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Yeah, purty eh? XD

So the purpose of this thread is so we can plan a few things for chars and mention how we can get others involved. For example, I want to get Kate or Louise taken in by the gestapo. Since I like Liesl's bad guy so much (:D), I want him to "interrogate" (torture) her.

So yeah... that's the purpose of teh thread.

9/7/2008 . Edited 9/7/2008 #1
disused account

Get her aloneit shall happen.

9/7/2008 #2

*worships Liesl*

9/7/2008 #3
disused account

Hooray! *Is worshiped*

9/7/2008 #4

I think we should have Woodie come back. That's MY plot idea.

9/7/2008 #5

Amen to THAT!

9/8/2008 #6

I was wondering if we could change the thousand bomber raid that SJ had in mind to a reenactment of the RAF bombing raid on Darmstadt that killed 11,500. 'Cause one of my chars, Dev, has family in Darmstadt, she could have some kind of crisis and hey, I like char suffering. :D

9/11/2008 #7

Well, Rach dearest, your wish has been granted.

9/11/2008 #8

AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! WOODIE! YOU LIVE!!! *squeezes to death* :D

What happened to you??

9/11/2008 #9

*is squeezed to death*

Well... I did live. O_o;

I've been so beyond busy with just--life in general. Living on your own isn't as glamorous as they make it look--in fact it flippin SUCKS!! *cough* I actually won't be around too long tonight, I have to go shopping at midnight, and tomorrow I'm going to be gone all day too...but I should be around Sat.

9/11/2008 #10

Aw. *hugs* It's nice to know you didn't die! :D

Sissi was freaking out about this, but Margriet isn't cheating on Lucien! It's just filler...XD

9/11/2008 #11

Lol, I can't believe after this long she's still being faithful! :P l'm glad though, our little German would have been devastated. I'll have to come up with a good reason for Lucien's absence... Who's Josef anyway? *eyes distrustfully.*

9/11/2008 #12

A German/Austrian doctor. *shrug* Margriet was bored and decided to break her ankle, so...XD

9/11/2008 #13

No good! Lol. Hm...maybe Lu got called back to Berlin for--some reason? Shady. Well... I wish the Austrian were around so Lu could interupt. :P

9/11/2008 #14

"Luuucien, I'm home!" XD Anyway, Lu could've gotten the sniffles from being in the rain? :D He could still interrupt...we'd just have to kind of steal Margriet from Josef...XD

9/11/2008 #15

WOOOOOODDDDDIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAM* Holy cow, I can hardly believe it! I thought Audrey was going to die of a broken heart!!!!!!!!

9/11/2008 #16


9/11/2008 #17

Hey R.M. I know! I'm so sorry for leaving you hanging!

I g2g shopping, might be back on tonight. If not look for me Sat. K? Love ya'll!

9/11/2008 #18

K! I'm going to bed pretty soon, so If I'm gone that's why.

And you'd better come back! *brandishes tulip*

9/11/2008 #19

Yeah, if you go MIA again, we'll have to send a whole army (or possibly three) after you!

9/11/2008 #20

Yeah! *throws windmill*

9/11/2008 #21

Yay, Woodie came back! *hugs*

9/12/2008 #22

Ok, so here's my idea, and I kind of stole some of it from this book/movie I heard about...but anyway. Ok so Mickey's plane gets shot down over France and he goes missing, after a week or so he's reported as MIA, and Laura just knows that something awful has happened to him but that he's still out there. So, as she's already invovled in the Secret Service she takes a fields mission to france so that while she's completing the mission she can also look for Mickey. I'm not explaining it very well but yeah, you get the idea. I thought it'd be really fun and give our characters alot of adventure and excitement. It requires Laura to be pretty emotionally attatched to Mickey though so I'm not going to get him shot down in this next mission or anything.

9/18/2008 #23

*Taps foot impatiently* Oh Wooody!

9/18/2008 #24

Oh! Oh! I think I know what movie you got the idea from! Is it a French movie? Is it "A Very Long Engagement"? In any case, I like the idea. Like you said, it would add a lot more excitement to our rping and Laura might get to meet some other characters! *Claps hands excitedly* Oh goody, this'll be great! But you're right, Laura does need to be more emotionally connected to Mickey before she does anything so bold :) I'm excited!

9/18/2008 #25

You like it?! Oh I'm so glad because I'm quite partial to the idea myself... XD That's not the movie It's called Charlotte Gray, I haven't actually seen it, but I saw the trailer for it... :P

9/18/2008 #26

Hmm... Charlotte Gray.... I'm gonna have to go look that one up. And yes, I most certainly do like the idea! One request (go ahead and tell me if you don't wanna do this): what do think about Laura and Mickey getting in a little argument the night before his plane goes down? It'd give Laura a lot to beat herself up over while she's looking for him. :)

9/18/2008 #27

Oooo I like the way you think! Sì, sì, is perfetto!

9/18/2008 #28

*headdesk* You crazy people you.

9/19/2008 #29

What? We went to bed earlier than last time!

9/19/2008 #30
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