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Zoey McCusker

Hey! For anyone who's interested, I 've got a question that you'll have to really think about to answer. Are you ready to accept the challenge??? I'd really like to know what is it that makes best friends best friends. You're thinking, "Come on, Zoey, that's easy!" Well, maybe not... Tell me why you think that a best friend is the best out of all of your friends.

8/2/2008 . Edited 8/2/2008 #1

I think that I hang out with my best friends because they understand how I feel about almost everything. They know when I need to just sit and think, when I want to cry, and when I need to laugh, when I need to talk, and when I just want to deck someone. And most times, I understand these things about them too. I love hanging with them, because,(mostly) they hate what I hate, and love what I love. They care about me, and I care about them. I care about their feelings and they care about mine.

OK, I know that was a run-on-sentence, and sorry for rambling, but I still have lots that I could say lol. I love my friends! =]

8/2/2008 #2
Zoey McCusker

I'm so glad for you! :') JK! What're you working on right now?

8/8/2008 #3

I like all ppl so...... that must answer your question..!!!

8/22/2008 #4
Zoey McCusker

Oh, come on! There has to be SOMEONE you don't like. Think hard.

8/24/2008 #5

There is this one girl names audrey, i do not care for her

8/24/2008 #6
Zoey McCusker

I don't believe u! Audrey is the most osomest person in the world! :))

8/25/2008 #7

Nope i am sure she is the one that is odd. Plus some girl named Renee Jones, that married girl... what is her husbands name?? OH that is right JAMES DAVID JONES....

8/25/2008 #8
Zoey McCusker

Yeah, well, isn't that lovely. I haven't talked to her in a while.

8/25/2008 #9
blonde roots

awwwww..... i like renee. she is really nice person. lol.

8/28/2008 #10

who are you?? i am ben?? but who are you?? Lindsey???

8/28/2008 #11
Zoey McCusker

Noooo, it's someone else. I'll PM u and explain.

8/28/2008 #12

who the heck is that women??

8/28/2008 #13

It is anna!! it has to be her!! i thikn?? who can't spell banana??

8/28/2008 . Edited 8/28/2008 #14
Zoey McCusker

happy now?

8/28/2008 #15


8/28/2008 #16
Zoey McCusker

I'M BACK!!! Didn't you miss me?? :) Don't answer that, but it's good to be home.

9/1/2008 #17

ello dawwling!! soo glad to have you back with us!

9/1/2008 #18

You ppl are just odd!! jk jk, aww man zoey is back?? gloria and i are gona have to limit our fun!!

9/1/2008 . Edited 9/1/2008 #19
Zoey McCusker

Limit ur fun??? Dude, I invented fun!

9/2/2008 #20
Brendan Aurabolt

I don't have any friends so I wouldn't know.

Also: What does the poll have to do with the Topic Title?

9/6/2008 #21

I'm sorry that you dont have friends! =[ The poll has like, nothing to with the the topic, but Zoey stuck it in there anyway. I didnt really care lol.

Nice to have you with us, by the way!

9/7/2008 #22
Zoey McCusker

Hey-ya! Tis i here to explain my poll and ill tell this: it has none. I just wanted more people to vote in it and figured that could work. Have u voted yet?

And about the whole friend things... I can give u two... me being one of them if ur up to it??? :))

9/7/2008 #23
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