Magic School
A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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luna reached under her bed "thats alot she called as she went upside down. she pulled out a small printer

7/21/2009 #91

Damien selected a dagger with a jewled hilt from her collection, admiring the sapphires inbedded in the hilt. She twirled the item in her fingers watching its wicked edge flash in the light. "I like knives and daggers a lot," Damien said with a shrug. "They're cold and predictable."

7/21/2009 #92
Florence Crosse

"I'm a lot safer with fire." Alice said, lighting a flame on her finger, and began playing with it.

7/21/2009 #93

"teeth and mind control work well..." luna added, docking her camera to the printer and pressing print. she rolled over so she was still upside down but could see the others.

7/21/2009 #94

Damien smiled and put the dagger away. "Everyone has their comfort zones," Damien conceded. "Weapons are just so much easier other form." She sighed and lay back on the bed.

7/21/2009 #95
Florence Crosse

Alice smiled at Damien.

"Don't beat yourself up for it Damien, it's not fully your fault." Alice comforted.

7/21/2009 #96

Damien nodded. "But it is the reason I'm here and apparently my mental shields are quite useless when I have to actually sociallize." She chuckled at that last thought. Already Damien was making more friends in this one room than she had in her past five years of life! "For a warrior, Discilpline is everything and my foxfire is a constant proof that I don't have that."

7/21/2009 #97
Florence Crosse

Alice nodded in thought.

"But Discipline does not make the warrior. That's what your heart is for." Alice said with a grin, walking towards her trunk and taking out a book.

7/21/2009 #98

Damien just shrugged once more carefully hiding her thoughts. She liked Alice. she had grown to respect the elemental and had appreciated her understanding and Luna's, but how much understanding would they show if they knew the origins of all those daggers? She was not ready to talk about it. Not just yet.

7/21/2009 #99
Florence Crosse

"My people don't usually fight with weapons. It's sort of strange seeing a lot of them here." Alice commented, straying away from the previous topic. She caught only bits and pieces of Damien's thoughts, but nothing to make a coherent idea out of it.

7/21/2009 . Edited 7/21/2009 #100

Damien cocked her head wanting to let the conversation go. "Really? What about your weapons?" Damien pointed to the twin daggers Alice had.

7/21/2009 . Edited 7/21/2009 #101

hey, that's a really good question." luna asked as she rolled backwards onto her feet and opened a suitcase and pulled out a plastic box and several large chunks of quarts and other semi-precious stones and started putting them up on shelves.

7/21/2009 #102
Florence Crosse

Alice looked at her double blades and smiled sheepishly. "Why do you think I'm not that good with them. I just learned a few months before school started." Alice said, placing her double blades on the desk near her.

7/22/2009 #103

Damien cocked an eyebrow at her. That was not the impression she had gotten from Alice in their fight. "If you're not good with those blades than I'm out of practice," Damien declared. "And I better not be with all the hours I've spent getting slapped with the side of my father's sword."

7/22/2009 #104
Florence Crosse

Alice winced. "I-I didn't mean it that way." She said. Great, now she felt guilty. And guilt wasn't a very pleasant feeling for an elemental.

7/22/2009 #105

Damien chuckled. "A joke!" She told the elemental. "A joke and a compliment. I must find your teacher and beg for similar lessons, though I understand the student brings a certain measure of talent to the table." She smiled. "I'd love to properly spar without a tail," she added.

7/22/2009 #106
Florence Crosse

Alice smiled. "I guess we could. I probably shouldn't use my element as well. So it could be even." Alice nodded in content. "I'll meet you. School Grounds. Do you want to go now?" Alice offered.

7/22/2009 #107

((A pity terrian's not online right now. Ren's a the school grounds))

Damien smirked. "Why not? Just hold on a second." She bent under the bed and fished out her bag. "Practice padding," Damien explained. "Let's go!"

((This should be fun. More practice at forum fighting!))

