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If you have any questions on biblical themes, or things of the supernatural, just ask me, CS Waters. Not only will I give you a biblical view on the subject, I will also give a historical touch to it. Come one, come all
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CS Waters

My answer to that question is yes. The supernatural is very real, no matter how much we wish it not. People over the years have used the supernatural to explain strange pheniums, such as lightning and plagues. Today, science can explain most of that. But still, mysterious things continue to happen. Haunted houses, alien sightings, even contact with other live forms have raised the flag of the human mind.

But it is good? Is it dark? Not many can answer this question. But, what is your opinion on the matter?

7/29/2008 #1
Brendan Aurabolt

Of course it's real. The only people on earth who deny it are Athiests.

-Haunted Buildings are usually occupied by demons looking to hype legends people make about a particular place or person.

-Area 51 was the source of the sightings in America. Worldwide I'm certain it's related the military testing new kinds of aircraft as well.

-I assume by contact you mean extra terrestrials. Make no mistake: Humans are NOT alone in the universe. The differences between us and the rest of them is we were made in his image and of them all, ours is the only race to have been corrupted by sin. The chances of otherworldly lifeforms visiting earth are pretty slim, as I'm sure they know our history better than we do and would avoid earth at all costs!

-If you mean contact with the dead, it's fake. All these 'Spirit Mediums' you see on TV (John and Sylvia, for example) are not talking to deceased people. They're actually talkig to demons and don't know or accept that fact. ONLY GOD can see the future. Satan and his angels can only see the past. REMEMBER THAT!

9/27/2008 #2
CS Waters

Haha, do you know Bill Meyers, the creator of McGee and Me? What you say is mostly correct to what he said.

-Haunting houses are to be avoided because of the darkness in them. If you live in one however, call the local church and ask all the staff to not only bless youe home, but help you to ask God to free it from its evil entity.

-That is true, but some people have seen spaceships (UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, NOT spaceship) and taken aboard. However, most of this happens to people who have either recently entered an occult, or had some connect to the occult. This so-called 'aliens' seem way too interested in our reproductive system, our religious beliefs, and our mind. But they are liars and should never be believed. Some time ago, alien-sighters said the aliens claimed to have come from Mars or Venus. Now we know that isn't true, and they now say the aliens claim to come from Sirus and other places we haven't checked. It's all too suspcious for my liking.

-I believe there are other worlds with life. And we are not alone, that is also true. The Spiritiual World is closer than we think, and the World of Enteral Pain is right underneath our feet. Angels are one of those extra terrestrials. But they don't avoid Earth at all cost. But still, are there other worlds out there, physical ones beside our own that carries life? Are they corrupted too or holy? That, I'm afraid, are questions that nothing in this world can answer.

-It's true. It's all fake. A Spiritist Christian (can't remember his name though) told a friend how he had connection with 'the dead'. However, he soon felt drawn toward the Bible, and he soon discovered that what he was doing was a sin. The 'spirits' he had once called friends began to torture and threaten him. He's free now, but he still can't shake the feeling of guilt of leading at least twenty people to this false teaching. It just goes to show you, never play with fire.

9/28/2008 #3
Brendan Aurabolt

I had a McGee and Me video a couple years ago but didn't reall know the guy behind it. Interesting stuff.

-I like to say that I can feel the presence of spiritual beings. My emotions are usually a factor in this. When I'm sad or angry it's as if the devil himself is in my presence. When I'm happy or excited it's as if Jesus is standing next to me. A couple years ago I visited Fort Warren on Geoge's Island in Boston Harbor to investigate the Legend of the Lady in Black. Supposedy, she was a nurse or something of the sort during the Revolutionary War who disappeared in the middle of the night. Since then people, have claimed seeing a woman in black wandering the halls of the old fort. When I visited said for in the summer of 2004, I had a run in with this supposed 'Ghost'. I assume the ghost (who I suspected was really a demon) could feel God's presence in me and simply turned and ran. I ran after the 'ghost' and screamed "GET OUT OF HERE! LEAVE THIS PLACE AND NEVER RETURN!" Since then, no one has seen this "Lady in Black". Of course, no one believes my story but since that day there hasn't been any more sightings =D

