Magic School
A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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K.J DarKnight

"Hm, how about I run back to the dorm and grab my water bottle" Kat suggested, she would need a drink when she was done anyway.

12/4/2008 #31
Zina Nevirone

"Go for it." Hoshi beamed.

12/4/2008 #32
K.J DarKnight

Kat handed Hoshi the stop watch "Alright, time me" Kat said then waited for Hoshi to let her know when she was ready

12/4/2008 #33
Zina Nevirone

"'Kay. Go!" Hoshi pressed the start button.

12/4/2008 #34
K.J DarKnight

within a few seconds Kat reached top speed without having to build up to it. It was hardly twenty seconds before she was back water bottle in hand.

((I'm not sure how far the school is from the forest but whatever))

12/4/2008 #35
Zina Nevirone

((Not far.))

"Wow." Hoshi said again.

12/4/2008 #36
K.J DarKnight

((Well it probably didn't even take her twenty seconds then))

Kat grinned, she wasnt even out of breath yet

12/4/2008 #37
Zina Nevirone

"And you're not part vampire or werewolf?" Hoshi questioned, knowing them to be really fast runners.

12/4/2008 #38
K.J DarKnight

Kat laughed a bit "Nope, you could say I'm part Cheetah though" Kat replied "That's why I have these too" Kat showed her her hands, her fingernails were to thick and sharp to be human fingernails

12/4/2008 #39
Zina Nevirone

"Part cheetah?" Hoshi was confused.

12/4/2008 #40
K.J DarKnight

"Can you keep a secret?" Kat asked

12/4/2008 #41
Zina Nevirone

"Of course I can." Hoshi nodded.

12/4/2008 #42
K.J DarKnight

Kat nodded "Alright then, the government was splicing human and animal DNA and giving animal DNA to humans to try and make 'super soldiers'. when the facility was discovered the government had to destroy the evidence. I got away before they bombed it" Kat explained "So yeah I was obviously given cheetah DNA" she added

12/4/2008 #43
Zina Nevirone

((I'm really concentrating on writing now before I have to go to bed. I want to finish it tonight, so bye.))

"Wow." Hoshi said for the thrid time that day.

12/4/2008 #44
K.J DarKnight

((Ok cya later then))

Kat smiled "I know crazy huh""

12/4/2008 #45
Zina Nevirone

"Definitely." Hoshi agreed.

12/5/2008 #46
K.J DarKnight

"So you got any family?" Kat asked abruptly changing the subject again

12/5/2008 #47
Zina Nevirone

Hoshi shook her head. "My dad dies a couple of years back, and I never knew my mum."

12/6/2008 #48
K.J DarKnight

"Oh, I'm sorry" Kat said

12/6/2008 #49
Zina Nevirone

Hoshi shrugged it off.

12/6/2008 #50
K.J DarKnight

Kat continued walking for a moment without saying anything "So how old are you?" She asked abruptly "Sorry I ask to many questions don't I?"

12/6/2008 #51
Zina Nevirone

"It's okay, I like questions. And I'm 17." Hoshi smiled.

12/6/2008 #52
K.J DarKnight

Kat smiled "cool, I'm sixteen"

12/6/2008 #53
Zina Nevirone

Hsohi nodded.

12/6/2008 #54
K.J DarKnight

((Where is everyone else?))

Kat quickly thought up another question to keep at least some conversation going "How big is this forest anyway?" she asked looking around them, by then they had gone far enough that they couldn't see the school through the trees anymore

12/6/2008 #55
Zina Nevirone

"I don't know." Hoshi said, looking around.

((Um....RJ and Beth are both on MSN..dunno why they're not on FP...lolz...))

12/6/2008 #56
K.J DarKnight

((hm,a well))

"Guess we will find out then" Kat smiled again

12/6/2008 #57
Zina Nevirone

"Most definitely." Hoshi grinned.

12/6/2008 #58
K.J DarKnight

"Great!" Kat grinned back and kept walking

12/6/2008 #59
Zina Nevirone

Hoshi followed.

12/6/2008 #60
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