Magic School
A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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Zina Nevirone

The Turqoise Dorm is dark and smells slightly of damp, but the smell has been masked the best it can by automatic air freshners that spray out a lavender scent every fifteen minutes. Each bed has a herbal pillow on it that has lavender, thyme and heather inside it. There is a bookcase by the door that has Wiccan books on it. The room is protected with spells against those who wish to harm any of the residents. The room has six beds and five chest of drawers. The wood is a soft wood and the quilts on the beds are fairtrade.









7/23/2009 . Edited 1/14/2010 #1

[From Nurse's Office]

Kazuki opened the room to his dorm. The only occupant as of yet in this dorm room. It was kind of a depressing atmosphere to it, it was probably because he was here. He always seemed to carry a depressed atmosphere nowadays. He laid down on his bed to go back and look at his trip into the forest. That shadow form he took on... he'd never seen it before, he'd never even knew it existed. Yet, it was there. Another dark power he had achieved through a mistake.

It was pointless to keep up with it, he was gaining more dark powers than he was regaining his light ones. He regained some of his original armor, free'd from the tainted magic, and apart of the rest of his tainted armor. He held his hand out above him and his claymore arrived, still a snug fit in his hand. He looked at the silver side of the blade, and the cross that was on the guard. That was how his sword looked originally, silver blade, a cross on the guard, and what looked like thorns going out, then up for the actual guard itself. However, when he flipped it, the cross in the center was replaced by a diablo's head. The blade was also black on this side. Every time he looked at his blade, it brought the same question to his head:

Which side did he belong on?

He wanted to be on the light side of the blade. He wanted to be there, back with his comrades in the Brotherhood of Light. He didn't want to enter the realm of darkness. That would mean everything he's worked for would have been for nothing. If he went over to that side, he'd become the exact opposite of what he wanted to be. But, evidence was beginning to point that he didn't belong in the realm of light, either. He had gotten enraged, something he's done before, but, he never had gone into a shadow form like he did back in the Forest.

He dismissed his claymore, and let his hand drop back to his side. Each time he asked the question to himself, no matter how many times, he could never give himself a proper answer. Nobody could give him advice on which way he was to go. Each passing day brought more and more questions as to which side of the line he belonged on, none of which could be answered by himself alone. Not yet.

As far as he was concerend he was walking between day, and night. Whether he was the sunset, or sunrise, he didn't know.

8/2/2009 #2

Finally, Kazuki couldn't stand thinking. He was bringing more and more questions to himself. He needed to go relax, and there was one place he could do that best. The School Grounds. He got up from his bed and walked towards the door, opening it with a flick of his wrist on the knob, and walked towards the grounds. Leaving the door to close itself.

[To School Grounds]

8/2/2009 #3
Paradox Complex

Sapphire unpacked and stared at her mother's necklace. She tapped it 5 times and it turned into a wand so she could practice for combat class.A she left she heard some people in the hall and decided to stay inside and study. It was 10am so her class would start soon so she left the dorm and walked straight to the great hall.

10/14/2009 #4
Paradox Complex

Sapphire arrived from all her classes and stared straight the whole time. She really needed a friend unlike her dad who always said,"I don't need any friends for I am famous and you should not need any either." Her father's voice echoed in her head as she absent-mindedly sat on Kazuki's bed.She put away her books in her dresser after realizing it was not her bed. After that she saw that there was still time to go somewhere else before the feast in the Great Hall so she set off for the school grounds.

10/14/2009 #5
Little Eloise

((from the combat class))

"That Sapphire... Why does she have to be that kind of girl!" Tabitha let out her wrath towards Sapphire. She sat down on top of an empty bed. Because of her wrath, her crystal started to glow a whitish color again, but instead of ice Tabitha felt something different. "What is wrong with me?"

Tabitha's eyes became pale, her skin glowed white, her hair turned white. In a second after the mysterious incident, the pale eyes, glowing skin, white hair faded off and returned to her normal looks.

