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Lelaunt watched the entire scene with a smirk etched across his handsome face. However, when Damien started to flirt, Lelaunt knew something was wrong.

That wasn't his Damien...

Lelaunt stood up with an air of importance and stood between Damien and Ren. His hands reached behind him to clasp Damien's hands tightly, letting her know she's in control and faced Ren.

He took one step towards the pretty boy and said politely, "I'm terribly sorry, you must have been mistaken. We," Lelaunt gestured to Damien and himself, "Are merely friends trying to have some fun. Nothing... else... what so ever. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, thank you for your kind understanding." Lelunt nodded to Ren and still holding Damien's hand, he leaned over her and asked if she was herself...

((hope i didn;t spoil your fun? we could have a three way teasing if you so wish. And hope both of you are online now. Its 1am here... I must be mental...))

8/7/2009 . Edited 8/7/2009 #31

(I wasn't planning on such a quick return, however, it's an RP.)

Ren was taken aback by Damien. She had so suddenly shifted from being angry, to trying to flirt with him. Obviously, Ren had lost complete control of the situation. However he couldn't lose his cool here. He simply turned a small shade red and threw his bag over his shoulder. However, her original saying of them being friends, along with Lelaunt's saying of them being just friends, went straight out the window when he say Lelaunt connect his hand to hers. He responded of course, with severe sarcasm. "Yeah. Because friends hold hands. I go around with my buddies and hold their hands all the time, I remember just last week we held hands stressing how awesome friends we were." He rolled his eyes, he saw through it. At least, he saw through Lelaunt's words. Damien was a whole different story though. It was almost impossible to see through her. He walked to his nightstand and straped down a holster for his long barreled pistol, and spun it on his finger before putting it in. "I'm gonna go. You two obviouslyneed alone time here."

He slung his duffle bag over his shoulder and walked towards the door. Couldn't they have at least waited for him to have left before showing their affection? It frustrated him to see people as couples. While that was because if his incubus mentality, something about Lelaunt and Damien being that way irked him in the back of his head for some reason. In fact, it irked him so much he paused at the door and thought about asking for their relationship status.

However, he decided it was better not to, and left for the gym. Despite how much his mind begged him to figure it out.

[To Gym.]

8/7/2009 #32

((Sorry we weren't XP try your mornings I think. Besides that was good things are more interesting this way))

Damien blinked and looked at Lelaunt. "What? Of course I'm myself. What are you talking about?"

Stupid Dragon ruining all our fun...

Damien frowned and looked away. Something felt odd. Was there something wrong with her? She shook her head. "I'm fine," she told Lelaunt firmly. She didn't want to worry about it. She didn't want to think about it. "I'm fine," she repeated. She noticed Ren leave and part of her was happy because the guy was gone, but another part...

Awe, just when the game was getting interesting...

Damien shook her head again. "Maybe I should rest or something," she said rubbing her forehead.

((I'm gonna have to come up with a name for her kitsune side at some point))

8/7/2009 . Edited 8/7/2009 #33

((Why do you hate Ren so? Makes me sad... lol))

8/7/2009 #34

((She just thinks he's annoying, like finnagan, only with the more inappropriate stuff))

8/7/2009 #35

((what's an incubus? I don't get it. Ren seems, emotional?))

Lelaunt looked at Damien sternly and deducted, no she's not alright.

"So, where do you want to go? And ignore what Ren said, It's a custom to hold hands with your close friends in India. Especially for guys. For Dragons, we're merely showing concern. You ARE just my friend." Lelaunt turned away from her. "We settled that already."

Lelaunt frowned where Ren was previousy occupying.

How the hell did we miss that guy? Insufferable brat.

"Where do you want to go? Now? Play pranks?"

((was thinking of rejoining Ren))

8/8/2009 #36

((Finnally I've been trying to reply in forever! Also an incubus is a sex demon, look it up online for more details))

"I-I don't know," Damien muttered feeling disturbed.

