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Florence Crosse

Alice gasped and bent over to inspect Calix.

"You alright?" She didn't wait for a reply. She looked over towards where the anger was most.

"We have to go." She glanced over at Calix, concern etched on her face. "Can you walk?" She asked.

7/28/2009 #301

((Did lelaunt evaporate again?))

Damien growled, listening for the knight and his vile sword and for the others. They were far away but she knew they were comming. She glared at Lelaunt. "My name dragon is still Damien. We are the same person and yet not. Never have I been allowed out for so long what did you do to the other?!" she snarled her tone accusing.

7/28/2009 #302

"I'm fine," Calix muttered, straightening. He stared at where the wave of anger came from, a unsettling feeling in his gut. In precaution, he leaned down and slid his dagger out of his belt, a mere ornament till now. The grip felt heavy and final in his hand.

"Let's go," He murmured, grabbing Alice's hand and leading the way. He could feel it more, with each step - a potent sense of danger.

7/28/2009 #303

((Grr dragon boy it's your turn to say something))

Damien hopped back. "Well what did you do?" Her sentance ended in a groan as more pain went through her. She'd definatly cracked a rib. The others were approaching. Retreat was looking like the best option, but where? She didn't know this place she didn't know anything. Her human side would know but something was wrong. It was like a blanket of darkness had covered her.

7/28/2009 #304
Florence Crosse


7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #305

((Is he still there?))

Calix stepped over a thick root, his senses stretched to their fullest capacity. He felt a deep sense of foreboding inside his chest. He had to stifle his desire to take Alice and turn back. Calix couldn't pinpoint the exact source of the danger he felt, but he couldn't stop the nagging sensation that Damien had something to do with it. He could see the intense worry on Alice's face, and knew she could feel it to.

However, whether Damien was in danger, or was causing it was another question entirely.

7/28/2009 #306

((Maybe he got caught on fiction press by his teacher. Give him a bit longer.))

Finnagan was getting close now. He slowed down not sure of what to do. He smelled others with Damien. Lelaunt and Kazuki were there. Kazuki?! Oh great what did the stupid emo palidan do?! He started walking slowly listening, trying to figure out what he was needed so urgently for.

7/28/2009 #307

((So he's in school right now?))

Calix caught sight of another figure a few yards in front of him and Alice.

"Finnagan?" He called out, hurrying his pace to catch up with the other boy.

7/28/2009 #308

((From what I gathered from his chatter on a different RP he is. It should be around afternoon for him right now I think. I could be wrong))

Finnagan turned around and pressed his finger to his lips. "Shh! They're just ahead but I don't know what's going on. Damien's in her kitsune form but I don't hear fighting at the moment. I don't want to jump in without thinking and get someone hurt."

((Gee this almost doesn't sound like Finnagan does it?))

7/28/2009 #309

((Hahaha...Finnagan's so serious and thinking ahead. :P))

Calix crouched down next to Finnagan, his face grim. He knew the situation was potentially dangerous - he could feel it in his gut. Even Finnagan was uncommonly serious.

"Damien's in her kitsune form but I don't hear fighting at the moment." Finnagan's words echoed in his mind. Calix wasn't as close to Damien as Alice, so he didn't fully know the implications of her being in her kitsune form. But he could guess. Oh, could he guess.

Instinctively, his grip on his dagger hilt tightened.

((Of yeah. Speechless went offline for a while. She told me to tell you.))

7/28/2009 #310

((We might end up waiting for Lelaunt to show. I want him to at least get one more thing in.))

Finnagan kept one ear on the situation in front and turned to Calix. "Do either of you know what happened to Damien? This doesn't feel normal."


Damien growled holding her side, but it just wasn't her side her whole body was starting to hurt. It just made her angry. What had happened to her other side? Were they trying to trap her and kill her? The knight certainly was. Were these renforcements? Lelaunt had said no but he could be lying, trying to get her while she was vulnerable. She growled again. "You won't get us, filthy dragon. I won't let you have us." She took another step on to a new branch gaining distance from him.

