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Hi! Come on in, let's talk. i want to know what you love a story, and what turns you off from reading it.
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I have 3, but it takes a long time to really explain why, so im gonna let someone else say something first. lol.

9/25/2008 #1
Zoey McCusker

MARGARET PETERSON HADDIX!!!!- I like her b/c she's a totally awesome author of shadow children, just ella, double identity, and of course UPRISING!!

C.S. LEWIS!!!!- Chronicles of Narnia, mate. Need I say more?

WALTER FARLEY!!!!- They may not be as popular anymore, but I love his book series 'The Black Stallion'. Whew!! They are so good!

BEVERLY LEWIS!!!- Although not as mcuh a favorite anymore, she did write the 'Holly's Heart' series which the most awesomest girly series ever!!

9/26/2008 #2

i love JK Rowling, Stepanie Meyer, Shannonn Hale, and Scott Westerfeld. I like a bunch of others but will have to post them later bacause I'm at school and I'm not allowed to be doing this!

I'm supposed to be researching politics!

I hate Civics!!!!!!

10/3/2008 #3

hey! my very favorite author is Shannon Hale. i love her books. well, i didnt really like THE BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS all that much, but the other ones are really good. i can quote parts of Princess Academy.

Margaret Peterson Haddix is next. the only one i dont really like of hers is Leaving Fishers.

Gail Carson Levine is another that i like. i didnt like Ever that much and i didnt like the Wish (i think it was called that. it was like a modern cinderella story, 1 wish kinda thing. )

lol, we dont have to do civics! =p

10/3/2008 . Edited 10/3/2008 #4


i love gail Carson Levin too! she is an amazing author!

I havent read Ever... but I want to! It keeps taunting me at the book store. Its always there when I dont have the money!

*cries in emo corner*

10/4/2008 #5

Stephen King!

11/14/2008 #6
Zoey McCusker

im sorry but i have no clue who he is. whats he written???

11/22/2008 #7
Catherine Abellanosa

Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, Kasey Michaels, Linda Lael Miller

12/15/2008 #8
Link Broken

How the heck do you not know who Stephen King is? Are you a hermit? That's like asking who JK Rowling is.

I don't read Stephen King either, I'm too much of a whimp to even pick up his books. He writes horror, and a ton of his books have been made into movies.

12/20/2008 #9

lol, yes, she practically is a hermit! ive never read his books either. they scare me! lol. but you didnt say who your favorite is =]! thanks for stepping in though kay!

12/20/2008 #10
Link Broken

I knew it! jk jk

yeah i wont even pick them up. the scariest book i've ever read i think was harry potter.... yeah i'm a whimp

hmmmmmmm my fav authors. dang thats hard. I like.... Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Ally Carter, James Patterson, and Kay Lynn Mangum. the hard part about about choosing fav authors is that I normally just like one or two of their books, cept for a few.

12/20/2008 #11

I'm a huge Stephen King fan, but I"m the only one I know who can really get into any of his books.

They're so excellent, because they're actually scary to me.

12/20/2008 #12
Link Broken

yeah i'd love to read his stuff! but i'm too afraid of wetting my pants...

12/20/2008 #13

Ayn Rand:


Atlas Shrugged


We The Living

The Voice Of Reason

Sir Arthur conan Doyle (ACD)

Sherlock Holmes series and a few others

The Sign Of Four

A Study In Scarlet

The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

Dale Carnegie:

How To Win Friends And Influence people

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living.

12/30/2008 #14

A Study In Scarlet is one of my favorites too! It has a really good plot!

12/31/2008 . Edited 12/31/2008 #15
Abbigail Cross

Your not the only one who liks SK, Lethal Mindz!!!

My fave books of his are The Shining, and Misery!! (Two of the best movies, too!)

My fave authors are Stephenie Meyer, J.K. Roling, and... hmm... UH!!!! Stephen King :)


1/23/2009 #16
William McKinney

James Patterson, particularly When the Wind Blows, and The Lake House.

3/29/2009 #17
William McKinney

I also enjoy some John Grisham, and Steven King once in ahwile, particularly Dark Tower

4/6/2009 #18

I've never read The Lake House, but the movie was really good. I predicted what would happen and Zoey and others who were watching got really angry at me for ruining it.

I dont get how yall can like Steven King...but more power to ya...=]

4/12/2009 #19
Zoey McCusker

yeah, thanks, glory. movie watching is boring without u!!! (eye roll) lol

i also really like the book treasure island although it escapes me who wrote it.

i agree that the scarlet pimernel is awesome!

4/13/2009 #20
William McKinney

Not the movie, the book by patterson and the movie are two completely diffrent trains of thought

4/14/2009 #21
Zoey McCusker

whats the book about?

4/14/2009 #22

Anne Bishop!

7/22/2009 #23

Hey, thanks for posting!

I dont think that I have ever heard of her. What kind of books does she write?

7/22/2009 #24


She writes fantasy romance adventure tragedy. And she does it with style!

Her characters and worlds are unique and well developed, and you can believe they exist.

She has three series': The Black Jewels, Ephemera, and Tir Alain.

You should give them a try! ;)

7/22/2009 #25
Lady Pearlfrost
OMG, I love Gail Carson Levine! (faints) She is an amazing author, I like The Two Princess of Bamarre.
12/20/2011 #26
I love that book too! Also, Ella Enchanted is pretty amazing :)
12/20/2011 #27
Lady Pearlfrost
Oh defenitly :), I liked the book better than the movie, I mean the movie was okay but not as good as the book.
12/20/2011 #28
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