Follow that boy, we weren't done playing....

She frowned and shook her head again. What was wrong with her? Had she hit her head? Am I going crazy? she wondered.

No, we're perfectly fine, stop worrying.... the voice replied.

Damien closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Maybe if she ignored it; it would go away. "Where do you want to go?" she asked.

The gym, the gym, the ren boy went to the gym...

Leave me alone, Damien told the voice firmly.

You're no fun ane-chan....

((for those who don't know ane is the word for older sister in Japanese. I added the chan because the voice is being playful. If I did something wrong by doing that please correct me.))

8/8/2009 #37

((Yeah, an incubus is a male sucubus, really. However, Ren is only half, so he doesn't have the all out full potential of a real incubus. Which is why Damien and everyone else can resist his attempts sometimes. If he was full, we'd have to play by the rules... lol.))

8/9/2009 #38

((Damien would probably still be resistant concidering her blood. XP))

8/9/2009 #39

((ooh. sex demon huh? Interesting...))

"Lwet's go to the gym." Lelaunt made up his mind.

8/10/2009 #40

Oh DRACO I could KISS you!

Fighting to keep her face impassive (a wicked grinn wanted to break out for some reason) Damien nodded. "Fine I could use the work out."

((Oh boy this will be fun))

[[To the Gym]]

8/11/2009 #41

[[From gym]]

Finnagan came bounding in and sat down on a random bed. "You know you really can't blame me for her. She's apart of you. Which reminds me we should give her a name so that we don't mix you two up."

A new name?! Oh ane-chan that would be woderful!

Damien opened her mouth to say "hell no!" but what came out instead was, "Oh pick something Japanese! I love those names they're so interesting!" Damien snapped her mouth shut and put a hand over it. Don't you DARE use my mouth to talk!

But you don't have telepathy! How am I suppoused to express myself!

((This is fun isn't it?))

8/11/2009 #42

((lol, yes))

"Well, I do like the names hinamori, suzuki, mitsubishi, toyota, kazuki... I don't know much jap names. But I do like those... oh! plus Kira and Kitsune..." Lelaunt ranted names off the top of his head, he never knew Japanese would help him. He made a mental note to thank his tutor.

8/11/2009 #43

Damien glared at the dragon. "Don't encourage her please," she begged. The fox however smiled at Lelaunt, "Well those are okay but I was looking for something more interesting," the fox told him.

Awe he's so sweet, no wonder you have a crush on him ane-chan...

Damien frowned again. If you mention that out loud I will find a way to shut you up. Perminantly, she promised the fox.

Like you could...

"How about Rikoo?" Finnagan suggested. "That means clever. You know Rikoo Kitsune: clever fox."

Damien rolled her eyes. That has to be the dumbest- the fox beamed at Finnagan and chuckled. "Oh! That's hillarious! I want that one! Rikoo. Hee hee, it's even fun to say!"

Damien sat on a bed and put her face in her hands. "I think I'm going to be sick."

Rikoo raise and shook her head. "No, we're fine you just need to get a sense of humor."

Back Damien's head fell to her hands. "I must look insane right now," she muttered.

Finnagan snickered. "Yes but It's so entertaining."

8/11/2009 #44

Lelaunt laughed.

"I like Rikoo! She's funny! Oh, I like you too Damien. You're serious. Goodness, I never thought I'd find two girls in Damien!" Lelaunt exclaimed, amused

8/11/2009 #45

"I'm so glad you're all enjoying this," Damien said coldly glaring at them.

"Oh ane-chan lighten up!" Rikoo told her. "You're so cute Draco but you're not winning any points with Damien right now," she warned him.

Finnagan giggled again. This was going to be fun. "Oh Hevasemo-chan! We're like kindred spirits!"

Damien flicked a dagger in his direction. Finnagan just managed to dodge it. The dagger stuck into the wall quivering. Finnagan stuck out his tongue at damine. "Don't be such a wet blanket."

