Magic School
A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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Xeverus E. Miller

Located near the Dungeon, Four beds made with the decorations of fake skulls and bones, The dorm is quite cool in the day and chilly during the night that's why the blankets are double thin.








10/6/2009 . Edited by Zina Nevirone, 1/25/2010 #1
Crimson Sunset

Alissa unpacked her stuff and fell asleep.

1/8/2010 #2
Crimson Sunset

Alissa woke up and ate chocolate.

1/9/2010 #3

Shin walked in and dropped tossed his suitcase in front of his bed, the suitcase landing with a resounding THUD of approval to being tossed. Shin was not happy. Thanks to Revan (the demon inside him,) he had gotten kicked out of his previous dorm due to many, many, infractions of rules, inappropriate conduct, and a whole lot of bad reviews. It was Revan's fault.. it ALWAYS was.

"Aw, don't beat yourself up so bad!" Revan spoke, taking over the left eye with the red colored iris. "They were all assholes anyway!" Shin sighed and suppressed Revan with an overwhelming amount of will, he didn't need that demonic voice right now.

Shin sighed, "God, we weren't even in that dorm for two whole weeks! And we got kicked out already!"

Revan appeared again for a short comment. "That's a new record, I'll be sure to beat it soon." And just like he appeared, Revan disappeared.

Shin ruffled his hair in frustration. "Why do you always want to overachieve in the wrong things in life?!" Shin shouted, looking over at girl who was munching on a chocolate bar. "You... heard all of that... didn't you?"

1/12/2010 #4
Serom Kim

"Brown dorm, huh?" Fudo said. "Well, this is it, I guess. Might as well make myself at home."

He walked inside the dorms and saw that at least two other residents had already arrived. There was a girl who was eating a chocolate bar and a guy staring at her in slight disbelief standing near two of the beds. Ignoring them, Fudo chose the bed that was farthest away from the two and placed his stuff down.

1/14/2010 #5
Paradox Complex

Tori walked inside seeing an empty bed closest to the door. She unpacked and plopped on the bed, seeing a guy talking to himself.

"Uhm, are you okay?" She asked curiously.

1/25/2010 #6
Serom Kim

After spending some time outside on the school grounds, Fudo had decided to return to his dorm once the wind had started to pick up. He noticed that there was a new person in the dorms.

1/26/2010 #7
Paradox Complex

Tori saw that he had one red eye. She avoided the answer and saw someone walk in. "Hi." She said quietly and grabbed a book from her side table.

1/28/2010 #8
Serom Kim

Fudo sighed and retreated to his bed, lying on his side and facing away from the others. Were all inhabitants of this realm so ... odd?

1/28/2010 #9
Paradox Complex

Tori blinked a few times and stood up, surprised and accidentaly knocked her lamp from the table and it smashed on the floor. "Whoops, Ohhh, noo."

2/2/2010 #10
Serom Kim

The sound of the smashing lamp brought Fudo out of his trance. He jumped from his bed, ready for a fight, and saw Tori standing by her lamp. "Oh," he said. "Um, you want some help with that?"

2/2/2010 #11
Paradox Complex

"Uhm... no. It's okay." She was surprised at the sound of a voice. Trying to look cool she levitated the lamp and it went up, but she didn't have enough power, so it crashed again onto the ground. "Uhh.... on second thought, I'll take that helping hand."

2/4/2010 #12
Serom Kim

Fudo gave a friendly, unassuming smile. "No problem." He picked up the lamp carefully, making sure not to damage it any further, and placed it on the table by Tori's bed. "There. I'm Fudo, by the way." He extended his hand to Tori, an Earth tradition he had learned while on that planet.

2/4/2010 #13
Paradox Complex

Tori shook his hand andfixed the lamp a bit. "Tori, Nice to meet you."

2/5/2010 #14
Serom Kim

"So ... Tori." The name felt strange on Fudo's alien tongue. "What brings you to this magic school?"

2/5/2010 #15
Paradox Complex

"Actually it's Victoria, but you can call meTori anyway. Uhmm...........My family didn't want me because I was different so they sent me here."

Tori always felt akward talking about it to someone she had just met.

2/6/2010 #16
Serom Kim

"Oh ..." Fudo gave a slight frown. "I'm sorry to hear that. Family should never abandon one another."

2/6/2010 #17
Paradox Complex

"Yeah, I guess that's just the way the world revovles." Tori felt like crying, but held it in. She wanted to change the subject. "So, Uhm... what brings you to magic school?"

2/6/2010 #18
Serom Kim

"Oh, me?" Fudo paused for a moment, thinking. "Well ... I'm from another planet, and our council of elders sent me here for training, to learn how to fight without depending on my planet."

2/6/2010 #19
Paradox Complex

"So, your like an alien?" Tori blinked. "Do you have your own language?"

2/6/2010 #20
Serom Kim

"Yeah." Fudo laughed in a friendly manner. "I'm an alien. I'm from a planet called Thymira. And we do have our own languages, but part of our training is to master all the other languages out there in the galaxy ... or, at least, most of them." Fudo's smile turned into a frown. "It's a bit of a headache, to tell you the truth, learning all those different languages. Earth alone has hundreds upon thousands of languages. It's not easy keeping track of them all. I've only got a handle on English."

2/7/2010 #21
Paradox Complex

Tori laughed. "English is all you'll need here." She smiled. "I can master languages upon hearing them, for some freaky reason."

2/7/2010 #22
Serom Kim

"Then you're lucky, I guess," Fudo said. "You won't have any troubles communicating. Maybe you should be a Galactic Defender instead of me," he added, laughing.

2/8/2010 #23
Paradox Complex

Tori smiled. "You have much more experience than me. I bet the moment I started, I'd shoot someone I didn't know."

2/9/2010 #24
Serom Kim

"That might be bad," Fudo agreed, chuckling. "But even the most experienced of us make mistakes. Once, I ended up in a fight with the natives of the planet we were sent to, who were trying to fight off enemy invaders. That was a bit of an embarrassment."

2/9/2010 #25
Paradox Complex

Tori laughed. "Well, at least you learned your lesson." She smiled.

2/9/2010 #26
Serom Kim

"Yeah, that's true," Fudo agreed. "We're generally more careful nowadays."

2/10/2010 #27
Paradox Complex

Tori looked at him. "What's your first class?"

2/11/2010 #28
Serom Kim

"Uh ..." Fudo went over to his dresser and picked up a sheet of paper that was lying on it. "Oh, looks like I have combat class first. And you?"

2/11/2010 #29
Paradox Complex

"Mine's combat too." Tori stared blankly at her schedule. "Classes start at 10am. It's..... 9:50 right now."

2/14/2010 #30
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