[[To school grounds]

7/22/2009 #108

luna finnished unpacking. and thought for a moment. she was forgetting something... sleep... blood...dinner

[[great hall]]

7/22/2009 #109

[[From school Grounds]]

For once in his life. Finnagan was relieved to be alone. He smiled when he opened the door and heard the bell. Damien no doubt. He walked over and lay back on his bed. Neva had managed to seriously bum him out. Between her and Ren, he'd started thinking of older times. As old as he was looking into the past was a strange thing to do simply because there was so much of it. You live long enough nothing matters really. Still there were times when his mind wandered back over the millennia. It depressed him. He flopped back on his bed and sighed. This wasn't like him. He had to snap out of it! He was Coyote! The trickster! He was the life of the party! If he got all sad then where would the rest of the world be? At peace? Perrish the thought! He was not about to let that happen! No he had to get back out there and do something!

Having managed so psych himself up, Finnagan hopped to his feet and looked around the room. He could do something here... He spent the next few minutes rigging a series of traps for the next unfortunate soul who would walk through the door, then left "Its the end of the world as we know it" by REM playing around him as he skipped down the stairs.

[[to the Great Hall]]

7/25/2009 #110

Damien was tired, and fed up with this whole split personality thing when she reached the top of the stairs. There was no way she could live with this and stay sane. What would the Org. think of it? Finnagan had said this was just a sped up version of what she would have normally gone through but...exactly how reliable was his information anyway.

I like Finnagan, there's something familiar about him that gives me a good feeling, Rikoo told Damien.

Pausing at the top of the stairs Damien frowned. "What do you mean familiar?"

Rikoo shrugged. He's just feels familiar, like when you see family after a long time. They may look really different but somewhere in your gut you know it's them. I can't explain it.

Damien sighed and decided to leave that little tidbit for later. She just wanted to flop on her bed and sleep. She reached for the door and started to open it when she stopped.

Rikoo frowned. "I think there's something wrong with the room," she muttered.

Damien nodded. She stood against the wall next to the door and kicked it the rest of the way open with her foot. A pie flew past her and fell down the stairs spattering them with whipped cream. Several balloons followed exploding upon impact with the ground and sending chocolate syrup everywhere.

When the attack endded, Rikoo giggled and whipped a bit of chocolate syrup off of her face and licked it. "Sweet, but he should know that he can't get us that easily!"

Damien scowled. "That guy is really imature," she muttered and walked inside and flopped onto her bed. "We need to figure out an agreement before I come out of this room," she told Rikoo.

Rikoo blinked. "Like what?"

"Like don't start talking until I explain you to people and no talking about certain things and stuff like that," Damien stated.

Rikoo pouted. "You're just no fun ane-chan," she muttered.

Damien burried her face in a pillow. "Any you are too much," she countered and closed her eyes hoping sleep would come to her.

8/14/2009 #111
Florence Crosse

Alice walked inside the room, her eyes falling on Damien's sleeping form. She smiled slightly. She sighed and walked over to her bed. She lit a fire on the tip of her finger and stared at it in a daze.

What Adelaide said hurt, but it was true. Her father did find her as a huge disappointment. She put more juice in her flame, making it grow. The way her father looked at her. Pure hatred. Pure disappointment. She sighed in exasperation. She seriously needed to meditate. She presumed her yoga position and closed her eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. She summoned a ring of fire to surround her. She didn't know why, but she felt safer with it.

Just forget it Alice. Just let it go...

8/16/2009 #112

((Hee hee hee, Just so you know Damien has developed an interesting problem. When ever I mention Rikoo talking please note that it is comming from Damien's mouth XD))

Rikoo smelled fire and woke at once fearing hunters trying to hurt her and Damien. She cracked an eye open and spotted the flames sorce about another girl that must have walked in while they had been asleep. Damien, also awake, relaxed. It's Alice. No talking until I explain you, Damien told Rikoo hoping the fox would listen.

Perhaps Damien was getting more used to Rikoo in her head for this time she could distingush the disappointment that she felt as Rikoo's. Alright ane-chan...

Damien smirked. She had to admit that talking directly to her fox self made things easier on some levels. How she was ever going to explain this to the Org. she had no idea.

