the body of a wolf. He works as a familiar, so naturally he could transform to human form, but usually doesn't. He's Kirai's guardian in a way. O_o I know wierd. It's why he can talk. Kirai just says he is magical, which he is.)

"No." Ji replied with his soft voice. "We were sent to protect you guys. So if you need help do not hesitate to ask. Please, do not take offense." The wolf nuzzled against Naoko's hand.

8/29/2008 #314

"I'd like some help tearing that cat apart, and I think you wouldn't mind that right?" Naoko said lying down.

8/30/2008 #315
Vampire Kuroken

"As much as I would love to tear the furball limb from limb, I can not. It is against my orders. I am sorry, Miss Naoko." Ji answered, laying his head on his paws.

8/30/2008 #316

"Hmph." Naoko scratched her head. "So now what?" she said.

8/30/2008 #317
Vampire Kuroken

Kai yaned. "Well, I guess we should get out of the forest for one thing. But, I have to say.. Tentsu is starting to worry me."

"Yes, the boy does seem kind of bipolar." Ji answered with a frown. "But then again, I am used to it."

Kirai hummed to herself, then jumped into the lake, making a huge splash. "Whoo! It's refreshing."

"Sometimes I woner if she is who she truly is." Ji pulled his ears back and sort of shook his head.

(TW Werewolf, feel free to add another character, you all may if you wish.)

8/30/2008 #318

(now I want an adorable wolf for Naoko. lol)

"I don't don't like him at all, that weird Tentsu. He creeps me out," said Naoko pouting a little.

8/30/2008 #319
Vampire Kuroken

Ji nuzzled Naoko's side. "I can understand why."

8/30/2008 #320

"I think he likes me, just because my aura is that of his first love, who died. Weird huh?" Naoko said scratching Ji's ears gently.

8/30/2008 #321
Vampire Kuroken

Ji looked very content having his ears scratched. "Yes, I have seen this before. You are not the only one. It has happened with me as well, a long time ago. It is very complicated."

(Yes, Ji never uses contractions ^_^')

8/30/2008 #322

"I've been alone all my life. Well, I do know the creatures of this forest, but otherwise, no one like all of these people. All I do is kill bad demons and live here, making sure everything is the way it should be. But since these people came, well, I couldn't seem to kill them, yet. But I like you, so much more than that cat. That thing is so annoying. Yeah, so it's nice having company, but not from Tentsu," Naoko said sighing.

(no hard feelings VW. Seriously, Naoko picks out people she likes, and people she dpesn't likke, but that might just change....)

8/30/2008 #323
Vampire Kuroken

Ji laughed lightly. "I have been a wolf for a long time, and almost the whole time I have been stuck with Kirai. I guess she is supposed to be my little sister, and she certainly acts like it. My job is to make sure she does not get killed, and to make sure you guys are safe."

He paused and stared at Kirai as she fell into the water. A sigh escaped his throat. "I quite enjoy everyone's company. Except the furball (Sorry Moon, but cat-dog sort of hate.) as for Tentsu, believe me, there is worse out there."

8/30/2008 #324

Mikoto had remained silent the whole time, listening closely. "So...Naoko-san, are you still planning on helping me deliver my package? I have a three day limit to complete this mission."

Percy, however, was glaring at Naoko and Ji. "Tear me from limb to limb? I don't think so. I just expressed my newfound friendship in Naoko and this is how she reacts! I mean, really!"

8/30/2008 . Edited 8/30/2008 #325
Vampire Kuroken

Kai sighed in an aggravated way and got up, walking off in some direction. He needed to take a walk, only this time he wouldn't get lost.

"Hey! Where are you going!" Kirai shouted, pulling herself out of the lake. When Kai didn't reply she pouted. "OOOOoooohhh... he's not very nice."

Ji rolled his eyes. "That is what I said. You have so much negative energy around you."

8/30/2008 #326

"New found relationship? What are you talking about?" Naoko said getting up. "We'll never be friends."

(same here. Cat-dog relationship thing)

8/30/2008 #327

"Whether you like it or not, missy, that's where we differ. I think we are friends," Percy said happily. "I might act like I despise anything that's canine, but the truth is I've got a few dog friends back home. However, none of them are as hotheaded as you are!"

8/30/2008 #328

"Look, there he goes again. I'm out," said Naoko turning around and heading off, slowly this time.

8/30/2008 #329
Vampire Kuroken

Ji stood and stretched, yawning. "I have to admit, I was being a little racist. My truth is a cat demon killed a friend of mine. But anyways, you seem to just despise everything, feline."

Kirai shook her head. "Ji. There's no need to get testy."

"Kirai, you go practice or something."

"Fine, fine, whatever." Kirai shrugged and walked over to Mikoto. "This is ridiculous, huh?"

8/30/2008 #330
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