8/11/2009 #46

Lelaunt chuckled and sat on his bed.

"Monopoly? Anyone?"

8/12/2009 #47

Finnagan fell off the bed laughing.

Rikoo grinned. "Oh! I call the race car!"

Damien frowned. "I can't believe you're okay with this! What am I suppoused to do when I go to class with her?!"

But I'm a great student ane-chan! Rikoo protested.

8/12/2009 #48

"Give her a chance?" Lelaunt offered

"I'm taking the hat."

((btw, you wanna know the answer to the riddle?))

8/12/2009 #49

((You should give it to Jade she's begging for it))

Damien sighed. "That's it. Rikoo you take over. I'm fed up with all of you."

Rikoo grinned. "Hooray! Race car!" She pounced to the floor. "C'mon Finnagan!"

"But you got all the good ones," Finnagan protested walking over and sitting down with them. This was hillarious!

8/12/2009 #50

((lol, rynx knows))

"Alright then, Damien, pick one! we can;t play monopoly with merely three! and what's yours finnegan?"

8/12/2009 #51

Damien glared at Lelaunt. "I still don't get how you can be okay with this."

Finnagan mulled it over. "I don't know...hmm..."

((I forgot what all the other pieces of that game are XD been forever since I played it!))

8/12/2009 #52

((there's a train and a car and a horse and a hat and an iron?))

Picking up a train, he handed it to Fineggan. "Here, this reminds me of you."

8/12/2009 #53

Finnagan looked at it. Laughed and nodded.

Damien glared at lelaunt. He was ignoring her. That was just great.

Rikoo pouted. "Lelaunt, you're making ane-chan mad! Stop it!" She whined.

Damien picked up the horse. "Shut up Rikoo."

8/12/2009 #54

"No no, what did I do? I didn't ignore Damien or anything. I was just helping finnegan our for a bit." Lelaunt held up his hands in defence. Then he grinned.

"What's wrong Damien? You're acting jealous. Put out by me ignoring you in favour of finnegan eh?" Lelaunt smirked

8/12/2009 #55

Damien rolled her eyes. "No I've just asked you twice how in the hell you can be okay with two people working in the same body. I'm annoyed that you haven't answered because I'm really starting to wonder exactly how much of a loon house I've stepped into."

Finnagan wistled. "Wow lelaunt you got damien pissed. Careful she's not adjusting to all this very well."

Rikoo snickered. Damien scowled. "I should hit you... hard...below the belt."

Finnagan crossed his legs protectivly.

8/12/2009 #56

Lelaunt chuckled. "I'm sorry, my dear. Well, I think that maybe, you should give her a try... she seems nice enough, she won;t cause much harm... I hope. And besides, others will love your other side. Try to find a balance, let her out often enough and I think she'll be happy not to be too mischievious."

8/12/2009 #57

Awe your boy friend likes me more than you, Rikoo said in a singsong voice.

Damien scowled at Lelaunt. "I am a disciplined warrior. Not some ditzy fox girl with no self control."

Awe now that's just cold ane-chan... I have self control I just choose not to use it.

Finnagan snickered. "Sure but Rikoo is funnier and less violent."

8/12/2009 #58

"No one said you were lack of control." Lelaunt frowned.

"In fact I'm saying you have too much. Yes, I agree with Fineggan. Let loose a little. That's what Rikoo is here for."

8/12/2009 #59

"I was before now this is just getting to weird for me," Damien stated.

Rikoo frowned. "Awe! Ane-chan doesn't like me!" She stuck out her lower lip into a pout and her eyes watered.

Don't you dare make me cry, Damien told Rikoo.

Finnagan shrugged. "Lelaunt's right. well that and all foxes act this way. You're just going to have to accept her."

"I think I perfered it when I thought my fox side was a wild beast," Damien muttered.

((This is not a smooth transition XD))

8/12/2009 #60
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