-Yeah, true. I'm going to assume these otherworldly visitors see us as inferior to them. I am also going to assume that if they know the God we know then God is aware of what they're doing. To my knowlegde, our world is the only world to have been claimed by sin. It should be no surprise that other races have advanced technolgies, etc. Still, they should never be taken seriously. That's where Alientology came from. I look at said "religion's" founder as a misguided fool. In fact, he be proof that there are indeed False Prohpets in the Universe =D

-I was watching a program on Angels and Demons on the History Channel last night. All it did for me was reaffirm that existance of both and their different yet profound influences on people. Like God, both can take on the form of ordinary men to meet their own ends. I think this is why Jesus said you should be kind to your fellow man. You never know if the homeless guy you walk past is really an angel in disguise. Likewise, you never know if the good samaratain who helps you on the side of the road is really a demon. Quite a paradox, yes?

-Yeah. I don't remember off the top of my head but there's a passage in the New Testament that explicitly states that if you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and then go into these things then seven demons will come after you. They don't come because of the sin--it's because of who you swore your alliegence to =O

9/30/2008 #4
CS Waters

Whoa, I'm getting the willies now. I've never seen a ghost, but there's been times where I either have this feeling I'm being watched, or when I was younger, I sometimes heard my mom call me, but when I asked, she would say she didn't. Weird, huh?

9/30/2008 #5
Brendan Aurabolt

No, I've had that happen me too, actually. Still do now at times .;

I often have to remind myself that my mother isn't everywhere I am XD

9/30/2008 #6
CS Waters

Since you're a big expert on supernatural things, can you help me with a story I'm working on? It's called The Misfits, and it's about this supernatural creatures. Like a werewolf, vampire, mummy, wizard, witch, ghost, such and such. I want it Christian based so I need the right approach towards it. Do you need the characters first?

10/3/2008 #7
Brendan Aurabolt

Hmm...depends on how you wanna do it. Almost half my stories are in the Supernatural category so I know what said category entails XD

Let's see...I'm gonna need a bit more info before I can figure out how this can proceed. Just know that if you want it Christain based it can't have Vampires, Werewolves, Mummies or Ghosts. When people become Vampires they're stuck that way forever. According to the Bible the dead can't interact with the living so that elminates Ghosts and Mummies. In most cases, the transformation from Human to wolf form is pretty rapid (usually with seconds). There actually ARE some reported cases of people with the condition (I don't remember the term used to describe it) and 10 out of 10 times the transformation occurs when there is a full moon and there is no stopping it once it starts.

10/4/2008 #8
CS Waters

Well, actually, here's what I had planned. Vampires aren't 'undead', their heart rate's just really really slow. They're still alive. 'Ghosts' aren't really dead either. They just got this disease that can make them see-through and cold. Werewolves can turn into wolves whenever they want, and they don't bite others to infect. Vampires don't drink blood, crosses and sunlight don't kill them and they don't sleep in cuffens. Theonly orginal vampire myth is the garlic, and vampires are just allegric to it. That's what I might. Help me alter the legends to make them scienfically (or sci-fic) understandable. No supernatural mumbo-jumbo.

PS: mummies aren' dead either. They just have a really bad skin condition that makes them wrap themselves up.

10/6/2008 #9

Wo-ow. Thanks for getting this horribly wrong. I may be atheist (Well, partly), and I do believe there are things out there that humans have yet to discover so for the time being we label it as 'supernatural'. And by doing so we've created some problems. Take, for example, centuries ago when people didn't know much about disease. Well there was a disease called Porphyria, and some of the symptoms were severe light sensitivity, mutilation of the nose, ears, eyelids, and fingers, and anemia. There was some speculation that these people were now 'Vampires'. The 'drinking blood' part was simply added in, because the disease attacks the hemoglobin, so some people with it would eat their meat very rare. So then this disease exploded to vampires today, and now we have a bunch of dumb a*** running around claiming to be 'vampires' and part of 'clans', and such nonsense.

