Magic School
A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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Zina Nevirone

Self explanatory, and not mandatory.

9/15/2008 #1
Zina Nevirone

Kaytlyn went to live with James when she was about three after being found in the middle of a city. Lost. There was always magic in her blood but this wasn't unleashed until her fourth birthday, or what they assumed to be her fourth birthday and she blew the lights in the house through excitement. James' mother sent both her and James to a school of magic, different from this one, and Kaytlyn made friends with a girl named Rachel.

After a while at this school Rachel became obsessed with a myth. A myth of a long lost empire. She got so obsessed that James and Kaytlyn became involved. They kept looking. But the prophecy involved in the myth said there was four, not three. In their search for the fourth Kaytlyn was killed. Rachel became distraught and James refused to believe. He tried to stop Rachel from finding her bcause he believed it was hopeless.

Kaytlyn however was being 'helped' to be real again. Satan was at the time creating a soul and he needed a vessel for it to the human world. Kaytlyn did not agree, but she was scared and was forced into the plan.

In her haste to find a way for Kaytlyn to be alive Rachel too was killed, but Kaytlyn did not discover this until she was stuck on earth, with Satan's 'princess' inside her mind.

The Princess comes out at times of great weakness, such as fear, death or pain and it takes a great deal of effort to put her back. James can read both Kaytlyn's and the Princess' mind, but he can only control it when Kaytlyn is calm. All other telekinetic and telepathic people are blocked and if Kaytlyn is in pain or stressed more could happen....

9/15/2008 . Edited 9/16/2008 #2
K.J DarKnight

Joseph was borne a normal child with no special abilities or disabilities. He was only ten when the fire happened, the fire department didn’t get their in time, by the time they got there the building had completely burned to the ground. By some weird miracle Joseph survived but not unscathed. Half of his body had been burned so badly that he should not have lived. Half his face was burned beyond recognition. His eyes had also been burned rendering him blinded for life. Joseph had to go through many surgeries to be able to use the right half of his body again. He began to see the spirit world soon after the surgeries where complete, his other abilities developed after that.

Both his parents had died in the fire so Joseph was raised by his grandparents. They made him were the mask over half his face so people wouldn’t stare at the hideous scars. At first they made him where gloves and long sleeved shirts to hide the scares down his arm and hand. But they decided the mask was enough that covered the worst of the scars.

((I might edit/add to this later))

9/15/2008 #3

Effy got her powers when she turned 5, and for a long time people avoided her because they thought she was creepy. Her parents tried for years to connect with her, but she pushed them away and used their own thoughts against them. About a year before she was sent by them to Magic School, they had another child, a boy called Oliver, and she was mostly left to her own devices. She has had some experiences of bullying from others in her peer group, furthering her feelings of isolation.

((That's all for now, I think... By the way, Joseph rocks, but I keep hearing music from The Phantom Of The Opera in my head whenever he's described... meh.))

9/15/2008 #4
K.J DarKnight

((LOL I guess I didn't think about that XD I'm glad you like him though))

9/15/2008 #5
K.J DarKnight

Katrusha was born in Russia she never knew her parents, she was raised by her uncle who was the only one who knew what she was. He taught her to control her powers the best he could. When he could teach her no more he sent her to this school where he hopes she will learn. She has learned to speak some English and can understand most of it but she does get confused at times.

((yeah that’s all for now))

9/15/2008 #6
Zina Nevirone

James lived in a foster home, but it was his mother who ran it. When he was three Kaytlyn came to him. They became best friends almost immediately. And when they both showed special abilities at the age of four his mother thought it would be best if they were sent away and trained.

After the death of Kaytlyn, James lost it and went off into the school's forest alone, which he knew he was not supposed to do. There he met a group of blood thirsty vampires. He got away, but they had turned him into one. He didn't tell Rachel who seemed to be taking Kaytlyn's death very badly.

When Rachel died he couldn't control his rage. He killed a couple of students, the forest vampires got blamed or it of course as no-one knew about him being one. Kaytlyn came back and he would have killed in his rage if The Princess had not come back and seen to it that he remembered what pain was. The Princess would not allow anyone to hurt her 'vessel'.