(-Curse and Spells- i am sorry i wont reply for sometime. Please wait for me too reply. Do not wonder around until we finish this conversation or dramatic story please. - BlaxStar)

10/15/2009 . Edited 10/15/2009 #6

((from school grounds.))

Devika counted her steps to her dorm and found herself to an empty bed, plopping on it

10/15/2009 #7
Little Eloise

After Tabitha's mysterious happening, she felt another girl stepped inside the Turquoise Dorm. "I have company..."

10/16/2009 #8
Little Eloise

Tabitha had the guts and approuched the girl. "Who are you?" Tabitha asked. "I am Tabitha..."

10/16/2009 #9

she jumped, looking blanky at her, ''I'm Devika''

10/16/2009 #10
Little Eloise

"Is this your dorm?" Tabitha asked Devika. "I never thought a girl like you end up here."

10/16/2009 #11
Paradox Complex

"Hi" Sapphire said blankly to see that Tabitha was with someone else.

"Oh, hi Devika" she said with a smile.

"I better leave since your with someone else Tabitha." She opened the door.................

10/16/2009 #12
Little Eloise

Tabitha took a big breath. "Stay!" Tabitha started throwing ice crystals to Sapphire

10/16/2009 #13
Paradox Complex

"Okay I will" said Sapphire avoiding getting hit by the ice crystals and walked over to her own bed and sat down.

10/16/2009 #14
Little Eloise

"I need back my trophy!" Tabitha demanded. "The one i won fair and square in the science fair last year!"

10/16/2009 #15
Paradox Complex

"Here, you can have it." Sapphire said as she went to the shelf ,got the trophy and placed it on Tabitha's bed. " Is that all you need? Now if you don't need me any more I will just go and she walked towards the door...........

10/16/2009 #16
Little Eloise

"No!" Tabitha freeze Sapphire again. "I aint done with you"

10/16/2009 #17
Paradox Complex

Sapphire's eyes flashed and in a moment tigers came in and thawed her out then she sat on her bed when she was free of the ice.

10/16/2009 #18
Paradox Complex

By that time she sat down Sapphire was mad already. She did not want to hurt Tabitha she was her best friend well, used to be. So she summoned a rabbit that pounced on Tabitha and then that was all.

10/16/2009 #19
Little Eloise

Tabitha threw five ice crystal to Sapphire.

10/16/2009 #20
Paradox Complex

Sapphire ducked and it hit her dresser.She did not do anything to Tabitha because she did not want to hurt her.

10/16/2009 #21
Little Eloise

"Com' on attach!" Tabitha made a frozen ice wave towards Sapphire.

10/16/2009 #22
Paradox Complex

Sapphire turned her pendant into a wand and made a shield arround her. "Why? So I can be yelled at more?"

10/16/2009 #23
Little Eloise

"You are so weak." Tabitha taunted Sapphire. "No wonder you are shy..."

10/16/2009 #24
Paradox Complex

Sapphire ignored her taunts and blew a heat wave with one arm straight at Tabitha.

10/16/2009 #25
Little Eloise

Sadly the heat wave touched Tabitha and burned her. She fell on her knees and felt defeat. She placed her arm on her burnt shoulder. But then a light was glowing from her eyes and the pain of her burnt shoulder went away. Tabitha released her hand and it healed her shoulder.

10/16/2009 #26
Little Eloise

She was shock that her eyes became blurred. Her blood slowed down. And she felt that her eyes just drooped. She fell on her knees.

((to the hospital))

10/16/2009 #27
Paradox Complex

Sapphire followed Tabitha's body to the nurses office.

10/16/2009 #28

Devika stayed where she was and sighed, great, she had loud room mates

10/17/2009 #29
Paradox Complex

Sapphire came in after about 30 minutes. She was surprised that Devika was still there and said to her," Oh, Im sorry that we disturbed you or anthing Devika. It 's just that I need a friend and Tabitha was the only one I knew who used to be my friend. But she's not changing her attitude at all. So I am sorry that you had to see all that...." Sapphire's voice trailed of as she held her mother's necklace.

10/18/2009 #30
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