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"Well, that's depressing!" Percy exclaimed.

"Spirits? What do you mean?" Mikoto inquired. "Are they guardians as well?"

8/15/2008 #91

"Spirits of the protectors of the forest before me," Naoko said calmly, now walking at a slow pace, beside Mikoto.

8/15/2008 #92

"Ancestors..." Mikoto said slowly. She could remember her first interaction with her own predecessors, going back to the first Phantom, who was a master Spellcaster that fused his own spirit with that of a powerful tiger. The man's blood turned silver, his ears grew pointed, and some people mistook him for an Elf. His name was Michio.

"What is it with spirits talking to people, anyway?" Percy wondered aloud. "I mean, they just swoop in without so much as a warning and start giving you advice! At least, that's what a certain ghost did to me...funny story, I was trying to get this vixen to date me and she rejected me, so I was feeling all down when swoosh! I tell ya, I would have lost a life if the window hadn't been so close to the ground!"

"Nobody wants to hear about your love life, Perce!" Mikoto snapped.

8/15/2008 #93

"Weird cat..." Naoko said. She yawned. "Well, I think I am beginning to trust you a little, Mikoto."

8/15/2008 #94

"Really? That's great!" Mikoto said happily, quite at odds with her previous irritation.

"No, it's not!" Percy said suddenly, his body crouched low as if ready to pounce. The static that was running through his fur now became a strong electric current. "Looks like that demon you were talking about had a friend!"

"Huh?" Mikoto blinked. A twig snapped. She didn't need to use a spell to sense this Aura; it came crashing down upon her. Mikoto froze. "I don't think this is a demon," she stammered.

8/15/2008 #95

"Oh, Kai, he is a bone dragon, last of his kind I think. He just wants to pass," Naoko said in a huff.

8/15/2008 #96

Percy shook his head. "Not the bony man. Can't you sense it? You're a wolf demon, for crying out loud!"

"But, Perce, he's really far away. We shouldn't worry," Mikoto said, regaining her composure.

"Are you blind?!" Percy screeched. He suddenly leapt on her shoulders from behind, knocking her off the branch she was on. Mikoto struggled to get the crazy cat off of her, but froze when a flash of light indicated that a spell had been cast. Mikoto managed to land safely on a branch far below.

8/15/2008 #97

"Kai, maybe it is your brother," Naoko said looking at him.

8/15/2008 #98

Mikoto frowned. Brother? She attempted to sense exactly where the Aura was, but it was everywhere; it was as if the attacker had enclosed the area with a dome of his own Aura. Percy retaliated; sending a lightning bolt at the spot where the first attack came from.

8/15/2008 #99

"Hey! Do you guys see an attacker! Where?" Naokok said, alertly drawing Zetsumei for any surprise attacks.

8/15/2008 #100

Percy now leapt up to Naoko's branch, preparing for another lightning bolt. "I'm not sure--Mikoto-sama!" he called. "Where is he?"

Mikoto attempted to scan the forest again, and realized that the enemy really was spreading his Aura. However, she spotted several areas where the Aura was at its strongest. "Naoko! There's a spot to your right where he might be. Percy and I will generate a magnetic field; try to sniff him out!"

8/15/2008 #101

"Hai!" Naoko said and began to sniff the air. But suddenly something hit her hard, knocking Zetsumei out of her hand and making her fall out of the tree. "Ah!!!!"

8/15/2008 #102

Percy growled, letting loose another lightning bolt. "Come out, coward!" He roared.

Mikoto managed to slow Naoko's fall using telekinesis, grabbed the sword and tossed it back to her. "Be on guard! Percy, I need you to fire above you, got it?"

Percy obliged, and Mikoto began to concentrate her Aura, which was visible as a bright purple light. "Naoko, he's behind you!"

8/15/2008 #103

Naoko grabbed her sword, but instead of attacking she looked around frantically. "W-where is Kai?" she said.

(I think we should wait for vampire now)

8/15/2008 #104


8/15/2008 #105
Vio the Wandering Lover

Uh...what's going on? I'm not interupting am I?