7/28/2009 #311

((Alright. We'll wait for him.))

Calix shook his head. "I don't know the whole story. All I know was that it happened in the Lake. I was there when Alice, Damien, and Lelaunt resurfaced. Already, I could tell there was something bothering Damien. I just don't know what." He said, frustrated.

7/28/2009 #312

"Great, water, of course everything bad that happens always seems to be near water," Finnagan muttered. He sniffed the air. "This is bad. She's been in that form for several minutes. No one's fighting so why is she still a fox?"

((Sorry but we can have a little quick back and forth between Finnagan and Calix as they try and piece together the situation))

7/28/2009 #313

"Will something bad happen if she remains in that form for a long period of time?" Calix asked.

((Sure, sure. I don't think Speechless' is coming back anytime soon. How bout Lelaunt?))

7/28/2009 #314

((No clue the dude disappears at the drop of a hat))

Finnagan nodded. "Kitsune hybrids didn't used to be that unusual. I know alot about them. At this stage of life that form is only ment for self defense. The kitsune side is just a kit it's too young to do much. Plus it draws on the person's power to maintain that form too long and..." Finnagan looked at where he knew Damien was. "She could die."

((hee, not bad for an off the top of my head idea))

7/28/2009 #315

((Hahaha...Kudos to top of the head ideas))

Calix froze. Die? Damien could die?

The words seem to hang heavily in the air, like weights ready to plummet down to earth and shake it's very foundation. It seemed to unreal, to unbelievable - but here it was. There was a part of him that wanted to run away, to cut himself from the pain of tragedy, to leave reality in the hands of others.

Does that make me a coward? He wondered bitterly. Am I so sheltered, to only see death as a fate of strangers? He shook his head, disgusted with himself.

I can accept the possibility of Damien's fate. He thought, looking away from Finnagan and turning his gaze ahead, to where Damien was. As he did, a strange strength seemed to stir within his body. It flowed outwards, from his chest to his limbs to his fingertips, an powerful surge of energy that emboldened him. He stood up straighter, his eyes dark and flashing.

I must simply stop it from coming to pass.

((Hey BlackDove! gtg. I'll try to come online l8tr. Hope the others are there by then. :P))

7/28/2009 #316

(And I'm back to ruin the moment.)

Kazuki smiled for a brief second under his helmet, but it disappeared. He was prepared to begin his finishing strike, but the prince stepped in and got into his way. "Your majesty. Move. I have no wish to injure you." He walked foreward, his blad residing on his shoulder, his black armor glinting under the magic gold light. "She's killed innocent people. I cannot allow their cries for revenge go unanswered." He pointed his sword at an extended length out towards him, "So, please. Move. Or I will not hesitate to stab through you, too."

(Kazuki is ready to kill both, as someone who protects them is just as guilty as they are in his eyes.)

7/28/2009 #317


Finnagan's mind was working like crazy. What could he do to help? This wasn't just the girl going out of control. This was much worse. Damn it, I may have to do something drastic. This day is just getting worse and worse. All the same he could hardly just stand by. Damien was a lot of fun and he wasn't about to let something happen to his hevasemo-chan! Think you moron think!

((Hi just when everyone else has gone you show up. Perfect))

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #318

Damien growled. She was hurting. Hurting all over. She took another step back. "Get away knight!" She hissed. What was this? "You did this to us didn't you? It's your fault!"


Finnagan's ears twitched. He heard Kazuki's statement. Oh that explains part of it. He patted Calix on the shoulder. "Stay here and back me up but don't do anything 'till I say so." He got up and ran the rest of the distance. Stupid rightious people and their stupid moral codes!

7/28/2009 #319

(Moral code? He's ready to stab through the prince!)

"Knight?" Kazuki repeated in his head. He shook his head and removed his helmet, tossing it aside. "Anything but. I was a Paladin from the Brotherhood of Light." he said, stoic expression refusing to give ground to the demon fox. "I was. Until a demon much like you gave me this." He showed her his black armor, his half black blade, and his demonic red colored left eye. "That demon tainted me. He was no different than you." He looked at the prince once again, "If you do not move sire, I will stab through you." He readied himself for his charge.

