Magic School
A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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Zina Nevirone

Submit your questions here and us mods'll comeup with an answer...sooner or later...we hope...

8/5/2008 #1
Jaded Aegis

lol if it's your forums you guys should be the all-knowing powers right? It almsot seems as if I know as much as you guys do.... cool... Perhaps I could earn a Mod position sometime.. I'm certainly onlien enough... (every school day... I don't bother eating my lunch during lunch hour.. I go straight to the library to enjoy some time away from my step-mother... and I have two afternoon classes with computers.. which means I can likely sneak posts here and there too.

At home I'm only allowed on for 2 hours a day. Alot of the times not at all due to my tyrant step-mother.

9/8/2008 #2
Zina Nevirone

Okay...I'd defo say you and Beth could be mods right now but it's my sis' forum and as our dad has kidnapped the computer in their house and I don't leave mine in mine she might not be on for a while and so I get to run things but I have to phone everything through to her and get her permission...

9/8/2008 #3
Jaded Aegis

So you could call her and ask for permission to make me and Beth mods?

or would that be too much trouble?

AHHH LOUD VACUUM CLEANER AARRGGHHH (my step-mom is a profesional pet-groomer. She works out of home.. my dad is vacuuming the hair she left behind with the shot-vac..)

9/8/2008 #4
Zina Nevirone

She's here now and is thinking about it...

Which may take some time....

9/8/2008 #5
Jaded Aegis

lol ok.. let me know what the answer is when she pops it out :)

9/8/2008 #6
Zina Nevirone

Will do


9/8/2008 #7
Jaded Aegis


9/8/2008 #8
K.J DarKnight

So uh. which Dorm am I in (er Joseph I guess I should say)?

And how many characters are we allowed?

9/13/2008 #9
Zina Nevirone

Okay. You can put him in anywhere that's suited to him.

And characters should be a max. of five for now.

9/14/2008 #10
K.J DarKnight

ok thanks, I'll go with Blue Dorm since he's blind he doesn't need good lighting anyway.

ok five, that's good to know (not that I'm planning on adding whole bunch right off but you never know when I might want another to work with) XD

9/14/2008 #11
Zina Nevirone

Glad I could be of help.

9/15/2008 #12
Xeverus E. Miller

Question? (waves arms for attention XD ) is there a dungeon topic here? you know like a abandoned former school building that's infested with LOTS of monsters? could you make one? unless of course the lake has its own beasties

Oh! Oh! Oh! (waves arms again XD ) in the forest topic is there a giant spider hiding there? you know Ron Weasely's worst fear?.... Am I the only Ron fan here?!

1/9/2009 #13
Zina Nevirone


I considored having an Aragog, but there's the pet dragon Zug who would probably get beat up by him... lolz

You may create a dugeon topic, or I will or whatever.

1/9/2009 #14

I wil lcreate dungeon... It's oen of the few things I like....

1/9/2009 #15
Zina Nevirone

I think I already did...but being a mod u can edit.

1/9/2009 #16

K thanks.

1/9/2009 #17
Zina Nevirone

but leave the evil rabbit. Beth requested him.

1/9/2009 #18


Evil Rabbits R COOLz lol.

1/9/2009 #19
Zina Nevirone

yepyep. lolz

1/9/2009 #20
Xeverus E. Miller


YAY! Finally a place where people KNOWS Harry is a Pri** and Ron is the true hero!

RonXHermione 4Ever!

1/9/2009 . Edited 1/9/2009 #21
Zina Nevirone

No, no, no. It's RonXZina 4Ever.

1/9/2009 #22

lol.... sure...

I already had my true love..

but oh well..

1/12/2009 #23
Zina Nevirone

One day I'll be with Rupert Grint (who fyi plays Ron) and then I'll be laughing at all you muggles who didn't believe!!

1/12/2009 #24

screw that I believed.... until I saw the credits lol... then the mystical hold of the movie lost it's grip on me.

1/12/2009 #25
Zina Nevirone

I meant believed that I would end up with him...but whatever.

1/12/2009 #26


well either way..

I wasn't a muggle for all of... 8 hours i watched all the movies...

And I believe you and Ranz will end up together.... you'll try some well thought out plan to kidnap and brainwash him, then you'll be happily never after *cough* lol...

1/12/2009 #27
Zina Nevirone

Ah, great, I can only end up with ficitional characters...lolz.

1/12/2009 #28

I meant Ron not Ranz... I have no idea where that came from..

1/14/2009 #29
Zina Nevirone

Still, I'm destined for a fictional character who is made for another. **sighs**

1/14/2009 #30
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