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A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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samuell put down his book, he couldn't get much reading done while attempting to be 'sociable'.

"samuell" he said standing to put his book back "nice to meet you saravinne"

7/21/2009 #31
K.J DarKnight

"I'm Kelnis, but you can call me Kel" Kelnis said with a small smile

7/21/2009 #32

Saravinne smiled softly, ''Nice to meet you,'' she let her wings stretch outward and she leaned her head back, they haven't been out in a while.

7/21/2009 #33

"nice wings" samuell said glancing over her wings.

7/21/2009 #34
K.J DarKnight

Kelnis nodded in agreement to what Samuell said "Did you just get here today too?"

7/21/2009 #35

Saravinne smiled, "Thanks, Yea its my first day.''

7/21/2009 #36
K.J DarKnight

"It's my first day too" Kel said watching the girl

7/21/2009 #37

Saravinne grinned, "Cool I'm not the only one.'' She said tucking her legs under her.

7/21/2009 #38

"most of the people i have met are new" sam sat down on his bed.

7/21/2009 #39

Saravinne nodded, ''Well you two are the only one's I met so far.''

7/21/2009 . Edited 7/21/2009 #40
K.J DarKnight

"I met one other guy but otherwise just you two" Kelnis said with a shrug "I guess were all roommates huh"

((I g2g here soon so don't wait for me to post))

7/21/2009 #41

Saravinne looked around and nodded, "Yea I guess, am I the only girl?" she asked.

7/21/2009 #42

"i think so, though, there are some other girls in another dorm... if you look around im sure you'll bump into one of them."

((off to bed. night))

7/21/2009 #43

She nodded, ''Okay,'' she said and unpacked her clothes, putting them in a trunk.

7/21/2009 #44
K.J DarKnight

Kelnis sat on his bed, he didn't have anything to put away, he had no belongings save the only article of clothing he wore, which were only a pair of pants. "So what brings you here?"

7/21/2009 #45

"I was running out of places to go." she grinned.

7/21/2009 #46
K.J DarKnight

"Never stay in one place long?" Kelnis asked curiously

7/22/2009 #47

She shook her head, "Everybody freaks out about me, because I'm an angel demon hybrid.'' she explained with a shrug.

7/22/2009 #48
K.J DarKnight

"Well that certainly doesn't matter to me, as far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter what you are but who you are" Kelnis said honestly, he had; had to deal with such things all his life, not many people liked Shadow Crawlers and they were never treated with any kind of respect

7/22/2009 #49

She grinned, "Cool!'' and opened her dresser to pull out a necklace with a rare black ruby and slipped it around her neck then stood up, well I'm going to walk around.'' and left the room.

7/22/2009 . Edited 7/22/2009 #50
K.J DarKnight

Kelnis smiled "Mind if I tag along, I haven't got anything better to do"

7/22/2009 #51

Saravinne grinned, ''sure''

7/22/2009 #52
K.J DarKnight

Kelnis smiled back, this time showing off his pointed teeth then trotted over to the door and opened it for her

7/22/2009 #53

She grinned, "Thanks,'' and walked through the door.

7/22/2009 #54
K.J DarKnight

Kelnisjust nodded and slipped out after her being careful to stay out of the light at all costs "So, I'm guessing you have traveled allot"

7/22/2009 #55

She nodded, "Quite a few,'' she said and noticed he was trying to stay in shadws. She spread her wings the whole ten feet to block the light.

7/22/2009 #56
K.J DarKnight

Kelnis smiled slightly "Thanks" he said glancing at her wings "Light just burns my skin and it's not so pleasant" he explained "Anywhere exciting?"

7/22/2009 #57

''Nah just small towns, I never really came out to the open, humans always tried to 'get rid' of me.'' She shrugged her shoulders.

7/22/2009 #58

samuell sighed. this body needed food. he got up and left.

[[great hall]]

7/22/2009 #59
K.J DarKnight

KElnisnodded "I know what you mean" Kelnis said simply "People here accept me, I don't see why they wouldn't accept you as well"

((Where should they go?))

7/22/2009 #60
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