Magic School
A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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i wish i invented the internet

Come Here First to enroll your character. do something a bit like








Please note what classes they want to take.

Other notes:

8/5/2008 . Edited by Zina Nevirone, 9/16/2008 #1
Zina Nevirone

Name: Kaytlyn Parker

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Weapon: Dagger

Powers: wall-walker..((is mostly explained in background story))...and energy...

Appearance: curly red hair, sea green eyes, peachy skin, tallish...

Personality: Tries to be friendly but as soon as she thinks someone knows about the The Princess she can be very cold and starts to block people which can have disastrous results to the receiver of the block.

Other notes: zoology, botany, combat, potions.

8/5/2008 . Edited 9/20/2008 #2
i wish i invented the internet

Name: Sarelle Aquamarine

Gender: female

Age: 14

Weapon: none

Powers: water and ice

Appearance: long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, white skinny body, long blue mermaid tail.

Other notes: zoology, botany

8/5/2008 #3

Name: Effy Martin

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Weapon: Poison-dart rifle

Powers: Can get into peoples minds just by looking at their eyes- with this she can know their hopes, fears, everything

Appearance: Small, quite pale and tired-looking, very skinny, icy-blue eyes, limp mouse-brown hair

Personality: Doesn't make much conversation, socially isolated because of her power, generally sits alone and reads, is very cold towards others as she feels she can easily learn all she needs to know about them; she shows very little emotion, acts beyond her age

8/9/2008 . Edited by Zina Nevirone, 9/16/2008 #4
Jaded Aegis

Name: Ranz WoodShawl

Gend: Male

Weap: A medium length sword, family heirloom, can be used for magical purposes. He has a small knife too. It's a blued-Titanium blade, The hilt is a cat's tail wrapped around several times, and then ending in a small cat-head.. The crossbar is two dragon heads adjoined and connected to the hilt. (The hilt is the handle and counterweight)

Powe: He can control fire, but he's kinda cautious, He has a weak sense of telekinesis (move objects with your mind) but he's afraid to use it after a long life of being made fun of. he can accomplish Telepathic.. powers... but it's a bit harder for him because he views it as telekinesis and that's not what it is.. hence hindering his abilities slightly. That and he doesn't like using his powers.. afraid of what or other people might do to him... He can project his mind as well. He can basically leave his body (his conscious anyway) and although it is much harder for him he can proejct his mind onto other people. Although if they have telepathic abilities they could sense him, if not, or if they don't sense his presence exactly, then they might just feel a general void.. (Almost like spacing out, but still concsious... I dunno how to explain it... you feel as if part of your mind has become un-usable as to provide room for Ranz's concsiousness.) If they do, then they will sense a presence, but they may not know it is Ranz. He can make his conciousness appear faintly visible in a dark room, but it his hard from him. He also has crazy speed when he focuses his mind. And can temporarily heighten his senses. I say temporarily becaue it slowly drains on his mind, which, when he isn't troubled is capable of quite magnificient things. But if his mind is constantly nagging him it puts a hamper on the things he can do. Anger increases his power as he wa an angry child - his parents ruinded him remember :P

(it was pretty strong back before other kids found out about it. But he hasn't used it in a long time so it's pretty weak now..)

Appe: Camo cotton sweater, zips up the middle and has a hood on the back. Has burnt spot here and there. And a hole is burnt in each sleeve for his thumb.

Wears jeans, usually wears any array of t-shirts under his hoody.

Pers: Kinda shy, has a short fuse when he has a bad day, he is helpful and extremely caring, but he's always afraid he might hurt someone.. has a mighty appetite if he is tired,

and must satisfy himself by at least having a small snack before going to bed. However if he has a nearly constant stream of food going in his mouth, he can keep on going for almost a few weeks straight. He will do anything to protect Effy.. even though he isn't fully aware of how he feels yet, he, deep down, is extremely in love with Effy..

He loves to read, but he likes hands-on work too. Reading is something he is extremely good at. (another reason other kids made fun of him). He is quite mature though.

One mistakes him for being an adult sometimes... (6 ft tall mature man... sounds adult.. even if he is only 16..)

