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A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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Xeverus E. Miller

"well it seems out of the four students I have only one really deserves to be the next potions master or an independent potion master in the least, you're dismissed" Snape returned his wand back into his pocket before leaving the students

1/22/2009 #31
Zina Nevirone

Danni shrugged, "Well, he doesn't like us."

Kayt put her head in her hands.

1/22/2009 #32
Xeverus E. Miller

"nice shot big boy" Marcus patted Ruenis in the back

"yeah thanks, but why didn't you try?" Asked Ruenis

"you'll all be dead if i did face my fear" there was no joke in Marcus' voice so Ruenis kept it in mind

1/22/2009 #33
Zina Nevirone

"You'd laugh at what I'm scared of." Danni smiled.

Kayt kept her head down.

1/22/2009 #34
Xeverus E. Miller

"let me guess, you're afraid of clowns?" Marcus did guess'

"I think I'm going to send aunt a letter of what happend today" Said Ruenis thinking on what he should write

1/22/2009 #35
Zina Nevirone

"They are creepy, but no." Danni bit her lip, "I'm scared of Kayt and Jams."

1/22/2009 #36
Xeverus E. Miller

"atleast you're afraid on other people.... let's get out of here" Marcus stood up and left with Ruenis

((where to?))

1/22/2009 #37
Zina Nevirone

Kayt stood up and Danni smiled at her.

"Come on." Kayt said quietly.

((Great Hall or I could make a garden place??))

1/22/2009 #38
Xeverus E. Miller

((i guess a garden would be a goodrest stop before comiong to great hall, you decide I'm dumb playing leader, I'm only the sacrificial piece in chess))

1/22/2009 #39
Zina Nevirone

((To Garden City...which will be made in a couple of minutes.))

1/22/2009 #40
Xeverus E. Miller

hai!(japanese of got it)

1/22/2009 #41
Paradox Complex

Sapphire peeked in but remembered that Tabitha's next class was potions and ran of to her dorm.

((To the Turquise dorm))

10/16/2009 #42
Florence Crosse

Alice walked in Potions, looking around is anyone was inside.

10/16/2009 #43
Little Eloise

She wasn't really sure why she ran here, maybe because she wanted to know if there is a potion that could fix what happened or something else...

10/16/2009 #44
Florence Crosse

She sat on an empty desk, brushing a few stray hairs away from her eyes.

10/16/2009 #45
Little Eloise

Despite her problem, she needed to go here as well to learn and be the best she can be.

10/16/2009 #46
Florence Crosse

Alice played with a flame idly on her finger, she then accidentally knocked over her pencil.

10/16/2009 #47
Little Eloise

Tabitha got distracted by the falling of pencil. It caught her eye, she notice a girl playing with fire. "Excuse me i think you dropped your pencil." Tabitha giving a wry smile, trying to be polite.

10/16/2009 #48
Florence Crosse

Alice looked up to find a girl a few years younger then her. She raised a brow and got the pencil from her grasp.

"Thanks." She said curtly.

10/18/2009 #49
Little Eloise

"Whatever..." Tabitha looked emotionlesly towards the girl. "You don't need to thank me... It's fine." She said.

10/18/2009 #50
Florence Crosse

Alice raised a brow but shrugged and went back to playing with fire.

10/18/2009 #51
Paradox Complex

Rosie went in quietly and sat beside Tabitha waiting for the teacher.

10/18/2009 #52
Little Eloise

Tabitha felt a sudden shrug in her shoulder. She looked beside her and found Rosie, Sapphire's cousin. "What are you doing here?"

10/18/2009 #53
Florence Crosse

Alice rolled her eyes at the ongoing conversation.

10/18/2009 #54
Paradox Complex

Rosie was so startled that she dropped her book. She said slowly," This is my next class."

(( Blaxstar- I will not reply for a while!))

10/18/2009 #55
Little Eloise

"Know i have to brats to worry about." Tabitha rolled her eyes.

10/19/2009 #56
Paradox Complex

Rosie 's eyes turned red but she said nothing to Tabitha but on the inside she was pouring with anger to anyone who would be that mean to her cousin Sapphire who was the nicest person she knew.

10/19/2009 #57
Little Eloise

Tabitha knew that Rosie was mad at her. She knew that Rosie is thinking that Sapphire, her cousin, is the nicest person. "Look, if you think that Sapphire is a nice person, you must never ever meet any one else."

10/19/2009 #58
Paradox Complex

" I saw her the walking out of Combat Class, she's a wreck. I know she is not the nicest person to you and sometimes to me either. But give her a chance..." Her voice stopped when she sensed Snape in the halls. She knew Tabitha would'nt beleive her but she kept her fingers crossed." Teach is coming" Rosie told Tabitha

10/19/2009 #59
Little Eloise

"Maybe..." Tabitha rolled her eyes and blew some of her hair from her face.

10/19/2009 #60
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