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A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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K.J DarKnight

((I am creating a second character based on Russian mythology... I've been wanting to try this so we will see how it works))

9/15/2008 #61
Jaded Aegis

The world inside Ranz's mind was that of ingenious and fantastic creatures, but most of all... the image of Effy floated around in the sky of his dismembered mind. instead of a normal blue sky... it was a dark foreboding purple.. swirling clouds... a harsh wind blew everything off it's feet.. a tornado touched down in random spots. The only thing left attached to the ground was an old tower.. made of clay but slowly being pulled apart whenever the tornado touched down. The entrance to Ranz's inner mind.. what he really thought deeply about.. cared about...

The stuff not skin deep... But if it got tore apart much further Ranz would no longer have any control over his mind.. the entrance lost to his physical peice. A voice called out... Ranz's soft-ish voice.. "Hurry Effy.... please.... go to the tower..... the central nervous system... from there you can control everything.... the mental control is there to: the cerebium.."

9/15/2008 #62
Zina Nevirone

The girl who looked a lot like Kaytlyn, but was obviously not, you could tell this just by the way she was standing.

"Oh god, not you." James groaned softly.

"Oh, yes me." the girl's voice was very unlike Kaytlyn's. "You should have remembered. If your Kayt is being hurt in any way I will protect her."

"But why? You hate her." James stepped back further, it was obvious he was terrified of this girl.

"I've told you this a thousand times, I need her body." The girl stared at James, causing his skin to go even more pale than he already was.

James hadn't realised he was shaking. "But why?"

The girl gave a sinister laugh. "Your the telepath. The only one who can get into this mind without being torn apart like that boy and his dear dear friend."

"Please just go." James begged.

9/16/2008 #63
Jaded Aegis

"Hurry... Only you can restart my mind... revive me..... hurry Effy.."

9/16/2008 #64
Zina Nevirone

((Boooklover's at it's just me with the psycho vampire and satan's princess...oh and a completely normal stuckup cow!!))

9/16/2008 #65
Jaded Aegis

((wow.......... and damn about Effy.....why can't she post from school like I AM ?))

Ranz twitched here and there... giving one last attempt at struggle... only this struggle was for life or death.. As far as he was concerned, kayt was killing him and she would murder him unless she left the immediate premise... but he couldn't move, let alone speak... yell at her to go...... to stop hurting him..

9/16/2008 . Edited 9/16/2008 #66
Zina Nevirone

((It's not Kayt's fault y'know...she can't help being possessed...And Boooklover can't post because there are hardly any computers in our class rooms and when there are the teachers watch us like hawks...))

James stared at the girl. "Come on, let her go. Go back to where you came from."

"I know you hate it James. I know you hate me being in your friends head, but would you rather she was dead. Rather you lost both of them?"

James gulped. "No."

"Good because you know that if I leave she dies."

"She wouldn't die!"

"Oh she would. You know I'm the only reason she can exist anymore. Otherwise she's dead, all because if Ra-"

"Don't you say her name!" James' eyes were the balckest black can get and he advanced forward.

"You won't harm me James and you know it." the girl laughed.

"I will if you ever say Rachel's name! You never knew her!" James stood still, caught between attacking and running away before the girl could do anything.

((From ES.))

"James!" Danni appeared at the otherside of the lake.

"Stay there Danni!" James ordered, not looking at her.

"Why?" Danni didn't like being bossed around.

She started walking round the lake.

The girl shot an energy ball at her and it hit her in the chest She fell.

The girl disappeared and reappeared beside Danni.

"Should have listened to your boyfriend." The girl hissed.

James' face was plastered with hate and fury.