As for spirits, I'm a bit of a skeptic but not in the way that you think. Yes, I do believe that there are spirits. No, I don't think they're frequent as everyone believes. Oh, you heard a footstep or something! Great, it's not a dead person. As for spirits being demons, I was just confused when I read that. For one, what evidence do you have that every spirit is a demon? And I'd really love to know what made you draw this conclusion, I'm quite curious now.

Now I do also believe that there is other life. Think for a minute. Our solar system is just one in millions of billons. We think that we've already found some evidence of life in other planets, so don't you think that there would be some on others? And let me say, I really doubt that other life forms are worshipping Jesus at the moment. Hell, they probably don't even know who he is. The way I look at it, the things in the bible all can't happen on different worlds. To think that would be mind blowingly small minded. And if you think were the only civilization 'corrupted by sin', then please feel free to jump on a spaceship and go live on a different planet to break away from it.

Er, sorry if I sounded like a bit of a b*** above. xP Can't help it, I feel free strong on some topics, and just got a bit peeved when I saw the thing about only atheists denying such things. I'm sure you'd feel the same way if I said that all Christians think evolution is wrong. I know someone may not believe in it, but I do have a lot of good Christians friends that believe in the theory xD So if you're in that part, I'm sure you'd feel just a bit annoyed as well.

5/17/2009 #10
Brendan Aurabolt
So in other words, you agree with Snow and I for the most part. Just about everything you said reenforces what Snow and I said.
5/25/2009 #11

Hey there. I have a story and I'm not very good at relaying it without sounding stupid but I swear to God above it happened to me and I'm really sorry it sounds stupid when you read it. It really happened, ok?

I was 15 and it was the summer. I was tired so I thought I'd take a nap, even thought it was only 5 in the evening. When I laid down I heard this voice and it said: "You'll fall asleep in five minutes" and wallah, I fell asleep in five minutes. I had a normal average dream about going to a coffee shop. There was this guy there, like realy old and he sat down with me and we talked about ridiculous stuff until he told me: "I know you're dreaming, I made you fall asleep." I was kinda freaked so I told him to go away, and he did but he told me that he'd see me again in a couple of minutes. I woke up then and it was like 9, so I went out of my room and got a drink. When I came back, I started to take a sip but I fell over, like I fainted right there and landed on my bed and my drink spilled all over. When I started dreaming, I was in a feild and there was that one guy again, I turned to run, but he grabbed me and then it all went black. When I came to again I was in this room and there was nothing but a mirror in it. I started to walk around, and noticed that I could FEEL everything. And the time passed minute by minute, as if I was in real life again. Once I turned around and that guy was there again. I was really mad, so I started to beat him up, but he took my arm and twisted it so hard that I cried---because it really hurt. He REALLY HAD done that to me. He kicked me in the stomach and it seriously hurt so I just sat there on the floor and cried for like five minutes. Real-time minutes, like you could count the seconds. He started saying: "You don't belong there. You belong here and you know it. It is true that life is just a dream, because people can't own up to their own expectations." I had no idea what the hell he was saying, so i started cussing him out. He just dissapeared. And I was left there. For hours and real real hours droned on and I had to count the seconds for entertainment. I started thinking it was real because I felt him hurt me and I could feel the floor and myself. No matter what I did, I couldn't wake myself up, so I decided it was definatley real. Much to my annoyment, a few hours after I decided that, I managed to wake myself by hitting my head on the wall. I was in my bed, and the juice was spilled all over me. I felt a fire in my throat and mind and a voice say..."What do you think you're doing? Your jail time is not up." I started to get up, scared, and make my way into the living room where my dad was so he could see me, but I passed out and fell on my face before I made it there. I woke up in that same room and had to stay there for about three more hours. This time, I couldn't wake myself up. When I finally woke up, I ran into the living room and read the clock. It said 9:00. That's when I realized I had slept from 5:00 the day before to 9:00PM that day, which was more than a day's worth of sleep. Yeah, I know that's hard to belive, ridiculous maybe. But it really happened to me.

