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"I really shouldn't do alot of things," he smiled, then winced again at the sting. It was funny how close she could get to him now, touching him, without the slightest inhibition, when out on the street she'd shrunk at his hand on her arm, it was that "mothering" gene women had, he supposed... Mickey watched her for a moment as she turned to go through her freezer for a peice of meat, his Mom used to do that, he smiled at the memory. He wet the rag with some water from the tap and dabbed it at his eye but when it stung he gave it up and went back to the tin of tea. "You have any peppermint? It's supposed to calm your stomach..."

9/17/2008 #61

Laura straightened, her face worried. "Does your stomach hurt?" She pressed the fish to his eye and then started rifling through her tea bags.

9/17/2008 #62

He laughed, "no, yours does. Which reminds me, you really should sit down." His nose wrinkled slightly at the smell of fish, which being frozen seemed odorless, unless it was pressed up against your face. "Your cat is going to love me..." he murmured, smiling as he nodded to the feline, watching him closely from its perch on a kitchen chair. "Really though, just sit and rest a minute, you fainted out there, remember?" he led her to the chair and set her down in it. "Sorry 'bout that by the way," he grinned sheepishly, "I didn't mean to start a fight with your-er, boyfriend," he said it slyly, "ooh but after what he called me, he's lucky you were there, otherwise I'd really've given it to him."

9/17/2008 #63

Laura stopped looking through her tea bags when she learned it was her own stomach at stake and smiled at the quip about her cat. "She's not really mine. She was here when I moved in." She allowed herself to be led to a chair, only because she was trying to remember what else she was going to do for her guest. She blushed deeply at the word 'boyfriend'. "Oh dear me," she said, "he isn't my boyfriend! I only met him yesterday and he felt that he owed me a dinner for helping him. That's all. It really wasn't even a date! But I mean, it was wrong of him to say the things he said." It was also wrong of Mr. Giarelli to fight back, but it seemed ungrateful to say so under the circumstances. After all, he hadn't started the fight, and he was being so kind now. "Do- er- all Americans...? Never mind." She stroked Miss Kitty when the feline jumped into her lap.

9/17/2008 #64

Mickey couldn't help but laugh, she had a way of taking an idea and running with it, rambling on til there was nothing was kind of cute really. "Hey, I was joking about the boyfriend thing, that dam--" he took a breath, "well, he isn't your type anyway." Steam began to whistle from the spout and Mickey set the fish down, going over to fix the tea. He wasn't much a tea drinker himself but his Ma liked it, and he knew his way around it pretty well. He took two cups down from the cupboard (he'd found the right cupboard while looking for the teapot) and placed a teabag in each cup before pouring over the steaming water, "what do you take?" Ma liked hers with honey, esspecially when she had one of her was weird the things you remembered. "I heard you Brits like milk in yours or something?"

9/17/2008 #65

Laura was sent into a stupor of thought from the phrase "not your type." Did she have a type? Laura had romantic dreams, just like any girl, but she'd never really thought much about the type of man she could fall in love with. The idea had always been too unlikely to consider. Now she thought about it, though, she imagined that "her type" would probably be an angelic, upstanding Catholic who would go to church with her every Sunday and quote scripture. That was the kind of man Sister Margaretta had advised her to marry.

She looked up when she realized that Mickey had asked her a question. "Oh, er... honey, please. I don't like to have milk too late at night. It gives me strange dreams." She continued to stroke her cat before she realized that her guest was serving her and she jumped to her feet, leaving the cat to fall in a startled ball of fluff, and tried to take over. "My goodness, look at me! What a terrible hostess! You should be sitting down."

9/17/2008 #66

Mickey smiled at the way she took her tea and had started rumaging around for the honey when she jumped up so suddenly that he flinched, and then laughed, "you are a jumpy thing arn't you?" He motioned to the chair, "really, just sit down, it's ok--this isn't exactly a formal tea, where'd you get your manners anyway, the Queen?" he teased, going back to look for the honey. To be honest, if he sat still he'd start thinking too much, about being alone in an apartment with a girl, a pretty girl at that, about how tomorrow he might be sent off on a mission he'd never return from, about the guys, his friends, who wouldn't return, who hadn't...thinking did him no good, so he had to keep himself busy. He found the honey and drizzled a fair amount into her cup before passing it to her, then added a little less to his own and joined her at the table. "You live here alone then?" he asked, blowing at the steam.