9/16/2008 #67
Jaded Aegis

((Anita Dare is coming to my school! this friday, second period. For some reason they changed the name of last year's book club to culture club.. and we'll be eating new foods... etc... but I joined anyway. New things.... cool. Anita is coming t oru school this friday, at around 10:10 (the end of first period) and is presenting her new book to 1 class, and us culture club members. (as long as it's ok with our teachers.) She said as being part of the culture club we get first grabs at reading the book (I think... I think were just the first ones to see it... not sure hwo this is all workin out yet..) BUT WICKED AWESOME AN AUTHOR IS COMING TO MY SCHOOL!!!!!!))

Ranz focused for a brief moment... this was all he could do but he knew he must help Effy help him... the sky began clearing up... the tornado began getting farther and farther away as he pushed everything away and focused on one word: peace. "Effy.... hurry... I can't keep her at bay for more then a few seconds...."


9/16/2008 . Edited by Zina Nevirone, 9/16/2008 #68
Zina Nevirone

"Leave Danni alone!" James roared at the girl who just laughed, and kicked Danni in the side.

Danni crawled away, "Not this again." she mumbled.

9/16/2008 #69
Jaded Aegis

Nigu heard some commotion outside and decided to check it out as was her cautious nature.. "Freeze or I shoot." She said p\whippin' out her Colt .45 immediately realizing it was a stupid move. This school was for 'special' people, they could probably shrug off a bit of lead..

"Tell me why you are beating on this girl before I let you off the hook." (( She has all the same fire-bending powers as Ranz btw... only the opposite... she controls water, and basic wind control as well...))

9/16/2008 #70
Zina Nevirone

The girl laughed, "Just try."

Danni managed to get away while she was distracted, but she had seen James' eyes and knew that she was human and he could kill her if he lost his temper.

9/16/2008 #71
Jaded Aegis

Right now was when Nigu wished she was telepathic so she could tell the girl to run, while Nigu had this strange figure distracted. Nigu finally emptied her specialized 20-shot clip.

((BTW Ranz still has his 'special ammo' for his Tec-9's in his room. It's specially charmed lead, with silver infused, with various magic inscribed painstakingly unto every bullet so that each-bullet travels through the spirit realm and physical realm at the same time, and explodes on contact, and can kill pretty much everything. (It also has a small chunk of wood for the occasional vampire) he met all sorts of nasties in his city. Nigu uses regular Automatic ammo though..))

(remember she is a crack-shot..)

((I g2g... bell rang... but I have Computer Science next so I should be able to post still.))

9/16/2008 #72
Zina Nevirone

The girl laughed as the bullet hit Kaytlyn's body.

Danni screamed as Kaytlyn's body dropped, as it did so the hair changed back to red and her eyes to blue.

Danni ran to her. Not caring that The Princess could come back. She just didn't want to lose Kaytlyn again.

James didn't move, caught between his vampire self and human.

9/16/2008 #73
K.J DarKnight

Katrusha walked out towards the lake her silver hair swaying behind her. She wore a simple T-shirt and jeans, no shoes. She stopped short seeing things weren’t going well by the lake. Assessing the situation, she sighed. “I am here only vive minutes and somvon alveady needs help” she said quietly to herself. She sighed again then went on over and sat on the edge of the lake and started to sing. It was a Russian song but that didn’t matter, any male within hearing range would be entranced by her voice and all worries, hate and anger would vanish. She hated to bring attention to herself like this but she could see the situation was about to get ugly.

Josephs confused thoughts evaporated with the sound of Katrusha’s singing. He couldn’t seem to concentrate now, he could only hear Katrusha and he wanted to see her, to see the one singing so beautifully. Nothing else in the world seemed to matter now, no matter how hard he tried to think of other things.

((*sweat drop* Russian accents take some thinking to write out))

9/16/2008 #74
Jaded Aegis


Ranz heard a beautiful voice far off..... and his mind was drawn to it... his whole being..... could this be it? Could this bring his peices together again... it seemed to be working... his entire body now had something to unite it: The need to see whatever was singing... Whoever.... Perhaps he could wake in a few minutes.... He could finally form audible words.. "Keep singing..... keep bring honey and milk unto the air.... keep the air vibrating with beauty....."

