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disused account

Charlie looked up and then went back to his scone. “We’re in the middle of dinner, pal, its quite rude.”

9/16/2008 #31

Laura was surprised by Charlie's response. Mr. Giarelli might be a rogue, but she didn't think that he'd meant to be rude. What exactly was the right thing to do in this situation? Her strict polite upbringing and her strict religious upbringing seemed to clash for the first time. She pursed her lips nervously.

9/16/2008 #32

Mickey's brows lowered at the man's response, he wasn't surprised, it happened alot, some guys had a prejudice against Italian-Americans like himself, especially if they spoke with a heavy Bronx accent like his. And if it wasn't that, he certainly had a reputation of his own. He clapped him on the shoulder, "hey, don't worry about it buddy, doctors got a cure for everything, I'm sure they've got a pill for whatever it is that's eatin' you tonight," his hand on his shoulder became hard and his voice was lower, "'cause the lady there don't date dogs, as far as I can tell, and you sure acting like a two-bit mutt."

9/16/2008 #33
disused account

He flung his fits at man's jaw. It was twice the size of a normal man's and had been used to kill German's many a time.

9/16/2008 #34

Laura's eyes widened and she pursed her lips until they were white in an attempt to keep from gasping... or laughing... she couldn't tell. The conflicting urges left a stunned look on her face. She cleared her throat. "Please," she said softly, though even she wasn't quite sure what she meant by it.

9/16/2008 #35

Mickey anticipated his punch and ducked, fists up instantly, he was small for a fighter, but scrappy, and living in his neighborhood had made him tough. The two girls squeeled and backed away from the fight, half-hysterical. He glanced at Laura briefly out of the corner of his eye. "come on pal, we're on the same side..."

9/16/2008 #36
disused account

"Fuckin' guinea," he spat. Riseing and trying to hit him again. he noticed he was being an asshole.

(I am itatain so i insult myself.)

9/16/2008 #37

Laura stood with her back to the wall, clenching her fists to keep from squealing obnoxiously like the two girls Mr. Giarelli had brought in. She couldn't help her trembling, though, and her breathing was slightly labored from fright. She looked at Charlie pleadingly.

9/16/2008 #38

Mickey's eyes had been, for the briefest second, on Laura, but at the insult his head swung round, he saw the fist comming and moved to dodge again, but not fast enough, and this time Charlie's fist, clipped him on the side of his jaw. He'd missed full contact still the impact sent him reeling, he recovered quickly, "why you dirty--" he moved to sock him in the gut--he didn't have strength behind his punches like Charlie, but he was alot faster.

9/16/2008 #39

((Ok, you boys duke it out while I take my dog for a walk))

Laura covered her face with her hands and shrank further into the corner, praying rapidly under her breath.

9/16/2008 #40

As Mickey suspected, Charlie had alot of strength, but lacked speed, which, being quick, he could use to his advantage. Charlie took it to the gut and doubled giving Mickey ample time to slung him in the face, once, twice--he'd have a black eyes in the morning, but Charlie was no green-horn either and he came back out of it hard, socking Mick in the mouth, splitting his lip with one hit. Mick gave up the "gentleman's game" and barreled into him, knocking him back into the table, which tipped, sending food flying. They hit the floor hard and Mick had time to slug him a few times before Charlie flipped over, pining Mickey until he gave him a knee to the groin and kicked him back off him. He jumped up and lept at him, knocking him into another table. The host came out of his shock and sent for the cook, a large scotsman who was bigger, and tougher, than both boys combined, to break them up. At this crutial juncture Diane and Lucy decided it would be a good time to go and fled the scene. "Alright ye two cawbaws," the cook roared, grabbing each by the scruff of his neck, "take it outside!" The host pushed the door back and the cook tossed them out into the street. "And I dinnae want to see either o yer'n ugly mugs aroun' me place again..!"

9/16/2008 #41

Laura remained in the corner, now sitting low on her heals with her hands pressed over her mouth and her eyes wide in shock. Sister Margaretta had always insisted that "children shouldn't believe everything they saw in the moving pictures" and that no, American's didn't spend their days fighting in bars and wearing cowboy hats. Laura couldn't help wondering if Sister Margaretta had ever seen an American in her life!

"You alright, miss?" The host stood over Laura, offering her a hand. She took the man's hand and was pulled to her feet, still trembling, before she began brushing food off of her skirt and sweater. "Is there anything I can do for you?" the host asked.