Clas: He will take..... Philosophy, Botany, and Potions. As well as Effy is teaching him math when she feels like it.

9/4/2008 . Edited by Silentkitt, 2/11/2009 #5
Zina Nevirone

You can take as many classes as you it seems the whole RP is on a time vortex...hehe....

9/5/2008 #6
Jaded Aegis

I have suggestions for classes...

lore, Philosophy, history, arithemetic(math) science (or this can simply be potions or lore... who knows..)

come to think of it Philosophy is the main idea here xD

Philosophy, Botany (plant life) and Combat along with Lore

going in this order.





Taking up 1 hour each, 4 hrs.

They start whenever classes start :)

Hopefully Ranz and Effy share some classes...

9/5/2008 #7
Zina Nevirone

Okay, the 14 year old asks what is Lore??

And Philoshy, arithemetic, and history is going in tomorrow...I'll name the teachers...well Bexxi will and she'll tell me...

9/5/2008 #8
Jaded Aegis


Myths, religion.... study of creatures, study of any living thing... as well as supposedly living things (myths and legends)

this focuses more the myth and legend though. but it includes detailed information of any living thing.

9/5/2008 #9
Zina Nevirone

lolz...kk...I'll think about it...I still haven't come up with names for the too excited about my new mobile!!

9/6/2008 #10
Jaded Aegis

yea... gfy. My life sucks, my step-mom is a tyrant, the only reason I post at all is cuz I have libraries. Other then that it's cleaning for my step-mother...

I'm your typical real life cinderella... I do everythign for free.. everything The drink could be like, a foot out of reach, instead of leaning over to grab it she tells me to grab it for her.

anyway......... nuff of my life....

Mr. Blackfat, Mrs. Fonzie, Mrs. Brownie, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Browie, Mr. Steelfeel Mr. Woodshock, Mr. Freist. these names anygood? there just off the top of my head..

9/6/2008 #11
Zina Nevirone

My sis is here...and she likes all the names to be ironic...that Mr. K. Wombat is called that....


I live with my aunt and ucle...coz I don't get on with anyone in my mum's house...

9/7/2008 #12

*Cyber hug* That sucks... Good names, not sure what the teachers would be like though...

9/7/2008 #13
Jaded Aegis

Yeah... well... Mr. Brown is your typical cartoony polite, nice, and all that sugary coated madness kinda of teacher.

Mrs. Browie is more of a metallurgist (metal and alloys are more her thing, she's more of a blacksmithy like teacher.. she teaches all about metals and such and how to work them usually...) She uses terms like Great Ore! (holy crap) and stuff like that... but I suppose she could be adapted to some other profession to teach here...

anyway... *hugs back* thanks.. I've tried moving out to other family's homes several tiems but they won't let me.... but I don't wanna call childrens aid on something petty liek my step-mom making me do everything.... heck I've cleaned her kitchen ever day like 4 tiems a day for 11 years... I'm sure I can keep doing it until I turn twenty... (4 more years...)

Hopefully I can move out then... with a little money and such...

9/8/2008 #14
Zina Nevirone

Go and put those teachers in...stick my sis...

9/8/2008 #15

Great Ore, those are good ideas! Good luck, stick it to the man! Or woman, as the case may be...

9/8/2008 #16
Jaded Aegis

I'm a guy :)

The reason I'm posting right now is because my school had a fire :(

All my friends are ok.. but I'm stuck home because the library is closed... I'm not allowed on for more then 2 hrs...

I hope you guys are still online.... :(

9/8/2008 . Edited 9/8/2008 #17
Zina Nevirone

OMG fire....

I have no social life that is why I am on....and will be until 10:30pm tonight...

It's 5:05pm now...

We should move to the Off sis is here...and may look over my shoulder...

9/8/2008 #18

I meant rebel against the man as in the general authority to be rebelled against... but OK! Argh, fire sucks, as do library closures...

9/8/2008 #19
Jaded Aegis

You guys r awesome :)

Lets RP while I can. I'll see if I can go to library after I g2g.... (I should be able to.. after I clean the kitchen if not right after I g2g.))