9/16/2008 #75
Zina Nevirone

James stared over to where Kaytlyn's body lay. The black still in his eyes.

9/16/2008 #76
K.J DarKnight

Katrusha tried not to pay attention to anyone who might be listening, so she stared down at the water as she kept singing

9/16/2008 #77
Jaded Aegis

Nigu focused intently... dropping to her knees... instantly the entire vicinity was air-free... but she mostly wanted to make sure the wierd girl and guy (Kayt and James) didn't have air, taking special care to keep them away from any oxygen..... once she had accomplished that, she hopped up the tree next to her and focused intently..

9/16/2008 #78
Zina Nevirone

James couldn't breathe. He felt light headed and soon passed out.

((Please don't try to kill them...))

9/16/2008 #79
Jaded Aegis

((hmm.... ok... lol jking...))

Nigu had accomplished her goal of neutralizing all threats, and let air swoosh in to her big bubble of space.

A small wind passed by and they could all breathe again.. "Ranz!?" she rushed to his side... Since when did he go here!?

9/16/2008 #80
Zina Nevirone

James gasped and got up on his knees trying to remember what had happened. Kaytlyn had been shot.

He jumped up and ran to where Danni was crouched beside her.

Danni gave James a wary look, "What do we do?"

"Leave her." James pulled her back. "She knows how to heal her."

"Are you glad Kayt has her?" Danni asked quietly.

"Sometimes." James whispered, he slipped his hand into Danni's as he sat beside her on the ground and watched Kaytlyn's body heal itself.

9/16/2008 #81
K.J DarKnight

Katrusha stopped singing as she realized the situation had pretty well mellowed She sat there letting her bare feet dangle in the lake water.

9/16/2008 #82
Zina Nevirone

Danni glanced over at Katrusha, suddenly aware that there was more than just them and Nigu at the lake.

"Hi," she said softly.

9/16/2008 #83
K.J DarKnight

Katrusha looked up “Allo” she said, her voice was soft and melodic

Joseph, coming back to himself now that the singing had stopped stood there dumbfounded. He knew this school was different then others but so many strange things had already happened in the short time he had been there. “I am never going to get used to this” he sighed to himself

9/16/2008 #84
Jaded Aegis

Ranz coughed..... and woke... sputtering when he saw Effy he saw a bunch of new unfamiliar faces... he did the only sensible thing that came to mind.. "Hi..." he slowly rose to his feet... like it was his first time walking for a year. "What exactly happened...?" looking around he realized he wasn't the center of the commotion... Kayt was.. Oh no... He knew he couldn't get too close... and he was too weak right now to fight his way through to her... but he knew something was wrong..

9/16/2008 #85
Zina Nevirone

"Sorry about these two." Danni smiled, "They're a bit of a nightmare."

James being a vampire had very good hearing and answered Joseph's question. "You may never." His eyes never left Kaytlyn's wound, it still hadn't healed, why was it taking this long?

9/16/2008 #86
K.J DarKnight

Katrusha smiled slightly "vy do you say zat?" Katrusha asked curiously

Joseph was surprised when he was answered. Looking in the direction of the voice, he saw, again, James, he still could not understand how he was livingbut dead at the same time. He walked int his direction,he wanted to find out. "Jams wasn't it?" he asked hoping he remembered right.

9/16/2008 #87
Zina Nevirone

"They drive me crazy with their fighting, and it nearly always end up as something like this..." Danni sighed and shook her head.

James looked up at him, "Yeah, I'm Jams."

9/16/2008 #88
Jaded Aegis

Ranz felt his strength returning fast, his mind coming into focus and he decided to risk getting a little closer.. "What the hell happened!?"

9/16/2008 #89
Zina Nevirone

"Some girl shot her, but it's good to see Kayt's not hurting you anymore." James' smile was small. He looked back at Kaytlyn's wound. Still not healed.

9/16/2008 #90
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