Magic School
A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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Zina Nevirone

One bed and one chest of drawers each. Bookshelf and a window. Located in tower.







6/14/2009 . Edited 2/1/2010 #1

((Okay I'm going to take up residence until an admin says I can't. I'm doing this now because I'm really bored and having fun with this idea))

Damien swept the room with a critical eye and decided it could be worse. Being in a tower meant that attacker were forced to enter the single door at the stairs or risk their lives scaling the steep sides. She could cover the narrow windows and as for the stairs... a few simple traps would fix that. Of course a single exit meant only one way out for her. She would have to work on that issue sometime later that week.

She eyed the other beds in the room, noting how nice the beds were made and the faint smell of dust and cleaning fluid the place had. The dorm must have been without students for a long time. Damien smirked, thinking it appropriate that they would shove her into an unoccupided dorm. She prefered her privacy.

Damien selected the bed she felt would provide the most strategic point if attacked in the night and slung her military grade backpack onto the bed beside her. Pulling out her twin sai she lay back on the bed and twired them in her hands, watching the light from the window play across their surface. She sighed and slipped the beautiful weapons back into their sheaths, wondering why the hell her father, or the Organization, deemed it necessary for their most promissing oprative to waste time here. She sighed again and curled up on the bed. Good opratives did not question orders.

((okay this is just her settling in. I just had to write something and that was really fun.))

7/13/2009 . Edited 7/13/2009 #2

luna skipped up the steps, swinging her two suitcases as she ascended two steps at a time.

opening the door and peeking in she saw another girl in the dorm already. she moved over to an unocupied bed, makig no noise as she thought the girl was asleep. she opened one suitcase and pulled out a book. she perched on the end of her bed and looked at the sleeping girl with curious eyes.

7/13/2009 #3

((Oh cool! I don't know if you're on still but I've got to go with this! *I'm a dork that is having way too much fun*))

Damien sense that another person had entered the room and kept perfectly still. Her nostrils flared as she took in the situation. The intruder had made no noise upon her entrance and only the soft creek of the bed springs had alerted Damien to her. This fact unnerved her. The only people who had ever managed to move with such stelth around her had been top assasins she'd known from the organization. Had they come to spy on her? That was rediculous. Still the perfect silence of the other made her nervous and her fingers twitched wanting to grasp at her favored sai. Only the reputation of Magic school harboring many unusual creatures and beings made her stop. It was possible the intruder was a teacher or something else. She had to better asses the situation. She was not on home turf and jumping to conclusions could get you killed in such a situation.

With an inner grimace she decided the best method would be to feel out the other and see their intentions. They certainly didn't seem hostile concidering the time that passed. She carefully lowered her mental barriers and felt out the other.

The overwhelming sense of intese curiousity made her start spoiling her illusion of sleep. Irritated at herself, Damien went with the motion and sat up snapping down her barriers and resting her hands within easy reach of any of her sai. Her eyes focused at once at the pale haired girl staring at her from a nearby bed.

((I might have to sign off soon but I want to continue this encounter. This is fun!))

7/13/2009 #4

(i'm ill so home all day, and my educational life is over till september so i'm on all day every day)

luna tilted her head and glanced pasively at the weapons, then back to the other girls eyes. she sent out a small prob, picking up an the bubbleing annoyance.

she turned the page in the book without looking at it.

'a silent human?' she thought biting her bottom lip

7/13/2009 #5

((I go back to school in mid aug. but this is good for my writer's block, sorry you're sick))

Damien felt the prob and felt all the muscles in her body snap taunt at once. Her careful barriers coiling tighter around her. The assasin eyed the blond girl warily. In Damien's world of weapons and blood, she was not familiar with mental powers. People like that made sure assasins weren't set on them in the first place.

As the silence stretched to uncomphortable levels Damien broke the quite. "Who and what are you?" she demanded.

7/13/2009 #6

(thanks, i'm getting better, slowly. how long is your summer?)

"i'm luna. i'm a girl. what about you?" she sensed her prob was making the other girl uncomfortable and withdrew it from around her. she placed her hands on her ankles as she sat cross legged on the springy bed.

