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Jaded Aegis

Ranz sighed.. "Who shot her..?"


Nigu sighed rather a rather bit too audible...


Ranz turned around and was shocked, to see is old friend... his old..... companion.. "N-Nigu..?"

He hugged her tightly.. "Did you shoot her..?" he whispered his question to her... "yes.." she replied just as quiet..

Ranz held her shoulders at arms length.. "Can you heal her..? You were always pretty smart with plants... maybe something to clean it out maybe?" Nigu sighed.. "By now the metalic contents of the bullet have seeped into her bloodstream.. she's royally screwed unless something divine heals her.."

Ranz's expression dropped... oh...

What the hell.... Effy is still out-cold.........

9/16/2008 #91
Zina Nevirone

James looked at his hands. "Do you know who that was that had her possessed?"

Danni's heart beat sped up. She couldn't lose Kaytlyn again. Not her, and Rachel, and Izzy.

9/16/2008 #92
Jaded Aegis

Ranz and Nigu rushed to Kayt's side..... They both sat beside her.. Ranz was the only one hit with realization.... "Effy is still in my head!!! Oh my (F)ing God!" he fought for control for a moment.. then something else hit him - he was sitting not more then a few inches away from Kayt and he didn't feel any mental pressure.... It can't be.. she can't be dead....

9/16/2008 #93
Zina Nevirone

"She's not dead." James said in a cold voice. What is she waiting for?

9/16/2008 #94
Jaded Aegis

Ranz wasn't so sure.. Nigu finally broke down and hugged Ranz close to her... her head on his shoulder.. "It's all my fault.... all my fault..."

Ranz couldn't thikn of anything better to do then hug her back and keep an eye on Kayt..

9/16/2008 #95
Zina Nevirone

"Come on." James hissed. If the Princess waited any longer she would die too.

Danni let a tear slip and let go of James' hand.

9/16/2008 #96
Jaded Aegis

Ranz had only that one last hope to hang from... Nigu didn't...

9/16/2008 #97
Zina Nevirone

Danni got up and walked away.

"Danni, come back!" James called after her, "She's gotten through worse. She's come back from the dead."

He didn't go after her though.

9/16/2008 #98
Jaded Aegis

Ranz held onto Nigu tightly.. "You really think she'll make it?"

9/16/2008 #99
Zina Nevirone

Kaytlyn's eyes twitched and the wound began to heal.

James smiled, but he knew it could still go wrong, the Princess could still give up. "Come on." he said again.

9/16/2008 #100
Jaded Aegis

Ranz sighed in utter disbelief, and relief..

Nigu kissed his cheek.... sending spirals of red entrails towards Effy.. Swirling and menacing.. Slapping away at the tower as the flew around the outside loking for an entrance... Ranz looked slightly shocked.. Nigu took it the wrong way and left to her dorm...

((Nigu : Green Dorm))

9/16/2008 #101

Effy's eyes widened as the red swirls flew at her. After having looked round Ranz's mind for a while, some outside force had dragged him out, and now it seemed that something powerful was stirring in Ranz's mind. Emotions, maybe? Whatever it was, Effy was knocked out of the sky and out of Ranz's mind.

She twitched slightly as she returned to her own body, but her eyes were open for only a moment before an excruciating headache slammed her back into unconcsiousness.

((Wow, I can't believe how much happened while I wasn't online. Nigu's interesting, not sure if Effy'll like her though.))

9/16/2008 #102
K.J DarKnight

((Sorry I was gone longer then I thought, what did I miss??))

9/16/2008 #103
Jaded Aegis

((Eh.. Ranz is more into Effy anyways... Nigu like... abandoned him a long time ago... he's been trying to avoid thinking about it lately xD))

Ranz sighed... he saw a sudden movment and rushed to Effy.... Telepathically... he nudged her sub-mind softly... edging it sowly to conciousness... Hugging her tightly...

((g2g... kitchen is rly bad.. might post at Alyssa's place xD))

9/16/2008 . Edited 9/16/2008 #104

Effy groaned a little, her head still throbbing, and came to. She felt Ranz's arms round her, and she instantly felt safer. She smiled softly, reaching out for Ranz's hand.

"Thanks for that... what did I miss?"

((Hehe, OK. Laters. (That's right, my farewells are in the plural.)))

9/16/2008 #105
K.J DarKnight

Katrusha sighed and dove into the lake there was to much drama going on for her liking. She was almost tempted to set a storm over the area but decided against it.