James became able to control his vampire self after a while, with no help from the Princess but a lot from Kaytlyn who learned to zap him everytime he tried to hurt someone.

James however blames Kaytlyn for him being magical and therefore for him being a vampire. He is very strong and cold with her in public and can be worse in private.

9/16/2008 #7
Zina Nevirone

Danni went to the first school with Kayt, Rachel and James. She shared a dorm with Kayt and Rachel, but in no way did she like them. She was with the 'in-crowd'. She and her best friend Izzy pratically ran the school through looks alone.

After the death of Kayt she did however let slip that she like the 'dumbassed red-head'. She also cried when Rachel died.

When Kayt cam back she told Danni and Izzy of Rachel's theory of the Empire. They agreed and James gave them his theory that they might be the last two.

Danni was reluctant at first but when she revealedthat she had got her powers at the age of four and not at birth like everyone else at the school she and Izzy were drawn in.

Izzy got carried away and in a battle with some werewolves near where they expected the Empire to be she was to killed. This left everyone puzzled as to who the fourth could be.

Danni and James became involved soon after the death of Izzy, but Danni was not as upset as she was when Kayt and Rachel died...

9/16/2008 #8

Aaron was raised by clean freaks, and until he turned 15 he was really neurotic and nervous. Then he gained his powers, and after an adjustment period, he got closer to nature and became generally more relaxed and peaceful. This didn't exactly please his parents, so they sent him to Magic School, but overall he is more happy now.

9/17/2008 #9
Jaded Aegis

The main reason I'm not putting Ranz's backstory here is because there are so many variations.... I ust made a new variation by introducing Nigu.... where as in another variation her name was Rose and she was much nicer, and died instead of walking out on him. I need to refine this Variation in my head for a bit before I type it here..

9/17/2008 #10
Zina Nevirone

Esa's past is confusing. She doesn't remember alot of it but she was in the pack of werewolves who killed Izzy. She was however not there. Kayt's friend Kaleb, who is a boggart (shapeshifter) had her tied up and was posing as her.

9/25/2008 . Edited 9/26/2008 #11
K.J DarKnight

Kat was the result of secret government experiment to create enhanced humans for combat purposes by splicing human and animal DNA and giving humans animal abilities (In Kat’s case a Cheetah). She spent her life up to this point in a training facility for others like her (Super soldiers as they were called). She was trained in combat both with and without weapons. She was taught to read right and do some math, other then that her training was all physical. When this government secret was discovered the training facility was bombed all evidence destroyed save for Kat who managed to escape, giving herself a name and moving in with regular humans and hoping to escape the governments notice.

12/3/2008 #12
K.J DarKnight

Forty-Seven was borne and raised in a government secret facility for human experimentation. Like Kat her DNA was spliced with that of an animal, only hers being spliced with a German Shepherd. Unlike Kat she was raised with only the company of scientist who constantly poked prodded and tortured her with her worst fears, until she became the way she is now. Finely they put her in a group of other experiments so that she could learn to work with a group, she never adjusted to a group and remained and emotionless seven year old who was determined to be perfect the way she was always told to be.

After the facility was bombed she went in search of Kat knowing she too survived.

12/17/2008 #13
Xeverus E. Miller

Marcus was a normal human child that no special or unique abilities. He lived a happy life with his mother in a town, His father who was a descendant of Ruic Archmages was a war hero is believed to have died in combat but he told Marcus' mother that Marcus should never learn anything that involves magic and other things that he should.

Marcus never met his father so he spent his time in the forest just opposite the town, there he found a seal stone that seals a Malevolent and Legendary Demon named Azrael but when he found the seal stone he felt that he was safe as if he was inthe arms of a father he never had.Marcus destroyed the stone using his necklace that his mother gave him(it had the power to open any locks or seals) and Azrael was released, although intimidating Marcus wasn't scared this made Azrael curious he asked Marcus if he wanted anything in particular the little boy just smiled and asked that if he could be friends with Azrael, Because of his curiousity Azrael agreed.