She sat up and glanced at Alice, who seemed to be meditating. "Please don't set the dorm on fire," Damien said in a calm even tone not wanting to really disturb Alice and ruin the girl's concintraition.

8/16/2009 #113
Florence Crosse

Alice racked one eye open and grinned. She made a swift movement with her hands and extinguished the fire.She hopped out of her meditating position and turned to face Damien while lying down on her stomach.

"Good to see you awake with the living." She said.

8/16/2009 #114

Damien smirked slightly then frowned. "Um listen Alice, something apparantly happened and-"

"You take way too LONG ane-chan!" Rikoo burst forth. She jumped over to Alice and smiled. "Hi! I'm Rikoo!"

Damien scowled then hid her face with her hands. I said let me explain first!

But it's boring when you talk. Isn't this more exciting? Rikoo argued.

It's official. You're actually WORSE than Finnagan, Damien told her.

Damien could feel how please Rikoo was with this bit of infomation. Why THANK YOU! Oh Finnagan will be SO jelous!

Good grief... Damien moaned. She took a deep breath and looked up at Alice. "Well if you can't tell by now, my body is apparantly a timeshare," she said her voice oozing sarcasm.

Rikoo giggled at the joke. She waved at Alice. "Hi! Like I said before I'm Rikoo."

Damien sighed again. "Sorry, for the record this freaks me out too," she told Alice.

Rikoo pouted. "Ane-chan! That's mean!"

Damien gave Alice this "why me?" look and hid her face in her hands again.

((XD I love this. SO weird))

8/16/2009 #115
Florence Crosse

Alice's jaw dropped. She looked at Damien as if she's grown two heads. Which apparently, she does but inside of her, oh good god, she's gone nuts hasn't she...

"Alriiiight..." She raised a brow. "Since your my friend Damien, i'll believe you, but..." She narrowed her eyes.

"Wow, your auras are so different." She smirked. "It's like a Finnigan, except permanently attatched to you.

8/16/2009 #116

Damien scowled again, but Rikoo beamed at her. "Thank you! Finnagan is so funny! I like thinking I'm as funny as him."

Damien felt Alice's disbelief and suspision. She sighed. "This is Finnagan's fault," she explained.

Rikoo frowned. "No It's also your fault! You didn't come back fast enough last time! Finnagan explained all of it remember?"

"I blame him!" Damien snapped getting fed up with Rikoo. "Anyway he's not exactly the most reliable source of information...."

"But it's true!" Rikoo argued. "You were gone for too long and I had to step up and take over everything for change and then the energy boost from finnagan..."

"Woke you up and made this split personality, yeah I got it," Damien said sighing again. "It's still his fault." She looked up at Alice. "Look long story short apparantly this is a perfectly natural half kitsune thing and Rikoo is my fox side," she stated. "I know I look insane but please stop looking at me like that."

8/16/2009 #117
Florence Crosse

Alice chuckled.

"Aww, calm down. I had a cousin who had cousin who's second cousin's step-brother's aunt's daughter-in-law twice removed who had a neice that had the same problem." Alice reassured her.

"But it is kind of funny watching you scream at... yourself." Alice said.

8/16/2009 #118

Damien sighed and flopped backwards on the floor. "You and Lelaunt both. You just go with the flow don't you? How on earth do you manage it?"

Rikoo grinned. "They aren't uptight like you."

Damien frowned. "I didn't ask you."

[[From great hall]]

Finnagan came bounding in. "Did I miss it?! Did you meet Rikoo?" Finnagan asked urgently.

"Horray! Finny-kun is here!" Rikoo cheered.

"I'm starting to think there is a god up there who is so board the only amusement he can find is in making me miserable," Damien muttered.

8/16/2009 #119
Florence Crosse

((Hey BlackDove, I gotta go :( Study for my midterms (Ew.) Wish me luck! I proabably won't be RPing for the whole week because of studying (Again, EW.) I'll see yah! WISH ME LUCK!))

8/16/2009 #120
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