9/17/2008 #67

Laura did sit as commanded, but shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She was displaying terrible manners, but if he, her guest, didn't want her to be a good hostess, then was it more polite to be a bad hostess? Sister Margaretta had never prepared her for anything like this. She'd almost answered his question about where she'd learned her manners, but she was beginning to pick up on his habit of asking questions that he didn't necessarily want an answer to, and she felt that this was one of those questions. She was slightly dazed as she accepted her cup of tea and blew on it to cool it down. "Yes," she replied to his next question. Then she smiled and added, "Except for Miss Kitty, of course." The cat had obviously forgiven her for her previous act of cruelty, because it returned to her lap and purred when she stroked its back. She sipped her tea and was surprised by its sweetness. She didn't usually use much honey in her tea- partly because of the food rations and partly because of what she'd been taught about "moderation in all things". But she supposed it was alright to enjoy her sweet tea if it had been prepared for her by a guest. She felt like a school girl again, wondering what was what in the world of social graces. Learning about interacting with people was quite different from actually interacting with them.

9/17/2008 #68

Mickey smiled, he had an idea that the old ladies in his neighborhood who lived alone except for their excess menagerie of felines must have been something like then when they were young. Not exactly though, Laura was too sweet and too pretty to live alone with only a cat to keep her company her whole life. Someday some lucky son of a gun was going to get wise to what a good thing she had going, Mickey just hoped he deserved her, Laura seemed so—well naïve, some guy could easily take advantage of her. “What about your family?” He hazarded to ask, it was a dangerous question these days, especially in London. What with all the German Blitz’s, it seemed everybody had lost at least one loved one. Still he wanted to get to know her, a new experience for him, and this seemed the only way to do it. He found himself actually listening when she talked, even though she did tend to babble on, at least it wasn’t about clothes and shoes and hair, which was all the other dames seemed to care about. No, this one was definitely something different.

9/17/2008 #69

"My parents died in an automobile accident when I was a little girl," Laura explained. "I was taken in by my Aunt Maude." She smiled in an exasperated kind of way when she added, "At least, I was taken in by her whenever I wasn't off at school. She lives several miles out of London, but we rarely ever see each other. I don't want her to feel that I am burdening her." She sipped her tea again and removed her glasses when they began to fog over from the steam. She could do without them for now. "What about you?" she asked. "Do you have family back in America?"

9/17/2008 #70

He was about to offer an apology for bringing up her parents when she removed her glasses and he got his first real look at her eyes, “wow,” he said, chuckling when he realized he’d spoken aloud, “I’m sorry, it’s just…you have really great eyes.” He grinned and sipped his tea, “um, yeah, got pretty big family, middle of five kids--four sisters.” his grin broadened, “the eldest two are married now, one’s got three kids, the other has one the way… she married after I was deployed but I knew the guy, couldn‘t get drafted ‘cause he‘s got a club foot, he volunteered for a desk job, good guy…” He could see them all, the way they used to be, gathered around Nonna Giarelli’s big table, the men--Nonno and the Uncles, and Mickey, because he was the oldest Grandson, would smoke and talk sport or politics, the women badgering them to stop smoking, and stop talking filth at the table, but they never did. Nonna’s Il timballo del gattopardo was the best in New York, so they said, so it was the best in America… Mickey blinked, coming back to the present, he sipped his tea, “yeah, big family.”

9/17/2008 #71

Laura blushed at the compliment about her eyes and murmured an almost inaudible "Thank you," while looking shyly into her lap. She wondered briefly if she ought to put her glasses back on, but then became lost in the mental image of a big, Italian-American family in New York. She rested her chin on her fist as she listened and really looked at Michele Giarelli for the first time. He was close enough that she didn't need her glasses to see him well, and it was easy to see the Italian in his dark hair and in the smooth curves of his face. His smile was so easy- so charming and light-hearted that Laura couldn't help it when the corners of her own mouth began to turn up slightly. She found that she liked the subtle way his eyes crinkled at the corners when he smiled, and she got a strange thrill out of the contrast between his white teeth and his olive-toned skin. The black eye and the split lip dampened the over-all beauty of his face, but, strangely, made it endearing at the same time. Soldier or not, he still seemed such a boy at heart. Having grown up in such a big family, he couldn't be used to taking care of himself. Laura wanted to take care of him- to warn him not to get into anymore fights and to nurse him until the black was gone from around his eye and until his lip was completely healed. Her eyes fell to the table when she came back to reality and she traced the grain of the wood with her finger.

"I wonder what that must be like," she said gently, "having such a big family."

9/17/2008 #72
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(Poor Charile feels abandoned..Sheesh i get off cuz 'm hardcore sick and yeah.. How can I get him back into things? Can you guys cut down your posts? Reciveing big emails sucks up my highspeed internet really fast and if I go ver the 1kb my dad gave me to use I can't on fp till the 1st.

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((Aww, poor Liesl... tell you what, if the profs aren't looking over my shoulder I'll RP with ya in media class. Jenny's bored.))

9/17/2008 #74

((Sorry about that, Lee! We were up really late and wanted to keep playing. We did wait for you for a while, though. I guess we're just a little impatient 8sheepish look*))

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(Its okay but I was hardcore sick and just coundn’t do it anymore. What’s goin’ on, like wanna give me a summery?