9/16/2008 #106
K.J DarKnight

Joseph decided maybe he should wait till there was less drama going on before trying to talk to people he didn't know. He wondered off back towards the school

9/16/2008 #107
Jaded Aegis

Ranz gave a small smile... "Alot.... but umm... if you don't min dmaybe we should go to our dorms... I think classes start tomorrow... I'm surprised the teachers haven't kicked us all out already..." He felt compelled to kiss her... what a feeling! He was exhilerated.. happy.. Effy... made him feel how Nigu once made him feel... he tried forcing the thoughts out of his mind but they kept coming... everything that happened... he ran off - afraid of how Effy might react to the whole him&Nigu situation.. He felt rather.. beaten.. he didn't want to let Effy get to close to his heart.. but at the same time... he longed for someone to call his own... to hold...

9/16/2008 #108
K.J DarKnight

Katrusha emerged from the water again, much closer to the shore then she meant too

9/16/2008 #109
Zina Nevirone

Kaytlyn's eyes flickered open as the gun shot wound healed itself completely.

"How's Ranz?" she asked.

James shook his head and laughed, "You're weird Kayt."

"No, seriously, how is he?" Kayt made to get up, but James made sure she would stay lying down.

A smile brushed across Danni's face but she stayed turned away. Not wanting Kayt to see she had been crying.

9/17/2008 #110
Jaded Aegis

((Ranz : Green Dorm.))

9/17/2008 #111
Zina Nevirone

"Well, I'm guessing he's alright." James shrugged, "But you do know you were shot, don't you?"

Kayt nodded, "Now let me up."

"God Kayt. You're pratically made of titanium." James shook his head. "But no, you can't get up until it's completely healed."

Danni wiped her eyes and plucked up the courage to go and sit back beside Kayt, she wriggled her hand back into James'.

"Sure you feel okay?" she asked Kaytlyn.

Kaytlyn nodded. "Me and you have to talk Danni."

"Now?" Danni winced.

"Now." Kayt nodded.

James shook his head again and got up, he walked around to the otherside of the lake, still within hearing distance for a vampire.

9/17/2008 #112
Jaded Aegis

((I have nobody here lol XD))

9/17/2008 #113
Zina Nevirone

((I know, you've pratically lonered just occured to me that my characters are pretty much wrapped up in themselves...))

9/17/2008 #114
Zina Nevirone

"So what's up, Kayt?" Danni asked after several minutes silence.

"James." Kayt stated softly.

"After all these years you want to admit you love him?" Danni looked down, not sure whether she meant this as a joke or not.

"No." Kayt laughed at the thought, then turned serious, "No, he just tried to kill me again."

"It wasn't him." Danni shook her words off.

"It was." Kayt stared at her.

"Do you not think I know what you are about to say? That he's too dangerous?" Danni still wouldn't look at Kayt.

"Danni, he is dangerous, all you need to do is draw blood and he'll kill you so fast you wouldn't even know it." Kayt sat up, not liking the feeling of the grass on her back.

"I know, I know. Every second I spend with him is suicide. But I love him Kayt. I love him, and I don't care if he kills me." Danni frowned.

"I don't want him to lose it with you. If you die, you have no way of coming back. If you die -"

"You'll be alone." Danni finished.

"That's not it. It's best if I'm alone, I was going to say if you die I have to cover it up." A smile flashed across Kayt's face.

"Oh thanks." Danni couldn't help laughing.

"But seriously, watch him. He's killed before." Kayt went serious again.

And all this time James was listening intently at the otherside of the lake, with a smile on his face, because he knew that Danni would never leave him and he would never kill her.

9/17/2008 #115
K.J DarKnight

((Yes they are all wrapped up in themselves))

" zat is you're gerlfriend and sister vight?" Katrusha asked James as she pulled herself out of the water

9/17/2008 #116
Zina Nevirone


"Yeah," James smiled, "How'd you know?"

9/17/2008 #117

Effy remained standing for a while, gazing out onto the lake in quiet contemplation. Ranz's mind had been... chaotic, to say the least. And he had a complex past that was coming back to haunt him- so much drama in his life, and he was so unwilling to let people in. Effy sighed, unable to decide how to handle the situation. The situation would have to further unfold, she supposed.

((To the Green Dorm.))

9/17/2008 #118
K.J DarKnight

"It's not zat hard to tell" Katrusha said glancing at Dannie and Kayt before going on. "Just by ze vay you look at zem" she explained "I cant here vat zey are saying, but I vould guess you sister is vorning her"

((I think Russian accents are easyer to speak then type *sweat drop*))

9/17/2008 #119
Zina Nevirone

"She is. Kayt will do anything to warn her. But Danni doesn't listen." James said with a perfctly straight face then he smirked, "She can't stay away from me."

9/17/2008 #120
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