9/8/2008 #20

By the way, I've changed Effy's age to 16... I think it suits her better somehow.

9/8/2008 #21
Jaded Aegis

yeah it kinda does ...

16 seems to suit troubled people for some... strange reason..

I'm allowed another short break as my parental figures bag up mroe stuff for me to lug around..

9/8/2008 #22
K.J DarKnight

Name: Joseph Gunner

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Weapon: Dagger (rarely uses it)

Powers: Telepathic. He is blind but he doesn’t just see black. He see’s the spirit world, he can see people who have died and can sometimes communicate with them ( not all the time). He can also sense when someone is about to die. (because of his blindness his other senses are doubled)

He can also multiply himself. So he can be in multiple places at once, but this greatly weakens him.

Appearance: he is tall and thin but much stronger then he looks. He wares a white mask over once half of his face. He has chin length black hair that is often un kept. His eyes are fogged over but still the blue of his eyes are still visible. He wares mainly dark blue or black clothing.

Please note what classes they want to take. Botany, Combat, Zoology, ummmm

Other notes: He is quiet most of the time, when he does speak he is honest and will never tell a lie. Ummm yeah that’s all I can think of

9/13/2008 #23
Zina Nevirone

Name: James "Jams" Peterson

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Weapon: None

Powers: Fire and telepathy. Only one who can read Kayt's mind.

Appearance: Floppy brown hair. Small nose with a cute, non-hairy, chocolate mole. Chocolate eyes.

Personality: Revengeful and has a very bad temper which Kayt is usually on the receiving end of. Can be sweet though when he is completely calm, as if he remembers how it used to be.

Other notes: Zoology, Botany, Combat, Potions.

Is a vampire, but a daywalker, ((can't remember the right word for it.))

9/15/2008 . Edited 9/16/2008 #24
K.J DarKnight

Name: Katrusha (or just Kat) (it means little pure one XP)

Gender: Female

Age: 16 going on 17

Weapon:just her powers XD

Powers: she has power over storms and water. Can appear as a swan, horse, wolf, or her beautiful human self. She can put men into a trance when singing or dancing and can turn into hideous bird-like creatures capable of throwing balls of fire when angered.

Appearance: (human form) She is tall and slender, she has long rippling silver hair and brilliant blue eyes. She wares whatever suits her that day (in other words I will describe in posts)

Please note what classes they want to take: anything and everything she can

Other notes: She is a Vila, Wila, Wili, or Veela (however you wanna say it)the Slavic version of nymphs, who have power over storms, which they delight in sending down on lonely travelers. They are known to live in meadows, ponds, oceans, trees, and clouds

Oh and she has a Russian accent (I’m not the best at writing it out but I will do my best)

Personality: She is at first shy but when you get her talking that just disappears. She hates that she is so beautiful and gets sick of guys always hitting on her so she downplays her futures as much as she can. She is a good and loyal friend but she is also protective (so don’t mess with her friends unless you want a fight)

(( I may or may not add more to this))

9/15/2008 #25
Zina Nevirone

ommigish I love you KJ!!! A VEELA!!! **squeals**

9/16/2008 #26
Zina Nevirone

Name: Danielle "Danni" Thomas

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Weapon: Kulkri knives

Powers: Water and telekinesis.

Appearance: Long, wavy, golden blonde and emerald green eyes. Dimples. Natural tanned skin. Dark eyelashes and slender limbs. Paints her nails emerald gree to go with her eyes.

Personality: Can be a bit stuck up, but dies rekax and like to have fun. Is usually on James' side as she is his girlfriend. Is vunerable to telepathic attacks from people as has no way to block it.

Other notes: Zoology, Botany, Combat, Potions.

9/16/2008 #27
K.J DarKnight

((lol you're easy to please))

9/16/2008 #28
Zina Nevirone

No, I'm just obsessed with Harry Potter and that means Fleur Decleur, who is half-veela...

9/16/2008 #29
K.J DarKnight

((ah I see, I'm more of a Lord of the Rings fan but I do like harry potter too))

9/16/2008 #30
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