"No. No, it's alright." Laura dazedly headed out the restaurant door and tried to hurry past the two staggering Americans before they could see her.

9/16/2008 #42

The cold hard meeting with cement had taken much of the fight out of the men and Mickey staggered to his feet to see Charlie glaring at him as he stalked off. He wiped the blood from his mouth, checking simultaneously to see if he had lost any teeth--nope, everything seemed to be still intact. He saw a blur of skirt as Laura dashed passed him, "hey!" he called, jogging to catch up to her, "hey, wait up!" He slowed his pace when he'd caught up to her, "you alright doll-face?"

9/16/2008 #43

"Mm-hmm." Laura nodded and tried to smile reassuringly, but refused to look at Mr. Giarelli as she quickened her pace. She looked in shop windows that passed by, trying to make it appear as though she'd already forgotten about the fight and was now otherwise preoccupied. Maybe he would go away.

9/16/2008 #44

Mickey eyed the girl, a little bewildered--she was the most skittish little thing he'd ever seen, hadn't she ever seen a fight before? If she thought that was bad, she should see the fights that broke out in the bunkrooms, with that many guys cooped up together for that long, the place went mad. Then again, if she was this upset after this little brawl, witnessing a fight like that might be too much for the dame. "Hey, stop, stop," he took her arm lightly and stopped her, "I don't bite," he gave her a half-grin, "listen let me walk you home, it's the least I can do after busting up your date like that, ok?"

9/16/2008 #45

Laura gasped when he took her arm and flinched away, afraid that he might hurt her. Then she blushed at her own skittishness and tried fruitlessly to smile as she reminded him, "What about your... girls?" It embarrassed her hear the shakiness of her voice. She was suddenly grateful that she hadn't eaten anything, because she was so nauseous now that she might have thrown it up.

9/16/2008 #46

He removed his hand hastily, holding them up in mock surrender, "easy..." At her mention of the girls Mickey laughed, "them? Oh, they ain't my girls, heck, both of 'em got boyfriends in the Royal Army," he grinned, "they're just doin' their patriotic duty, helpin' out a soldier." He noticed the shakiness of her voice and that she'd gone rather pale, his brow furrowed, "you alright? No wonder you're not a nurse, though with a face like that you should be, here," he looped her arm through his, "we better get you home, lean on me if you start feel dizzy..."

9/16/2008 #47

It took a moment for Laura to discern what the American had said, through his strange accent, but once she had she blushed deeper than ever and slipped her arm away. "No, thank you. I...." She couldn't think of anything to say that wouldn't sound rude, so she just quickened her pace, hoping that he would get the idea and leave her alone.

9/16/2008 #48

Mickey watched her hurrying off and shrugged, he was a persistant fellow when he saw a girl he liked, but he could only be rejected so many times before it started damaging his pride, and with a world of women out there just waiting for him, what was the point of persuing one who obviously wanted nothing to do with you? "Suit yourself, I'll see you around kid..."

9/16/2008 #49

Laura started seeing spots in her vision as she walked, and her stomach churned uncomfortably. For just a moment she felt like she couldn't breath, and then her legs seemed to turn to pudding and they collapsed beneath her. Her hand flew out to claw the building beside her as she fell, seeing nothing but black.

9/16/2008 #50

Mickey was just about to turn and head back for the base when he noticed her steps faulter. He hurried forward, just as she was falling and caught her before her head could hit the pavement. He set her down gently, leaning her head up against his shoulder and patting her cheek lightly, "hey, hey kid," he said gently, "come on, wake up..."

9/16/2008 #51

Light blotted back into her eyes the way it had blotted out and Laura moaned. "I don't feel...." Her eyes suddenly widened as she felt a burning in her esophagus and she moved to turn away, but it was too late. The light salad and piece of bread she'd had for lunch came out all over the front of the handsome soldier's uniform.

9/16/2008 #52

Mickey's look of relief turned to disgust as the acrid smell of vomit filled the air, he nearly dropped her head against the wall as he flinched away from the stain that was now seeping into his (freshly laundered) battle jacket. He grimaced, "funny, I don't feel so terrific myself, now." He sat her up away from the mess and removed his coat, shaking the excess off. "well, that's what I get for helping a dame, anyway," he gave her a half-smile, though his nose was still wrinkled in distaste.

