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9/17/2008 #811

(lol hmmmmmmmmmm If Zane was on I could rp....)

9/17/2008 #812

(rightnow i'm in class, wait until three or something, later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

9/17/2008 #813

(wow... okay^^)

9/17/2008 . Edited 9/17/2008 #814
Vio the Wandering Lover

(I'm in class whenever i post. I'll be back on from 12:00 TO 12:12)

9/17/2008 #815

(Anyone on?????)

9/17/2008 #816

(I....just....got...i-in. Time to start!!)

9/17/2008 #817
Vampire Kuroken

Kai shook his head at the group then nodded his thanks to Naoko. "So, Takahashi was forced away, then?"

Kirai giggled at the two who were fighting. "This should be fun." With a grin from ear to ear, she plopped down on the ground.

9/17/2008 #818

(you guys are copy cats lol)

Naoko just shrugged and hopped away, towards the direction of the spring. She located the smell of the water and found it in no time. She undressed and plopped in. "Ahhhh, that's refreshing," she said as her long hair soaked up the cold water.

9/17/2008 #819

Mikoto sighed, feeling bored, and stomped on the ground. A tall mass of rock rose into the air in front of her, which she hopped onto and sat down. She pulled a notebook and pencil out of her backpack and began to draw. If that creature wanted to attack, he would have made his move by now. She thought. I'll just wait for Percy.

9/17/2008 #820


9/17/2008 #821

(Hi. I'm waiting for everyone's answers.)

9/17/2008 #822



9/17/2008 . Edited 9/17/2008 #823

(Sorry stardrag if it feels like I'm stealing your idea but I did intend for her to have a flute to summon butterflies at first.-_- then I said that sounded crappy so I worked this in.)

"Time to make an outfit for Mikoto-channy~"She said adding the chan to her name seeing as she was the only one around her age.She was meeting so many new people today.Sure some of them had not so good looking auras but that doesn't mean they were bad.

"Will you help me with this one Chu?"Suzu asked the butterfly who replied with a loop in the air

"Hmm I guess you're right I might forget how to play it,but it is the only song I know."She took out a regular wooden flute from her little sack along with some other materials she would need for Mikoto's outfit.Placing the flute to her mouth she began playing a cheerful little melody as a litght enveloped Chu.


Soon after she was done with the song and the flute was put away.The light had faded an in Chu's face was a small girl the same size as the butterfly from before.She had pale purple hair and silver eyes,she wore a silver whispy dress that looked like spider webs and little black dots moved up and down it,the dots being spiders themselves.Finally on her back was the same purple wings that were outlined in black.

"Ahh feels good to be out."Said the fairy as both she and Suzu began working on Mikoto's clothing.

(Yeah the song on the flute is Sanji no Yousei google it.Best song ever all all about sweets and candy.Look up the english lyrics if you want.It's from sailor moon XD I was going to reveal this so much later but Neko is an impatient kitty,not the neko in the story Neko I...@-@)

9/17/2008 . Edited 9/17/2008 #824

(Same sound different powers...if anything, I'm glad that someone besides me is using music. Did you ever play okami? The dude with the flute turned it into a beam sword.)

Luras heard the music and quickly rushed in that direction while picking up the scent of the harmonic reaper. "The reaper must be close! I know it's him."

(Remember that bracelet?)

9/17/2008 #825


Mikoto glanced down at the fairy with her eyebrows raised. "That's interesting," she finally finished her drawing and showed it to Suzu. It was a drawing of a young boy with long black hair tied into a ponytail and crimson eyes. He was wearing a scarlet robe with a katana tied to his waist. "My rival. His name's Malcolm Cooro."

9/17/2008 #826

(No I haven't played it but I wanted to play it because the picture on the box was pretty XD It's all about the cover for me.I knew that bracelet was odd.)

Suzu stopped her sewing for a minute to look at the drawing placed in front of her.

"When I look at that picture the name Itachi comes to mind for some odd reason..he doesn't look like a weasel though..."She said observing the picture in different angles as if to prove her point.

"Any who is he from here?His name sounds english."She asked.

(You know what would have been funny?If Suzu told Mikoto she couldn't draw X3)

9/17/2008 . Edited 9/17/2008 #827

(omg when did naruto come into play? lol. BTW, are you guys getting emails from fanfiction? I haven't for the past few days.)

Naoko sat in the water for a bit and relaxed her thoughts and temper. When she felt satisfied, she hopped out and shook most of the water off like a dog. She got into her kimono and dashed away from the spring, following Mikoto's familiar scent.

Kagami played and twirled her hair. She walked over to peer at the picture. He looks so familiar. Malcolm did you say? I met someone of the name and appearance not to long ago in a market. He gave me some good advice," she said thoughtfully.

(ok, I hope I didn't just screw up someone's bio.....)

9/17/2008 #828

(What crimson eyes and black hair in a ponytail make me think of itachi...^-^'.As for the emails this happens sometimes it will come back up in a few days and your inbox will be flooded.)

9/17/2008 #829

(I know, it happened like twice before, but not for this long. Oh wells, I'm still replying, right?)

9/17/2008 #830

(Huh...when I look at him in my drawing folder he does look a bit like Itachi. I'm a huge Itachi fan! XD)

Mikoto blinked. "He isn't from here; He was born in some country in the west. You met him in a marketplace? That must have been during that trip his dad took us on. What did he tell you?"

9/17/2008 . Edited 9/17/2008 #831

(Sorrys but I haves to go oyasumi Sandy-chan~ Sandy Hamtaro X3)

9/17/2008 #832

(Right. Good night everyone!^^)

9/17/2008 #833

"Well, I don't really remember... something about destiny and flowers I think," said Kagami, thinking hard.

9/18/2008 #834

(hmmmm...I'm on way too early-.-)

9/18/2008 #835
Vio the Wandering Lover

Tentsu sighed. Things were a little too hectic. He liked few people and big groups were easy targets for attacks. He turned and began to walk away.

'I need a little time to try something new anyway.'

He began to pick up speed and soon was teleporting from area to area. It was the fastest he ever moved.

'Eh, if they need me, they can come and get me.'

He found the lake area were he and Kai had first met Kirai. He sat down on the bank and took a meditation position.

"Burst." A small fire began to form next to him. It began to spin and grow. Then it took the form of Tentsu, before he went to the spirit realm.

"To move towards my future, eliminate the past." They both stood up and jumped to the water. They were standing on the water using a small flame underneath their feet.

"here goes nothing."

9/18/2008 #836

Mikoto grinned. "Flowers? Well, I guess he is more in touch with his feminine side than most guys..."

9/18/2008 #837
Vio the Wandering Lover

Tentsu watched as his clone made Raigo and Kaigo appear. The real swords, not imitations. Tentsu made one necrolance appear, and to his surprise, three more appeared as well.

"That's new...How am I supposed to handle four weapons?"

The chains on his legs began to shake. The two that were hanging down on his sides grabbed two of the floating lances while the final one floated into his unoccupied hand. He chuckled.

"There's no way I'm gonna be able to surpress my aura with these things. Oh well."

The two rush each other and clash weapons. The force of the small collision is enough to send water spinning into the air around them.

9/18/2008 #838

(is Zane on??)

9/18/2008 #839

(So...tired...football...really fat people jumped on me!!!! Where did we leave off dudes? Not sure where to go from here.)

9/18/2008 #840
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