(Finnagan can postpone him, but that's about it until Lelaunt gets here. Kazuki's theme would fit this scene perfectly.)

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #320

((Fine but Damien's in trouble))

"YOU IDIOT!" Finnagan snapped, jumping into the air behind the paladin. Both his hands came above Finnagan's head in fists and then slammed down into the vulnerable head of Kazuki. The rest of Finnagan crashed into the stunned knight just a few seconds later sending both to the ground. "Leave Hevasemo-chan alone!" Finnagan demanded jumping to his feet and standing between Kazuki and Damien. "You're gonna kill her!"

Damien flinched at the sight of this new person and almost attacked but then she saw that the boy was down because of the new commer. Her nostrils flared. He smelled...familiar... She stood and watched her body now aching horribly.

7/28/2009 #321

The pain surged through Kazuki's head and while his face showed no expression, he was brought to the ground. "You're protecting her too." He tossed Finnagan off of him and stood back up. "Do none of you care that she has killed innocent people?" He looked around, between the prince and the newcomer. "Do none of you care that somebody is crying over the loss of that person?"He clenched his blade tighter, resisting the urge to delve into the element of Darkness he had contained within him. Kazuki had about had it with these people and there screwed up logic. "Do none of you care that some kid is in an orphanage because she killed their parents?" His mind flashed back to when his parents were killed. He then lost it, and threw his blade at the ground. "Do none of you fucking care?!"

(I dunno about you, but I'd be extremely pissed, too. I think Kazuki is going to lose it here and his Dark powers are going to go crazy. Expect all hell to break lose. XD)

7/28/2009 #322

((Watch your language on the forum))

Finnagan glared down at Kazuki. Things were starting to make a lot of sense. "What happened to you bemoaning about being a monster yourself?" He demaned. "Hevasemo-chan may have a past but she hasn't killed one person here. Would killing her bring back that aformentioned children's parents? What you don't seem to realize mr. high and mighty is that despite all that she has gained friends. You killing her is just going to make them the people crying over the loss of someone. Avenging and revenge are the same thing and last time I checked revenge was wrong. NOTHING comes from death that's any good. Isn't the main motto of that christian god of you people always saying stuff like forgiveness and redemption? She hasn't done anything to anyone here so why don't you just forgive her already and put the stupid sword away?" Finnagan stood firm, he looked deadly serious. His yellow/green eyes flashed with anger.

((Nice speech don't you think?))

7/28/2009 #323

((Sorry, but, we're all mature enough to handle it. And if I used anything other than the f-bomb, I don't think his point would have been as clear. I'm also listening to Kazuki's theme to better help me make this depressing scene. It really helps.)

"That's because I am a monster." He turned to glare at Finnagan, his left eye color pulsating like a red light. "Look at my eye. It's not natural." He turned and walked towards Finnagan. "You're right, that is the Paladin's way. I'm not supposed to kill, I'm supposed to believe in redemption, however," Kazuki felt wierd, he began to have a twitchy smile. "I ceased being one last year because of this... thing." He turned to Finnagan. "You don't know the meaning of what you are saying. If I let her go, she could kill someone else. A heartless person with no moral's will kill anyone without remorse once they've done it already." He then slowed his walk towards Finnagan, "Do you know why I'm trying to kill her?" He asked, "Because if I let her go. Another kid could be orphaned. Another wife grieving over her lost husband. Another lover crying over a marriage that will never happen." He held his hand out, and his sword came flying towards him, but instead of the golden, holy light of Divinity, the blade was encircled by a black shadow. "If you wont back down, you can join her." In the center of his armor, it began to lose it's shine. There was a small splotch of a blackness that looked like an empty void. And it was slowly spreading.

(That would be the uncontrolable darkness Kazuki has. And the speech was good, but Kazuki is pretty much blinded right now.)