9/17/2008 #76

((Sorry Lee, I didn't think you'd mind that much! After we're done with the Laura's apartment scene I'm sure we can work Charlie back in, he's great for confrontation with Mickey. :P Are you feeling better? Oh and if you don't want to get all those annoying email notifications just go to the "topic subscription" thing, it's right next to the page number, and click it then when the box appears click "unsubscribe" I recommend doing it in the "off-topic" topic thread esspecially, that will cut your emails down by a good 1/3 I bet.))

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I like having them and yes I know how. I just wasn't expecting a novel while I was away :) Five pharograghs is a little much for one post!

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(psh, you show me a five paragraph post in here, just show me! :P Anyway, I like longer posts, makes it more interesting... )

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(Can you tell me what all happened cuz Charlie will be pissed if they up and left,)

9/17/2008 #80

(Well Mickey and Charlie got pretty into their fight and were thrown out of the resturant, Laura attempted to slip off without being seen, and Charlie must not have seen her because he stalked off in the opposite direction, he was pretty angry, and I think Mickey may have broken Charlie's nose...sorry... Mickey did see her however, and good thing too because a block or so down she fainted, and then threw up on him, and he took her home, now Mickey and Laura are in her kitchen talking. If it's any consolation, Charlie gave Mickey quite the shinner, and a busted lip...oh and bruised That's pretty much everything.)

9/17/2008 #81
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(Lucky this isn’t my rp or Id be really mad but heh… I never meant Charlie to be an asshole though, he’s a nice guy.. you get her outta there he can apologize.

9/17/2008 #82

(Sure, I figured you/Charlie could always patch things up later anyone so it wasn't that big of a deal. And alot of people were prejudice against Italian-Americans during WWII, it was like being a Japanese-American or a German-American, so actually Charlie not liking Mickey is quite accurate. When RM is back we'll probably go on a bit longer in her apartment and then time lapse to the next day, Charlie can apologize then for sure.)

9/17/2008 #83
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(I know but I am Italian-American :)

9/17/2008 #84

((Yeah, Laura will easilly forgive Charlie. She's a forgiving person. And Charlie's just such a cute :P ))

((P.S. I'm Italian-American too! Pasta-lovers unite!!!!))

((P.P.S. I agree with Woody- longer posts are more fun!))

((P.P.P.S. Ok Woods, I'm waiting for Mickey's response. Taps foot expectantly*))

9/17/2008 #85

Mickey realized she’d been watching him intently while he’d spoken of his family and gave her a rather cocksure grin before she looked away. He ran a hand through his dark hair, “it’s like…” he broke off, trying to think the best way to describe his family; it seemed impossible, how to describe the comfort and security of a home filled with those whom you loved, who loved you—it was a sanctuary, but it could also be a prison, inescapable because it would break your jailers’ hearts. Mickey couldn’t remember a single day of his childhood where he hadn’t been called “Frank’s boy,” or “Lena’s kid brother” or “the Giarelli boy”, it was comforting and tormenting at the same time, not being your own person.

“I can’t explain it, my Nonna would say family is everything, and she’s the smartest woman I know, so she’s probably right.” He chuckled, thinking of the short, pump woman with her dark laughing eyes and welcoming arms. She always wore the same yellow flower-print apron with white lace trim over her simple, home-spun dresses and a small rosary around her neck for she was a devote Catholic, she smelt of the herbs and spices she cooked with, basilico, oregano, rosmarino, salvia, timo—Mickey couldn’t remember a minute spent with his Grandmother when she hadn’t been cooking something, or gardening her vegetables, or going to market--her whole world revolved around the Kitchen, the center of the home, for the home was the center of the family, and family was everything. Mickey was Nonna’s favorite grandchild, there had never been any doubt about that, and Mickey loved the old woman more than life. He remembered the day he’d told her he was going to enlist…she let the Caponata burn…

“Nonna would like you,” he said, bringing himself back from his thoughts. If only she knew what a compliment she’d just received.

(hahah, long post. I'm not Italian, sadly, but I love the food and the culture so much I should be!)

9/17/2008 #86
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(RM wanna be my pasta solemate?

9/17/2008 #87

Laura loved the warm, loving, reminiscent glow that appeared in the American's eyes as he thought of his family. At the same time, an ache formed in her chest. He hadn't said much in the way of words, but his eyes and his facial expressions had said it all. The closest thing she'd ever had to a family were the nuns and other girls at St. Anne's boarding school.

"Nonna," she murmured. "Is that your... mother?"

9/17/2008 #88

((Sure, Lee ;P ))

9/17/2008 #89
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(Yay! *stuffs face* I feel a love tri…)

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