8/16/2008 #106

(not exactly, we are waiting for someone to reply)

8/16/2008 #107
Vio the Wandering Lover

Oh sorry.

8/16/2008 #108

(Yeesh, what's taking Vampire so long?)

8/17/2008 #109
Vio the Wandering Lover

(Maybe he's out sucking the life from the homeless)

8/18/2008 #110

(Yeah, probably.^^)

8/18/2008 #111
Vampire Kuroken

(Sorry to take so long, we had company and I've been putting together a new plotline ^_^' Sorry, I don't suck the blood from the homeless, they already have enough problems.)

Kai finally snapped out of his almost hypnotized state of mind and swore softly. "I hate when that happens." His face furrowed with irratibility, no... that's not Shirue... however, it is someone far more annoying."

"Kai!!!!" cried a young boy's voice. A young boy of twelve charged with a stick in his hand.

Kai's face was clearly annoyed. "Mituhide... What a pleasure." Kai snickered as he had with ease caught the boy by the back of his shirt.

"Let me go! I wanna kill you! You broke my sister's heart!"

"... Mitsuhide, she tried to kill you in your sleep."

"You lie!"

"No, I don't."

The small boy pouted and crossed his arms. His hair was messy brown, matching his eyes.

"Anyways, you can't be the source of evil I sense. Who came with you?" Kai stared at the small boy.

(Sorry again.)

8/19/2008 #112

"Mitsuhide?" Naoko said lowering her sword.

8/19/2008 #113
Vampire Kuroken

"Yes, Naoko. This is Mitsuhide. His older sister was my ex-girlfriend. She was phsycotic. He's held it all against me. She later killed herself. Uhm... yeah. But though this twerp is strong.." Kai sort of moved his hand up, raising Mitsuhide. "He can't be the source of power."

"I ain't telling you anything!" the boy growled. "Setsuka is picked on at school because of you."

"Hate me all you like, but that won't change anything."

8/19/2008 #114

Naoko giggled. "Wow, you're enemies with a little kid," she said.

8/19/2008 #115
Vampire Kuroken

"Who are you calling little! You're just an old lady!" Mitsuhide yelled. Now that the boy was still, it was obvious, he had brown cat ears and a tail.

"Don't be so rude Mitsuhide. Besides, where is Setsuka, anyways?" Kai questioned, then dropped the kid and glared. "Heh, I knew I recognized that aura. Hello Xaxe."

A man with blue hair covering half of his face, walked forward carrying a kid over his shoulder. "Yes, you finally recognized me Kai."

"You j***! What did you do to Setsuka." The boy screamed, but was pushed back by Kai's hand.

"She's only taking a small nap." Xaxe snickered and flipped out a watch.

"Naoko, Mikoto, prepare yourselves, this man is a soul collector demon." Kai yelled, pulling out his 6 foot sword. "Ameryu, let's go."

(Sorry about all of the character introductions, it just make the story interesting.)

8/19/2008 #116

"Wh-what the heck is going on? And who are you callin' old lady kid?" said Naoko looking hard at the two strange creatures.

8/19/2008 #117
Vampire Kuroken

"I'll explain afterwards, for now, just watch your back." Kai yelled.

"Ha! Your silly swords won't do anything for my kages! (shape shifting blobs)" Xaxe opened the pocket watch and blue lights started floating around and spinning. "Let us see you face your shadows!" Without a second thought, he tossed the small girl on his shoulder to the side.

"Setsuka!" Mitsuhide cried in despair then ran to the girl.

8/19/2008 #118

"What the hell?" said Naoko scratching her head.

8/19/2008 #119
Vampire Kuroken

In seconds, a few blue lights appeared in front of the three of them and chaged into black shadows that looked exactly like themselves.

"Coward!" Kai shouted, as he sliced the form in half and ran towards Xaxe.

"Now Kai, it's rude to assault people." Xaxe frowned. "You're cheating."

"Ha! There are no rules when it comes to you."

Xaxe laughed. "Watch your back."

Kai looked back and felt stupid when a dark version of Ameryu slice his cheek. "Ow..." Kai hit the ground and rolled. "Naoko, watch out!"

8/19/2008 #120
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