7/13/2009 #7
Florence Crosse

[[Hey guys, just to repeat what Zina said, keep all conversations in the 'Off Topic' area.]]

Alice carried her suitcases up the stairs quietly. She raised a brow at the sight of two girls already in the dorm.

"Hello." Alice greeted emotionlessly, and a bit snottily. She put down her suitcase on top of an empty bed. She looked at the two girls and nodded her head in acknowledgment.

"Pleasure to meet you." She said. She brushed her raven black hair to the side.

"Sorry for interrupting whatever was going on. I'll be off then." She said, leaving the two girls alone, and walking out the door.

[[To the lake]]

7/14/2009 . Edited 7/14/2009 #8

luna stared after the girl, "that was-" she paused "odd." she tilted her head again.

7/14/2009 #9
Florence Crosse

[[from The Lake]]

Alice walked inside her dorm once again and noticed a girl staring at her intently. She looked behind her but no one was there to stare at. So she guessed it was really her.

"Can I help you?"

7/14/2009 #10

luna blinked "uh, no?" it was more of a question than an answer. she put her bare feet on the floor as she turned to completely to the new girl 'humans are odd creatures...' she thought to herself, extending her mind once again.

7/14/2009 #11
Florence Crosse

Alice rolled her eyes.

"I agree. Humans are extremely complicated subjects. So. What are you? Vampire? Werewolf?... Fairy princess?" Alice drawled, a small smile played on her lips.

7/14/2009 #12

"i'm luna o'fay, and you can read my mind?" luna stood up, standing at her full height of 4.9 ft

7/14/2009 #13
Florence Crosse

Alice grinned. "Alice Mason. And yes, I can. I'm not human after all. I'm an Elemental being." She said, looking down at the small girl in front of her.

"Reading minds is nothing big really. It's just a thing I inherited from my father." Alice smirked. "My main power is to control fire. Want an example?"

7/14/2009 #14

"uh, not really, i believe you, i grew up with a family of elementals as my neighbors." she opened the book to another page and held it up, it was a scrap book, there were a few pictures of different people but in the middle was a picture of a family in front of a house. "fire and water, i think." she closed the book again and dropped it on her suitcase.

7/14/2009 #15

((sorry for disappearing yesterday))

When the girl had appeared the first time Damien had decided that neither meant imediate harm and used the destraction to take a needed nap. Upon this newcommer's reappearance she had woken again and was listening intently. This certainly wasn't what she had expected. The dorm seemed to be quickly filling up. Damien eyed Alice. The girl was cocky and abrasive if she had half the power she had heard elementals possess...Damien decided she'd need to work on her emergency escape plans sooner than she had anticipated. Two nonhumans, plus me...what idiot hands out these dorm assignments? Damien wondered.

7/14/2009 . Edited 7/14/2009 #16

Damien stood (deciding it a safer posture if she had to dodge an attack) and looked at the two girls. Her hands still rested within easy reach of her weapons. She decided she wanted to make her position known. Alice was obviously a power player and knew it but Damien was not going to let the girl keep the upper hand. "Okay ms. Elemental and ms. what-ever you are. Since both of you seem to one up me powers wise I'll make one thing clear," she leveled a cold stare at the two girls her eyes flashing like emrald gems, "stay out of my head if you value your lives."

7/14/2009 #17

"of corse, i value other peoples privacy" luna turned back to the other girl. noticing her mind was hard, like she felt threatened. 'well, might as well gain trust...' she thought, while putting up barriers, "well, i can't read exact thoughts anyway" she looked back to alice and sat back down so she could watch both girls.

7/14/2009 #18

Damien nodded at Luna. She wasn't sure how much of the girl's word she could take at face value but in truth the threat had been mainly directed at Alice who had already proven she didn't care much for privacy. Keeping a wary eye on the still silent Alice, Damien chose to continue the conversation. Understanding her roommates would no doubt be a wise course in avoiding unnessisary conflict. "Good,because I value my own privacy." It was about as close to a thank you as she would ever get. "I'm Damien. I'll tell you what I am if you tell me what you are."

