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Hi! Come on in, let's talk. i want to know what you love a story, and what turns you off from reading it.
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Hey there yall! I want to know what you love in a story. A good, thick plotline? Lots of descriptive words? Down-to-earth characters? Let me know what makes a story seem great to you!

8/2/2008 #1
Zoey McCusker

I definitely have to say that down to earth characters always hit high points with me because they're relateable and understandable. Everyone wants to know they're not alone. Everyone knows what they're feeling but few know how to describe it, and could marry the person that does.

I'd also have to say that descriptive language is also a big plus! I mean, it all goes back to being able to express the idea and help people understand exactly what you're trying to say. I love the feeling of seeing something just as plain as walking in such a new and beautiful light that it makes me want to sing. Put the joy of music in people's lives and be descriptive!

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tacos, defiantly tacos!!!

8/8/2008 #3
Zoey McCusker

Actually, glory, i change my answer! Tacos is definitely the best! JK & LOL!!

8/8/2008 #4
Zoey McCusker

Yo! Yo! What's up in the ten seconds we haven't talked? LOL!

8/9/2008 #5

my Daddy has arrived at home =]

8/9/2008 #6

so, nothing really. lol

8/9/2008 #7
Zoey McCusker

Ha-ha! Tell him i say hi! I wonder what we're having for dinner...

8/9/2008 #8
Zoey McCusker

Well, whatever it is, it's time for me to go eat it. So, I'll talk to ya later!! Love ya!

8/9/2008 #9

this is a song dedicated to tacos and there luciously goodly goodness. i love tacos, mmmmm tacos are so good!!! ooooooooooooooooooooooo, humminghumming......... i have run out of things to say about tacos so i idk what i am goin to do!!!! oh oh oh break it down uhhhh yes, grunting...... some more grunting...... ty tyvm i enjoyed myself!!

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Zoey McCusker

You know? The scary thing was, as I read this, I could picture you singing it!... Scary thought. :)

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8/24/2008 #12
Zoey McCusker

How's the foot? During PE today it looked fine

8/25/2008 #13

It is much better

8/25/2008 #14
Zoey McCusker

Glad to hear it! But you know, if u don't start being nicer to me, i can just like step on it or something. :) How's that?

8/25/2008 #15

col, not very funny!! b/c then you would be hating life!! and i would convince zach that you like him!!!

8/28/2008 #16
Zoey McCusker

u mean... u know about that??? :) JK! JK! now, explain to me, sirben, why would i be hating life?

8/28/2008 #17
Brendan Aurabolt

I like epic stories that are very descriptive.

I find it a turn-off the author makes the characters "out of place" unless it's written with specific genres. It's actually one of the reasons I don't make characters meant for people to get attached to and then suddenly write them out of the story for the sake of a plot twist. It rarely works.

Now that I think of it, I've only written out 5 Characters from my Serene Adventure stories XD

9/6/2008 #18
Zoey McCusker

is that what ur working on right now? Cool! I, like u, like detail, but I must disagree when it comes to taking main characters out of the story (series or not :)) I was centimeters from killing off my main character in The Heart of a Champion, but couldn't because it made ME too sad! :) But the way u take ur stories is different and interesting to hear about! :) ... listen to me. It's as though i forgot why i put this forum out here to begin with!

9/7/2008 #19
Rilan Morr
i like stories that have characters that i can relate to. not flat, boring ones, but lively, and realistic ones. descriptiveness is an absolute must for me, or else i'd feel completely lost. and i don't like feeling lost. i like to be able to picture what's going on in my own head, so i can have my own thoughts about it and whatnot. :)
3/13/2010 #20

I agree. It is very important that we give enough detail so that the reader doesn't get lost, but we need to leave room for the imagination. I also agree that down-to-earth characters are an absolute must!

7/30/2010 . Edited 7/30/2010 #21
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