9/16/2008 #53

"Oh my goodness, I'm so-" Laura clutched at her chest in horror. "I'm so sorry, I-! Oh my goodness!" She came to her feet too suddenly, almost fainted again, but leaned against the wall behind her and the nausea passed. "Please, let me help you. Oh, my goodness!" She reached out to take his coat. "Please, my apartment is just across the street- let me help you. My goodness...." Actually, in her haste she'd walked a little past her apartment. It was now across the street and two houses down. "I can wash this I- oh my goodness... I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am!" No apology seemed good enough.

9/16/2008 #54

Mickey moved forward in case she fainted again, biting his lip not to laugh as she practically went into hysterics, after a moment though the urge got to strong and he burst out laughing, holding his hands up, "listen, it's ok, really, no harm done, look we'll just got back to your place, wash it me, worse things have gotten on this jacket. Besides I wasn't gonna let you walk home by yourself anyway..." He stepped forward and once again slipped his arm around hers, "now this time, I'm serious, if you get dizzy, lean on me."

9/16/2008 #55

Laura nodded, her eyes wide in her horror-struck face. "I can't even tell you.... Oh how terribly embarrassing!" She pressed a hand over her forehead. "It's this one," she said when they were in front of her building. "You really shouldn't be so nice to me," she went on in her small voice as she pulled out her keys, "I don't deserve it. Please come in! Are you hungry? You must be- you didn't have anything to eat. Can I get you anything? I'm afraid I don't have anything glamorous, but I do have food." She got another whiff of her vomit and blushed. "But maybe you aren't hungry anymore.... Please come in."

9/16/2008 #56

Mickey swallowed a smirk at her ramblings, she really was pretty, even when her breath smelt of vomit and her skin turned slightly green, "well, I'm a nice guy." He followed her inside, side-stepping the cat that, at the sound of the key in the door, had come running from some corner of the apartment, mewing pathetically. The animal rubbed up against it's owner, and subsiquently her guest. "Oh no, you sit down," he pointed to the nearest chair he saw, "I oughta get you something for that taste in your mouth," And, as if he already knew his way around, he moved into the kitchen, "just sit tight."

9/16/2008 #57

Laura noticed for the first time her guest's black eye and bleeding, split lip. "Oh my! You're- your face! Oh, does it hurt terribly? We must clean that cut or it'll get infected." She turned to get some rubbing alcohol from the cupboard in her bathroom, remembered his soiled jacket, and turned back long enough to snatch it up before she hurried down the hall. She filled her bathroom sink with water while she went through the cupboard, found the alcohol, and then turned off her faucet and let the jacket sit in the water while she rushed back to Mr. Giarelli. He was in the kitchen, looking rather dashing in his white shirt and uniform trousers. It struck her only for a moment how strange it was to have a stranger in her house- a handsome (if not scandalous) young man, nonetheless! Then she pulled out a rag and dampened its corner with the rubbing alcohol. She straightened her glasses as she stepped up to the American. "Here," she said, turning his jaw so that he was facing her, "let me see that lip...."

9/16/2008 #58

"I'm fine, really," Mickey called from the kitchen, knowing she wouldn't listen, and by the sounds of rumaging coming from what he presumed was the bathroom, he was right. He rooted around til he found the teapot and a tin in which she kept her teabags. He filled the pot with water before setting it on the stove. "I'm fine," he insisted, rather childishly, when he saw the rubbing alcohol, tensing as she brought the rag to his split lip and flinched as it stung, murmuring something that sounded very like a curse-word under his breath, "...I hate that stuff." he murmured.

(I took a little for granted with the tea thing, I know, but she's British, so I assumed...)

9/16/2008 #59

((No, no! Tea's perfect! I've read that American soldiers were disappointed by the taste of British tea. I'm afraid I don't know much more about that, ha ha.))

Laura frowned at his curse. "You really shouldn't use such language, you know," she said, but her mouth began twitching as she tried to contain a smile from his childish grumbling. She dabbed once more at his lip, apologizing for the sting, and then set the rag aside and put her hands on either side of his head to turn his face down so that she could better inspect his eye. She sucked in a sharp breath through her teeth at the ugly swelling. "Clean it with some cold water. I'll see if I have any meat we can put on it." She opened her ice box and moved a few things aside before she found a bit of frozen fish. A nice steak would have done better, but fish was the easiest thing to come by with war rations and all. At least she'd already gone to the trouble of removing the scales and flesh so that it just looked like a regular piece of meat.

9/17/2008 #60
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