7/14/2009 #19

"lamia, you?" luna focused her blue and silver eyes on damien, and wiggled her toes.

7/14/2009 #20

Damien cocked her head to one side truely interested. "What's a Lamia?" She had never heard of that word. True to her word though she added, "I'm half Kitsune."

7/14/2009 #21

luna's eyes brightened "i love foxes!" she coughed to regain her composure, "lamia are a type of vampire, not the human thought of them though, like 'dracula'. only parts of that is true for the lamia."

(anyone read any of the night world books?)

7/14/2009 #22

(never heard of that series)

She could feel the pulse of Luna's excitement and had to work to keep it separate from her. One eyebrow rose as she concidered Luna. "Love foxes? That's a first. Kitsune are not the loveable cuddly type." It was an understatement really. Kitsune were well known for their love of intrigue and playing both sides to the ruin of all. Perhaps Luna just didn't know.

(I did a lot of research on trickster spirits and this is how I'm defining them)

7/14/2009 #23

"oh, i know, playing tricks and what not, i ment proper foxes, i used to know a shapeshifter, her favourate was a fox, i guess they remind me of him." she looked sad, for a moment "he was always getting into trouble"

7/14/2009 #24

Damien smirked. The thought amused her. She sat back on her bed again. Luna was certainly no threat and Damien seemed to have successfully shut Alice up. Why make an enemy when you can make an ally? as her father used to say. "You seem to know quite a few unusual people. What are you doing here?"

((Just so you know I will have to leave about 2:30 ish but I'll be back on around 6. Also I don't know what to do really want to just keep chating?))

7/14/2009 #25

"yes, i lived in a town without humans..." she flopped back on the bed and tossed a metal blob into the air and it started to bubble and change shape.

"i'm going to go out soon."she added, quietly.

(time difference, to me it's ten at the moment,, i'll prob be asleep at your 6.)

7/14/2009 #26

((Very well that settles that I'll try and be on at earlier times))

Damien watched the metal shift and transform at the girls directions. Still now better rested from her long trip, she felt restless. "So you're here to observe humans. Than you're probably disappointed that I'm only half. All the same, Trust me they're not worth the interest." She stood her fingers twitching slightly. All this interaction was taxing her barriers and she didn't want to cause an incident. "I think I'll go explor a little myself," she said brushing past Alice and heading down the stairs with all the silent grace of a cat.

[[To the lake (for lack of a better idea)]]

7/14/2009 #27

luna waved at alice as she hopped out the window, landing and running off to hunt for anything that was around.

7/14/2009 #28
Florence Crosse

[[Sorry for not replying :P I think it's the different timezones.]]

Alice raised a brow at Damien's thoughts about her. Alice didn't think Damien realized she could read her mind. Alice smirked and shrugged. Oh well. As for Luna, she was alright. A bit up-beat and al, but not bad. I'm sure Damien would warm up to her sooner or later. As for now, she decided to go back to the lake. maybe Alkas was still there.

7/15/2009 #29
Florence Crosse

[[From Great Hall]]

Alice pulled out her double blades and frowned in annoyance. There were scratch marks! She put them back and plopped onto her bed. She was pissed. No. She was more than just pissed. She was freaking furious. That little kit didn't realize how dangerous that could have been. Why did she think she wanted to stop it several times? They didn't think she was that heartless did she. If she had her way, she would have sliced that girl in 3. That girl should be glad she wasn't in her true elemental form. Alice shuddered at the thought of what happened the last time she used her true form.

She snapped her fingers and a little flame emitted on her fingertip.

Fire... The most dangerous out of all the four elements in her opinion. She propped herself up on her elbows and watched as the flame danced.

Those people didn't know how elementals were. Especially her kind of elementals. She sighed and extinguished the flame. So much for making a friend... Alice sighed. Maybe she should apologize. I mean, it's not like the girl and the rest of Team Kitsune were about to. Alice cursed herself. She picked up her blades and made her way to the Great Hall.

[[To Great Hall... Again... (Sorry Zina for double posting :( )

7/18/2009 . Edited 7/18/2009 #30
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