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A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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K.J DarKnight

A higher class restaurant

(Something like Olive Garden)

10/20/2009 #1
K.J DarKnight

Albus stepped in front of the building "This looks nice, what do you think ladies?"

10/20/2009 #2

Hena stared "Pretty"

10/20/2009 #3
K.J DarKnight

Albus smiled and laughed lightly "I'll take that as a yes" he said going to the door he opened it for the girls, and gave a bow just for fun "After you ladies"

10/20/2009 #4

Hena smiled and stepped in.

10/20/2009 #5
K.J DarKnight

Amara stepped in as well

Albus got them a table in the back where there wasn't so much of a crowd. He pulled out the chair for both Amara and Hena

10/20/2009 #6

Hena sat down and thanked Albus.

10/20/2009 #7
K.J DarKnight

((I just started a new RP forum, wanna join?

10/20/2009 #8

((I'l join tomorrow))

10/20/2009 #9
K.J DarKnight


Albus smiled with a slight nod and sat himself down "Order whatever you like ladies" he said as the waitress gave them menus

10/20/2009 #10


Hena checked over the menu, not knowing what to pick she took a minute, "I'll have the um.. some of the spiced fish" Hena frowned for a second.

10/20/2009 #11
K.J DarKnight

((It's brand new, so not really perfected yet))

"That does sound good" Albus said still looking over the menu "Of course it douse, ever since you were cursed all you want is fish and milk" Amara pointed out "Yes well.....That's besides the point"

10/20/2009 #12

"Albus, how do you drink milk when your a cat, I have to see that" Hena laughed for a minute

10/20/2009 #13
K.J DarKnight

"I lap it up with my tong....Like any cat" Albus said simply

10/20/2009 #14

" Yes, I do know how a cat drinks milk, but I never saw a duke drink milk, it should lower their dignity sometimes" Hena scoffed.

10/20/2009 #15
K.J DarKnight

"Why? What's wrong with milk?" Albus asked cocking his head a little

10/20/2009 #16

"nothing of course, except that when a person does it it seems a little funny.. that and I really never tasted milk" hena cocked her head in the same manner.

10/20/2009 #17
K.J DarKnight

"Never tasted milk" Albus said surprised "This will have to change" Amara smirked "Albus, your acting like a cat again, besides I don't think a higher end restaurant like this serves milk. Albus flushed a little pink "Oh right...I knew that" he said feeling a little foolish

10/20/2009 #18

"Don't worry, I don't intend to drink any kind of milk" Hena shuddered.

10/20/2009 #19
K.J DarKnight

"Why?" Albus had to ask.

The waitress came back "May I take your orders" Albus looked up and smiled politely "Of course Malinda" he then looked at Amara and Hena "Ladies first"

10/20/2009 #20

"I tell you after, I'll get the spiced fish, thank you" Hena smiled and gave the waitress the menu.

10/20/2009 #21
K.J DarKnight

The waitress nodded "Anything to drink?"

10/20/2009 #22

"Just some water" Hena answered.

10/21/2009 #23
K.J DarKnight

"I'll have the chicken salad. Just water for me too" Amara said giving the menu back.

"I will take the fancy fish platter and I will have a lemonaid"

10/21/2009 #24

"Thanks" called Hena after as the waitress left.

10/21/2009 #25
K.J DarKnight

Albus turned his attention back to Hena "So, why don't you drink milk?" he was to curios to wait anymore

10/21/2009 #26

"Because I don't like the thought of white cold drink that's sweet in your throat like... like blood" Hena replied.

10/21/2009 #27
K.J DarKnight

"Blood..." Albus wasn't quite sure what to think of her statement

((You still gonna join my forum today?))

10/21/2009 #28

(( Of course))

"Hm" hena nodded her head and then asked Amara "Amara, HOW can you live with him no offence" Hena pointed to Albus and smirked.

10/21/2009 #29
K.J DarKnight

"Aw come on I'm not that bad" Albus pouted. Amara glanced at Albus and smiled "It's not so bad when he's a cat, I can lock him in the closet and he can't get out" she teased

10/21/2009 #30
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