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Here there will be 3 main topics, but if requested, others may be added. For rpg, you can be anything just read the rules first , anime section is for discussing likes and dislikes, and own stories is for names for exp or writer boosts of esteem
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Vampire Kuroken

This section is for people in Own story discussion. If they want to post their characters (for a combined story) do it here. Same rules apply, no swearing, but you guys can discuss amongst each other if you agree with the character created.

11/6/2008 #1
Midori Ushi Law

Yo, man. I just have to say that YOU ROCK.

11/6/2008 #2

Name: Xala

Hair color: white

Eye color: blue

Bio: she was the former princess of the light kingdom. Her father (da king) put her into the royal guard to work her way back into the kingdom. She was exiled because she wanted to make peace with the dark kingdom but her father did not. Now as a knight she fights for peace for her mother was murdered in a great war, called; The War of Endless tears.

11/6/2008 . Edited 11/14/2008 #3
Vio the Wandering Lover

Name: Hiro

Age: 19

Hair color: black (and long)

Eye color: Crystal

Outifit: Same as Tentsu (lol, it just seems cool to me)

Bio: A drifter who entered the dark kingdom under false accusations. He was thought to be from the light kingdom and was taken prisoner when he was 15, however he was never released. His trial was canceled and he was forced to work with the dark side knights (lol, need more info) but still refuses to do what he is told.

11/6/2008 #4
Midori Ushi Law

Name: Shade

Age: 23

Hair Color: The front of his hair is black and the rest of his hair is white. His hair is medium length and sticks up spiky. (Not a high top fade like Komori had)

Eye color: Black with white pupils.

Outfit: White armor that has a black glow to it.

Weapon: A long chain that has a heavy, spiked ball attatched to it. It also is pure white with a black glow to it.

Bio: One of the few races of the dark kingdom that can actually die if they're in the light for too long. (Like a fish out of water.) Shade is a talented soldier of the dark kingdom's army. Many people of his race have died out, so in some sense, he is alone. He had a scientist from the Dark Kingdom create a special armor that can protect him from the light even if he stays in it for long periods of time (Hence the black glow to his armor and weapon.)

11/6/2008 . Edited 11/6/2008 #5

Name: Asher

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Kingdom: Krishna

Hair: Neck length spicky, frosty blue hair with jet black tips.

Eye Color: Frosty Blue

Outfit: Asher wears a black turtle kneck; hip legnth shirt that is made from mytheral. The right side of his shirt is short-sleeved, revealing his arm that he covers in bandages. His left arm, hidden by the shirts' long sleeve. His pants are also black and made from mytheral. The ends of his pant legs are outlined in a frosty blue color.

If things turn bad in a battle, Asher has the ability to call Amather; a white and silver armor that forms over his entire body. Though the armor is not invincible, it does however take awhile to break it down.

Weapon: Two mid-length swords. (Think Final Fantasy type swords.)

Bio: Asher and his twin sister Ren, came from a village called Haama Ansrruilsar. The village once stood right on the border line between Krishna and Briarioa. When the two were still very young, a man cloaked in black came to their village asking about the two twins. What happened after was a small battle between the villagers and the cloaked man. Though he lost, he placed a curse on the two twins, a curse not easily broken. He warned Asher and Ren's parents that from that day forth, the two twins will suffer 'as one'.

Three years after, war broke out between Krishna and Briarioa. Being that the village was on the border and also a peaceful village, the villagers declined to fight for either side and only wanted to be left alone. Soon after, Haama Ansrruilsar was attacked, leaving hardly anyone alive. Ren, was one of those who were killed, but before her soul and spirit left her body, the man cloaked in black returned once again and with a flash of light, he and Ren were gone.

Asher laid motionless and almost to the point of death, when a knight from the army of Krishna found him. Seeing he had a lot of talent, the knight took him back to Krishna where Asher trained. Climbing up in ranks at a young age, Asher became a high knight, and to this day, searches for his twin.

11/6/2008 . Edited 11/14/2008 #6
Kid W25

Name: Jax

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Kingdom: Light Kingdom

Hair: Light brown with bits of black hair everywhere. Short and spiky. Anime style.

Height: 170cm

Eye Colour: Black

Outfit: Old, raggy shirt and shorts.

Weapon: A huge sword that he had practised with since he was younger (around 10-12). He's sort of like the main character in Berserk.

Bio: Jax is an old poor orphan who lost his parents from an invasion from the Dark Kingdom. Stole a weapon from the local blacksmith (the huge sword. Don't ask me how he did it but he did) and has practised with it since a young age.

11/6/2008 . Edited 12/9/2008 #7
Heart of The Tainted








Light Kingdom

Eye color:



That of the royal guard. pretty much think FF12 judge but in white armor.


Long black hair that stops at the small of her back, but whenever her armor is on, she wears it up; held in place by laquered sticks. It comes down to her neck in this fashion


Enchanted Claymore. The enchantment gives her increased strength and speed. Using the enchantment, Albastine is capable of cleave asunder.

Enchanted Arm guards. The same enchantments that is used by her sword is bestowed upon her custom armguards. Disarmed she is able to stand her ground against arm attackers. They are modified to allow the user to catch swords in the metallic mesh of their hands, giving her an offensive and defensive advantage armed or disarmed.

If all else fail, the lacquered sticks in her hair contain concealed blades in them.


She is percieved as a cold, calculating woman who does what she needs to in order to complete a mission. She is normally rather quiet and aloof by nature but still is capable of exerting her authority. Her skill as a soldier and a tactician has earned her many nicknames such as Albastine the CrimsonBlade and Reaper's Eyes because of her photographic memory and keen vision. Deep down, she is suffering from many inner conflicts she has yet to confront. Her favorite pastime is gardening.


