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Join in the greatest military conflict of recorded history..!
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First of all, thanks for taking an interest in this RPG, we’re very excited about it and hope you will have fun! We don’t have a lot of rules, but those we do have will be enforced!

1) Submit your character in Character & Background before you start playing.

·Remember this is a historical RPG, so your characters have to be realistic, no magical powers or elf ears here!

·You can play an axis or allied character, or a civilian. Just remember that this RPG is only for the European Theater of the War, so locate your characters accordingly.

·If you play a historical figure you must portray them accurately.

2) This is about the topics. We wanted things as specific as possible, but doing so would’ve made this forum HUGE. So we had to be a little vague about topic locations. Please, when you post, for the sake of your fellows players put in parenthesis the location of your character. (i.e. say you’re posting in the Paris topic, you would put (café) or (so-and-so’s house). )

3) This is set in the European Theater of the war, not the Pacific.

4) If your character gets into a fight, which, considering this is a War RPG, is more than likely, please keep it realistic. Your character is human and has limitations, so you’re not always going to win. You must give the opposing character an opportunity to retaliate.

5) Romance is definitely allowed, but keep it PG. Kissing is fine but once the clothes start coming off, just fade out, and come back after they’re done. Remember this is a public RPG, young kids could be reading this! For that reason, this rule will be strictly enforced.

6) Be sure to Spell check your posts, it takes no time and makes a huge difference!

7) Some of the subjects we are dealing with are serious and can be very personal to people. Be courteous. I realize it is accurate for some characters to say racially offensive comments, etc. but keep it PG and to a minimum. And if it offends someone, edit/delete it, or we will. NEVER post anything of a racist or offensive nature outside the rp, if you are caught doing so, you will get one warning and the post will be deleted, if it happens again your character and all your posts will be deleted and you won’t be allowed on the forum anymore. I’m serious about this!

8) Keep violence to PG-13 if you please, just use your own judgment.

9) Remember that this is only a GAME, please don’t take anything said or done within character personally.

10) To make sure you read these rules, PM Woodstock1330 with “Make it so #1.” If I don’t get a PM, you can’t post, it’s as simple as that. Also if you have any questions you can PM me, I’d be happy to answer them!

11) HAVE FUN! That’s what this is all about after all!!

Well, that's all, now--have at it!!

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