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A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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i wish i invented the internet

This is where you come to resign.


8/5/2008 #1

Not actually resigning, just causing panic at the sight of a post in this topic... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/9/2008 #2
Jaded Aegis

lol I was actually panicked until I began reading your post :)

9/10/2008 #3
Zina Nevirone

Tut tut forum abuse...

Oh in big fight with her majest know...

9/10/2008 #4
Jaded Aegis

we need to be all well-behaved and primped and walk around like were on invisible stilts? jking.. but yeah I think I get the point..

9/10/2008 #5
Zina Nevirone

No you need to post off topic stuff in off topic but ah well....

who gives a damn...

9/10/2008 #6
Jaded Aegis

Alright I'll stop, but I dunno about Beffy the Book-Slayer over there....

9/10/2008 #7
Zina Nevirone

Boooklover'll stop or I'll blank her at school!

9/10/2008 . Edited 9/12/2008 #8

OK, will do. Can I still write notes on my post? Hm, "Beffy the Book slayer"... I like it!

9/10/2008 #9
Zina Nevirone

Notes on post okay...conversations like this that we could easily move to off topic bad...

9/10/2008 #10
Jaded Aegis

Lol it was just off the top of my head... xD You guys do know eachother in RL then..... cool... I wish I knew you guys in RL....

Anyway... I'll stfu and give AMY a chance to delete all these posts b4 her sister freaks out on us.

9/10/2008 #11

Meh, you might not like me in RL- I might start throwing marshmallows randomly... Hehe.

9/10/2008 #12
Jaded Aegis

just snacks for me hehehehehehhe

9/10/2008 #13
Zina Nevirone

Midgets actually throw marshmellows at me...

9/10/2008 #14

*Shakes fist angrily* I am the only true Thrower of Marshmallows- how dare they disrespect my authority?!?!?! They shall pay for their insubordination!

9/10/2008 #15
Zina Nevirone

**claps hands excitedly** It's Nicolah!!! She also threw the bagal at me...

But the neds threw the money...for which we are greatful!! ^_^

My MSN is acting up...won't let me on....

9/10/2008 #16
Jaded Aegis

MSN? I have MSN lol. Zina already knows it.

9/10/2008 #17
Zina Nevirone

yep yep!!

9/12/2008 #18
Jaded Aegis

I'm meeting too many poeple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa, Cole, bigB, littleB (brandon my age, brandon that's like... 8) Murphy (Brandon murphy) justin, Jared, Tyler.... aaarrgghh!!!!!!!!

Alyssa and Murphy are the only people I really know.... bigB is cool though...... Murphy can be a real asshole and littleB is nvr around...


I think I'm falling for Alyssa, who is Murphy's gf, who was Kylie's ex, (Kylei is myo ther best friend) and GOD DAMN MY LIFE IS COMPLICATED!


Sorry for my rant..... I just kidna had to get that out of my system... I guess.... and you guys now know why I haven't been posting....

Too busy with my 'new friends' . Sorry..

9/12/2008 #19
Zina Nevirone

If you're doing the one thing I find difficult, socialising, I don't mind you ranting. XP

9/12/2008 #20
Jaded Aegis

thanks Zina.

I just kinda.... needed to furiously slam that out of the keyboard lol.

Socializing is difficult for me too... I never knwo what to say....

but anyway.... in about 12... maybe 22min i gotta go to Communications Technology class...

unfortunately were in our "Photography" unit so we won't be on the computers.....

I think I failed my take 20 pictures ofd people and architecture without leaving school grounds assignment..

I took about 5 or 6 people pictures... a bunch of architecture photos... and then a whack of nature photos........

not my fault I'm a natural loner xD

9/12/2008 #21

I'm like that too, but I'm working on talking to people rather than sitting alone with a book... meh. You guys are awesome on here, though.

9/12/2008 #22
Jaded Aegis

Thanks Beth, means alot..

lets RP for the last 13 min of school?

9/12/2008 . Edited 9/12/2008 #23

Well, I'm in Britain so school's long over, but OK.

9/12/2008 #24
Jaded Aegis

Damn lol.. school just ended......

I'm in Canada... it's 3:00 PM here right now... (approx.)

9/12/2008 #25
i wish i invented the internet

I'm am resigning my character from this forum. I know you wont miss me, so I wont say goodbye.

10/17/2008 #26
Jaded Aegis


Well... I guess I'll see yea then....

10/17/2008 #27

But it could've been so good! It was a really good idea, and you shouldn't quit- I'll miss you! *Throws massive tantrum*. Still, I s'pose it's your choice...*sniffles resentfully*.

10/17/2008 #28
Jaded Aegis


10/17/2008 #29

I'm resigning Nigu's Passion, however my new account LeadSmack, will inherit all of my characters(Ranz) ...

There, done and over with.

11/13/2008 #30
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