Magic School
A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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The Orange Dorm is on an island on the lake. Aside from the small beach, the island is dominated by one huge plateau, which has some very steep cliffs. The Orange Dorm is carved into one of these cliffs, and has a very small cliff in front that is used as a patio.

The dorm itself is lit by a magic sun that rises on one wall , continues across the ceiling, then sets on the other wall to be replaced by stars.When rising from the dorm, the inhabitants of the dorm descend a ramp that is carved into the cliff, then cross on a bridge above the lake.










5/6/2010 . Edited by Zina Nevirone, 6/4/2011 #1

Aileen grinned at the new surroundings. She started unpacking.

5/9/2010 #2

Brooke entered her dorm and instantly saw another girl already unpacking. Great. She thought but moved over to a empty bed area and started unpacking as well. She thought the place was pretty decent but not alot of things could impress her now-a-days.

5/9/2010 #3

" Hey." grinned Aileen. " Is this your first day here?"

5/10/2010 #4

"Yes." Brooke replied, continuing to unpack without turning around. "What about you?"

5/10/2010 #5

" It's my first day too." said Aileen. " So, have you got a power or are you a magical creature?"

5/12/2010 #6

Brooke finished packing her stuff, slid her suitcase under her bed and sat down on it, feeling the fabric. "I've got a power." She answered softly.

5/13/2010 #7

Aileen grinned. " Cool. Me too. Of course, its not very good at offensive stuff, but I'll be taking combat for that."

5/14/2010 #8

Brook nodded. Of course, she had plenty of training in combat. More of real life experience. Her throat started to grow dry. She always believed in letting people know what she could do and what batter way to show Aileen than to make herself some water. There was an empty glass sitting on her nightstand table. Without even a glance at the glass, Brooke concentrated her mind on the glass being full of water and it started to fill.

5/14/2010 #9

" Wow." said Aileen softly. " That's a handy power to have. I've been in the desert before, and trust me, making water appear out of nowhere is very useful. " She thought about it, and decided to say what hers was. " I had to ask this cougar where water was."

5/16/2010 #10

Brooke lifted the glass to her mouth and took a sip before she answered. "You talk to animals."

5/16/2010 #11

Aileen nodded. " More like I have this effortless translation thing. When I talk, people and animals think its their language, and when they talk back it sounds like English to me. When I took Spanish, I never heard a word of the language, yet my teacher thought I was fully bilingual." she thought about telling Brooke her persuasion power, and decided against it.

She yanked out a water bottle and sat down on her bed, taking a couple swigs. " You have any other powers despite water?"

5/16/2010 #12

Brooke nodded after hearing Aileens recap of her power. She nodded again when Aileen asked if she had more powers. "Air, earth, fire and I fight."

5/16/2010 #13

" The four elements." said Aileen. " And fighting. Have you ever fought a vampire before?"

5/17/2010 #14

Brooke nodded her head, holding back a wince. It was one of her first fights when she was just starting training and she just barely got that stake through its heart. "Have you?" She asked, keeping a steady voice.

5/20/2010 #15

"Yes." said Aileen. " But it wasn't really a fight. He was a really stupid vampire." she chuckled. " I tricked him into hunting in a nearby bush of brambles. He got caught and I escaped." It was partially true. But it had been Aileen's power of persuasion, not the vampire's stupidity, has overpowered the vampire's will to bite.

5/20/2010 #16

"Very clever," Brooke told the girl. It was the closest thing to a compliment she'd given someone in a long time. She looked around herself for a second then out the window of the dorm. "I was going to check out the rest of the campus." she informed Aileen.

5/24/2010 #17

" OK then. But watch that bridge. It's not very stable." she flopped on her bed to read a book.

5/24/2010 #18

Brooke nodded her thanks and started descending the ramp, then crossing the bridge, being careful of her step, following Aileens warning.

[ Brooke to the Lake. ]

5/24/2010 #19

as brooke leaves two student comin and set there stuff on beds next to eachothers one has long light brown hair and is wearing some sort of beine and a robe is around her waist she has a black wolf following her, the other has meaduim long black hair with red streaks in it and and is wearing a difrent colored beine, she also has a robe around her middle and has a fox pelt around her neck.



*layra turns around to sence someone siting on annother bed* "hello i'm layra how are you"

6/4/2011 #20

*naruio pulls them away they change and then head down to the lake*

((the lake))

6/4/2011 #21
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