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Naoko looked at the boy next to him. I wonder what type of dragon he is. He underestimates me though, Naoko thought.

7/28/2008 #31
Vampire Kuroken

Kai sighed. It sucked being the last of his species. Noone could relate to him. Dragons were naturally impatient, so he never really could even explain his situation. This really annoyed him. "So, you have any visitors?" Kai remarked at an attempt to make conversation.

7/28/2008 #32

Naoko looked at Kai. "No, most of the are demons looking for the power that this forest holds. But I can kill them all. Except for one..." Naoko said her voice drifting off.

7/28/2008 #33
Vampire Kuroken

Kai nodded his head. "I see. They always say someone out there is stronger than you. I know that first hand. My best friend was stronger than me, but he..." Kai sighed exasperatedly as his voice trailed. "Anyways, my life isn't important. You go ahead and speak."

7/28/2008 #34

"Well, he was a water dragon, I'm pretty sure of it. He wanted the power of the Houseki tree. I couldn't fight him off, but I managed to fend him off. It left me with horrible injuries," Naoko said. She stopped and lifted her kimono showing a deep scar on her right leg.

7/28/2008 #35
Vampire Kuroken

Kai blinked and looked startled. "Water dragon?" Could it be? Could my brother have passed through here? How odd. "I see. I apologize for my bluntness, but do you know where he went, the man you speak of?"

7/28/2008 #36

"Well, that was five- no three years ago?" Naoko said thinking. She looked back at Kai. "Why? Do you know him?" she said.

7/28/2008 #37
Vampire Kuroken

Kai's expression changed to its normal self. "He might be the man I'm looking for. However, I have been wrong before." Kai shook his head. "But, it wouldn't matter anyways. I'm sorry."

7/28/2008 #38

"Oh," Naoko said. She looked away and sighed.

7/28/2008 #39
Vampire Kuroken

"Thank you, anyways." Kai briefly rubbed his gem with his gloved hand then sighed. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

7/28/2008 #40

"No I- did you hear that?" Naoko said looking serious all of the sudden.

7/28/2008 #41
Vampire Kuroken

Kai nodded silently. "Yes." His eyes reflected a frown. "But what is it?"

7/28/2008 #42

"It smells like a demon of some kind," Naoko said sniffing the air. All of the sudden a large bronze sword sliced down at Kai. "Duck!!" Naoko cried.

7/28/2008 #43
Vampire Kuroken

Kai looked unphazed and simply caught the blade with his gloved hand. No blood came, even though the cut should have left a deep indent. "Attacking an unexpected target is understandable, but annoying."

7/28/2008 #44

"Look up there!" Naoko said pointing to an odd looking creature in the trees. It's red eyes looked into hers. "Give me the Houseki power!!" it cried. Naoko sighed. Typical demon...

The demon came out of the shadows. It's form was ugly. It looked like a half human-half warthog thing. "If ya want it, you'll have to go threw me first!" Naoko cried. She turned to Kai. "This will be a breeze," she said to him. Naoko ripped out the Zetsumei and charged at the beast.

7/28/2008 #45
Vampire Kuroken

Kai yawned and pulled out Ameryu then, with one quick slash that sent pure energy out, the demon was sliced in half. "I have no patience with weaklings." His eyes seemed to have slitted and turn oddly lighter. A few seconds later, Kai held a hand to his head, his eyes back to noramal. "Not again.."

7/28/2008 #46

Naoko stomped her feet. "Oh come on! Killing demons is my job!!! Arrrgggghhhh!!!!" she cried, barring her teeth.

7/28/2008 #47
Vampire Kuroken

"It's happening again." Kai looked concerned, ignoring Naoko's yelling. He placed a hand to his head and brought it to his eyes, blood now on his once clean fingers. "This sucks."

7/28/2008 #48

"Gosh! Does everyone think I'm that weak!? Well- what did you say Kai?" she said looking over at him.

7/28/2008 #49
Vampire Kuroken

Kai didn't respond. His eyes were glued to his hand. A strange look was deep in his open eye, almost fear. His hand shook lightly with every second, like he was fighting something, his muscles also seemed to twitch.

7/28/2008 #50

"hey, what are you doing? Are you turning into your demon form?" Naoko said frowning.

7/28/2008 #51
Vampire Kuroken

"It's not demon form." Kai responded, just barely. "It's my true form. My seal is slipping." His voice shook with every word. He could hear another voice, laughing in his head, mocking him.

7/29/2008 #52

"Well that's no good," Naoko said cocking her head, watching him. "So, you're saying that you need a seal to keep your true form at bay? i can transform when I want to, but when I get angry, I just can't help it," Naoko said.

7/29/2008 #53
Vampire Kuroken

It's a little different for me." Kai struggled. "My true form, I can't control fully. Since I am a dragon, I have a natural bloodlust. I personally, don't enjoy fighting. I guess you could say there's two of.. me." Hai forced his shakey hand to the gem on his forhead. An excess of dark-like energy swirled around, then disappeared. The gem briefly shined a darker red, then returned back to normal.

"In order to control myself, I have to dry up 40% of my energy." Kai frowned and stretched his arm. "I talk to much. C'mon let's go."

8/5/2008 #54

"Oh, ok," Naoko said and began to walk towards the center of the forest/

8/5/2008 #55

Meanwhile, Mikoto and her companion cat Percy were headed towards the destination of their next mission, and had decided to take a shortcut through the enchanted forest. As they soared from tree to tree, Percy grumbled, "This place...it's nothing but trees and plants everywhere! I'm getting a bit claustrophobic."

"Aw, quit complaining! This will only take a minute." Mikoto scolded him. "We're getting paid a lot for this mission, and I just want to get it done with as quickly as possible. And to do that, we're going through this forest, understand?"

"Hmph. Now I see why your father created me; with that kind of attitude you'd get yourself killed in no time. Some heir to the clan you are!" Percy retorted, narrowly avoiding a large spider web. "Ick! Arachnids!! No--I'm allergic! ACHOO!!"

His sneeze sent several startled birds flying.

8/13/2008 #56

(dude, did you even make a character in this roleplay?)

8/13/2008 #57

Oh, sorry; I was just browsing through forums and found this topic today. Is it okay if I add a character now, or do I have to leave?^^

8/13/2008 #58

(go ahead the more the merrier)

8/13/2008 #59

Awesome. Thanks!

8/13/2008 #60
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