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #324

Calix watched the blade glow from his vantage point, a pulsating darkness that seemed to reach out and taint everything in its path. A consuming coldness seemed to spread throughout his body, a prickling awareness of the danger he faced if he revealed himself. Nevertheless...

Calix gritted his teeth. He respected Finnagan immensely and his instructions were to stay hidden. No matter what a blow it was to his pride, he couldn't jump in to the fray. He knew the boy, the former Paladin, was too far gone. He could easily strike at the smallest provocation, and Calix feared his sudden appearance would serve as the catalyst. So he remained, watching in agonized silence.

7/28/2009 #325

((Read the rules and at least make it more censured terrian or Zina's gonna get in trouble))

Damien growled but winced. She felt weak and her whole body was aching. She groaned and clutched her stomach. Where was her human side? Why wasn't it comming back?

Finnagan looked Kazuki up and down. "Damn it I don't have time to save two idiots!" Finnagan grumbled. "Calix, Alice, I might need your help here," Finnagan called his dice in hand. "Lelaunt keep an eye on Damien. I'll get to her as soon as I can." he turned to Kazuki. "You're just looking for an excuse now. Isn't the fact that she has friends proof that she's changing or do you think we all have bad judgement?" Finnagan felt his powers pulse. He wasn't sure what to do to help Kazuki. He barely knew how to help Damien.

((So do I get a tip on how to keep Kazuki from going all evil or is that Lelaunt's job? oh and perfect timing Calix))

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #326

((Hey! :D))

Calix needed no urging. But before he joined Finnagan, he turned to Alice.

"Alice, I want you to stay here." He saw the initial anger in her eyes, but they softened when she heard his thoughts.

I need you to stay safe. For me. And for Damien too. We're all boys - you know we don't understand. He smiled crookedly, seeing her reluctant, albeit petulant, acceptance. He stood, and made his presence known. His face was void of emotion, but inside, his heart was galloping a mile a minute.

As if answering his need, the energy that began before seemed to grow in immensity, a roaring fire in his veins. He fell into a defensive stance instinctively, silver eyes flashing.

((Oh yeah. Speechless isn't here, so....Yeah.))

7/28/2009 #327

(I've read the rules, and langauge is acceptable, so long as it's not used in rapid succesion. It's got to be suitible for teens, and most teens understand cursing. And as for a hint... There is none, he's already on the warpath. Just get everyone to gang up on him once he goes berserk. It's really close to happening.)

By now, his entire chest piece was like a shadow, and it was slowly moving further throughout his armor. "I don't care who you call to help you. Even serial killers had friends. Quit protecting her! She's killed peoples friends! She's killed people that have done nothing wrong! And what makes you think she's not just leading you on, huh?" His blade's black glow went to match the void color like his armor was slowly changing to. "For all you know, she could be acting this way!" Kazuki didn't even know what he was saying anymore, the words leaving his mouth weren't the ones he was thinking. But, this was how he wanted to go, for some reason, his bloodlust was strong seeable now. Something he had never had before. He couldn't control his urge to begin fighting. "If you will not leave, I'll just take you all down!" The shadow-like substance had picked up the pace and finished his armor off, and was beginning to creep up his neck.

(One of you can show the finishing touch when it completely turns his face into a shadow-like substance. The only thing visible on it should be his pulsating demonic eye.)

7/28/2009 #328

((I put that in for if she shows up))

Finnagan grinned at his knew ally. "Watch out, the guys going beserk with all his tainted magic. We've got to keep him busy until I can think of a way to snap him out of it." Damien and run, which ever comes first, he added silently.

7/28/2009 #329

He turned to face the newcomer in this little arena in the forest. He looked at Finnagan. "And here I thought you might have left peacefully..." His face was now three fourths of the way covered in the shadow substance. "You all were setting an ambush for me!" Kazuki still was able to control his feet, but with each passing second his face got more covered, it was becoming increasingly difficult to hold his spot.

7/28/2009 #330
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