Albastine, orphaned at a young age, was adopted by a soldier who taught her the way of the sword. After much hard work, she graduated early with honors at the military academy where she earned a ruthless reputation for getting things done at whatever cost. From the academy, she was hand selected for the royal guard at the tender age of 15. Flying through the ranks, she is now the youngest head captain of the Royal Guard Squad. She also has been covertly assigned by the king to watch over and keep tabs on a fellow soldier of lower rank named Xala. The dark kingdom have dubbed her Amshuman due to the number of casualities they suffer when she is present on the battlefield. Currently she is studying alchemy under the head mage of R&D. Her weapon enchantment is one of the fruits of her labor.

11/6/2008 . Edited 11/15/2008 #8
royal Ace

Name: Gina






dark Kingdom

Eye color:

pupleish blue


royallike ,mage


long dark brown hair,with golden hair clips


a rune staff with a blade at the one of it's end, that have big powerfull crysta,and the other with a spike that would shake the ground,if it is stab in the Earth. the staff it-self is crafted by the hands of gods. this rune staff hold the power to extend the max power of its controller's ability,however the boundary of its power,its depend how strong is controller base Strength is.


fun playful, kind a bit mean sometime, she want to be come the strongest mage ever. not knowing how powerfull her staff really is,

11/6/2008 . Edited 11/6/2008 #9
royal Ace

dame the weapon part got stuff up some how....T.T

11/6/2008 #10
Heart of The Tainted

thats what i was thinking. u should edit it. then delete ur post about it being messed up so no one knows. .;

11/6/2008 #11

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Name: Zebulun

Sex: male

Eye color: black

Age: 20

Affiliation: Brioria, crusader of Lumina

Hair: short black hair with two bangs over his face.

Wears: baggy red pants and a short waisted red jacket zipped to the top (which almost completely covers the bottom half of his face)with pieces of white lines going through them both. The right sleeve of the jacket is torn off. Also wears white shoes with the red mark of a cross on them.

Weapon: Aharon. This weapon can magically shift between a long sword with a white blade and red handle that resembles a gun, to a long, silver bayonet with a blade on the bottom. When shooting, only ten bullets can be shot before the magic runs out.

Bio: Born with voice of Lumina already inside of his soul, he was meant to be part of the Luminescence. When he turned twelve years old, he was often visited by a man who was a priest of Lumina. After numerous visits, the man was able to get Zebulun to believe that the people of his town were supporters of war and famine by saying that they were opposed to Xala trying to stop the war. This sparked the man to teach him of how madness was seen as a way for mortals to work with Lumina's soul.

Afterwards, he began to set flames to various houses and commit other misdeeds, causing him to be set in the town's prison, bound in both spirit and body by many chains and talismans. Even his parents thought him to be the coming of a devil within the skin of man.

After a while, someone came to visit..but he didn't....no, not the same one as last time, but someone younger. He spoke words together with Zebulun through his mind until he convinced him to wipe out the villagers with him after setting him free.

And he did...for the love of Lumina...

He doesn't remember much now about what happened after that except that he was found and left at the temple already accepted as a crusader. The order somehow knows of his tragedy, but decided to take him in for his strength.

For some reason, Zebulun cannot use any form of light magic unless it is heavily inscribed with those of Zealots, even though he was born in Briarioa as confirmed by the order. What's even weirder is that the inscriptions wear off after repeated use.

11/10/2008 . Edited 12/13/2008 #12

He'll work just fine Star. No worries. =-]

11/11/2008 #13

yeah star he sounds cool

11/12/2008 #14

Hey, should we make up other people that will be the enemy to our main characters?

11/13/2008 #15
Heart of The Tainted

lol hiro is the antagonist to my albastine. pretty much everyone on the dark side is. My character is the general of the light side oh ya!

11/13/2008 #16
Heart of The Tainted

rueben and Gina sound like rivals!

11/13/2008 #17

wow...I would have never thought of them. Thanks man! I hope he's cool with it. That doesn't mean that Rueben won't try to corret Albastine even if she's from the same kingdom.

11/13/2008 #18
Heart of The Tainted

lol roll ur d20 and we'll find out.

11/13/2008 #19

Lol! I wonder what it'll be like when we actually do the battle scenes with other characters. I guess we should just pm the owner to work out the battle...

11/13/2008 #20

Yeah, when you do battles with another character, you do an RP by PMing each other. Who ever is writing that chapter, they'll have to copy and paste the rp into it.

I agree, we should have NPC's in the story.

11/13/2008 #21

Do you wanna post the Npc's here, or just wait your turn, then put them in the story.

11/13/2008 #22
Heart of The Tainted

is it cool if (for my chapters at least) I rewrite the RP battles?

11/13/2008 #23

VERY good idea Heart! Sure thing!

11/13/2008 #24
Kid W25

Well, Ace and I are personal friends (I mean I know him in real life). So, if I'm gonna have an encounter with him then I can just talk to him in real life.

And I also wanna know if we can make our own minor characters?

11/13/2008 #25

You mean like NPC (None Playable Character)? Sure you can have NPC's.

11/13/2008 #26
Heart of The Tainted

Lieutenant Raynor is one of my NPCs. He helps Albastine with her duties and any other tasks she appoints for him. His loyalties lie with her more than the king.

11/13/2008 #27

-oops, wrong posts! Anyway, I got a couple in the making, so it's cool

11/13/2008 . Edited 11/13/2008 #28
Vio the Wandering Lover

Hiro might be the thorn in everyone's side since I want him to be rebellious. He only works with the dark kingdom because he has no choice, but he holds no allegiance to anyone.

11/14/2008 #29

My NPC will be one of the army's captains named Hite(HI-ti), he trains Xala and they are close friends.

11/14/2008 . Edited 12/14/2008 #30
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