5/27/2009 #12
Demented Hellion

First off I want to say that I agree that what we call they supernatural is very real. Also, the only reason we call it the supernatural is scientifically we can not explain it. How have you come to the conclusions that haunted houses are really inhabited by demons looking to hype up human legends? Do you mean to say that once a person dies, his/her spirit/soul leaves the body, is judged, and either sent to Heaven or Hell?

I personally have no comment on alien life forms because I have yet to form an opinion on it beyond the fact that there is life on other planets. Maybe not on the planets in our solar system but ours is not the only solar system out there, so it's possible.But as far as the religious aspect of these other life forms, do you really believe they have the same spiritual faith as us? As with Earth, they may have several religions. Maybe not the ones that we have but it could be something similar.

I do want to say that Sylvia and John are conartists, they have an ability to read people as well as making general statements that could apply to anyone. But I do not believe that all spiritual mediums are fake. I firmly believe that we can contact those who are in a form of limbo, niether able to enter Heaven nor hell, but only through the assistance of a spiritual being (either demon or angel).

Those are just my opinions, something we all are entitled to.


6/1/2009 #13
Brendan Aurabolt

You've raised quite a number of important points.

-It's true I said haunted houses are inhabited by melevolent spirits. Since then, I've seen proof that this may not always be the case. The non-religious answer I've come up with is similar yours, Hellion. Sometimes when a person dies, their spirit remains on earth either in the place they had profound memories in or the place where they died, depending on the individual. Ghost Hunters (I'll go into detail on these folks in a bit) have been able to prove the presence of supernatural beings otherwise written off a ssuperstition or folklore.

-John has already been proven to be a fake many times. Sylvia will not make a TV appearance unless the producersof whatever program she's on agrees to not allow any one to question her "methods" while she's on the air. Both of these people create a false sense of security for their victims and 9 of of 10 times the "client" doesn't even realize they're simply repeating information they already know.

-Getting back to Ghost Hunters: I've seen these guys work and they are legit. They've proven they can ascertain the presence of "the unseeable". The real good ones, anyway. I think in a few years, it may be possible for 2-way communication. Thanks to technology we can hear ghosts and take footage but we're not quite at the point where we can communicate with them. If we can do that, the phrase "Dead Men tell no secrets" will be invalidated. Weather or not the testimony of a dead person would be admissible in court is a separate issue altogether! on the flipside, it blow a huge hole in several passages in the bible that say the dead know nothing.

I've watched a few programs that show how spirit mediums work. It's pretty pathetic they've been able to fool people over and over. Basically what they do is they research their target's past and the past of the deceased. What they tell their client are things already known but rephrased.

6/5/2009 #14

Area 51 was the source of the sightings in America.

What's that?

10/26/2009 #15
Hey. If anyone goes on this anymore, I have a question. A long time ago, when I was in 6th grade (currently being depressed and wanting to die, mind you) I had a scary occurrence. I want to see what you say it was. It was in the middle of the night, because I couldn't asleep. Anyways, I was messing with these Magnetix I had, and all of the sudden I could hear my mom, dad and sister talking in the hallway outside of my room. I went out and checked my sisters room. She was fast asleep and so was my mom. Weirdest of all, my dad works a night shift. So what exactly did I hear?? Was it a demon? Or angel? What? I just know I was terrified and couldn't sleep for hours later.
7/25/2012 #16
Hey. If anyone goes on this anymore, I have a question. A long time ago, when I was in 6th grade (currently being depressed and wanting to die, mind you) I had a scary occurrence. I want to see what you say it was. It was in the middle of the night, because I couldn't asleep. Anyways, I was messing with these Magnetix I had, and all of the sudden I could hear my mom, dad and sister talking in the hallway outside of my room. I went out and checked my sisters room. She was fast asleep and so was my mom. Weirdest of all, my dad works a night shift. So what exactly did I hear?? Was it a demon? Or angel? What? I just know I was terrified and couldn't sleep for hours later.
7/25/2012 #17
Brendan Aurabolt

I think you were just hearing things.

The situations previously described compared to your story seem to point to that.

7/25/2012 #18
I suppose I could have been. It's a pretty strong hallucination if so, though. I mean, well. It's hard to explain but I really could just have been imagining things.
7/29/2012 #19
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