Months flew by and Azrael became more like of a father to Marcus and already have forgotten his Violent nature he thought him how to cast spells, everything that a Evoker(similar to Crusaders but they only protect what's important to them) should know. but an epidemic spread over the town and many people inlcuding Marcus' mother died. Azrael left the forest boundaries and went to the town to rescue Marcus. when he arrived at Marcus' house he saw the boy dead on the floor and his right arm up to the shoulder was rotting away, Azrael without second thoughts decided to bring Marcus back to life at the cost of his own.

When Marcus awoke he saw that his right arm was replaced by a Demon arm at that moment he knew things that he didn't knew like secret locations of magical artifacts and various forbidden spells... and then he felt the presence of Azrael was gone. he wondered why it all happened he was angry at himself and started to burn the town with the spell that Azrael knew and after thoughtful reconsideration he remembered that there was a vaccine to the disease and the capital wouldnt send it to the town.

finally... Marcus has confirmed who is his true enemy... the Humans and has set out on a journey to finish his studies at the best magic school possible so that one day he can aquire a position in the goverment and destroy the kingdom from the inside but as he discovered his Origins he was doubtful of his motives and longed for the presence of Friendship. so he decided to continue his journey to find out if it is worth trusting the humans once more.

But more importantly... he wanted to know if he should still continue to exist even though his thread of life was already cut.

1/8/2009 . Edited 1/8/2009 #14
Xeverus E. Miller

Jenova was born from a family-line of Demon slayers. as a child she was trained on how to exorcise demons and if not possible, seal them. Her mother was the one who sealed Azrael in the forest near Marcus' home, and it was her duty to make sure that she retains their family Honor.

When her mother heard that Azrael was released from his seal stone she tried to find The demon adnseal him once again but unfortunately she was striken with blindness when she was about to leave their Manor.

when Jenova grew up her mother passed Norn on to her symbolyzing the start of her journey. she managed to tract down CODENAME: "Marcus The Human Slayer" Jenova was surprised to see that Marcus is only a 10 year old child at first she was doubful that this Child was the one who Killed and absorbed the souls of 6 military regiments.

when they fought, Jenova saw the powers of Marcus and had a hard time fighting him. during their battle Marcus was able to disarm Jenova leaving her defenseless but he choose to let her go because "she had truthful eyes". By taking advantage of the Situation Jenova entangled Marcus with Norn. to her surprise Marcus didn't try to fight back he only stood there so Jenova had to make sure that she really needs to exorcise Marcus by asking "what is it that you want at this moment?" Marcus answered "end me, that is the only option I have" she knew that there was some Humanity left inside Marcus despite the fact that he is now a half-Demon.

She quickly released him from Norn and tended to his wounds but when she touched him she felt on how endless Marcus' powers, is not to mention he was only 10 years old. Jenova kept an eye on Marcus since then but as time passed she became drawn to Marcus and they somewhat became friends.

They parted for a while and never met each other ever since, years later when she heard that Marcus was going to a magic school she quickly sent a letter for her enrollment so that she can see him again.... and to make that he stays human as possible

1/8/2009 . Edited 1/9/2009 #15

I decided I'd make a whole new variation.

Just for MaSc. lol.. We'll pretend Ranz is uhmm.. slightly problematic. (like my user name on half a dozen other forum - Problematics, Problematic, Problematix, etc..)



Ranz was born to a rather middle-class family, that somehow managed to keep ends tied together, and pay for Ranz to attend a basic school.

He was always viewed as different, his village was one of elementals - so it was not only elegant, but durable. (TO protect from kids lol)

But because of a former elder they have very hateful views towards fire. Ranz was the exact opposite.

He got hurt every day, he was suspended for talking of fire, he finally kept his love of fire to himself.


On his tenth birthday, as standard procedure, his body was altered by going to the blessed stone.

He received the element of fire, and was banished from the town. Ever since then he has wandered.

Over the years he picked up a cat friend, named Copper. A Ginger/White Moggy cat.

Domestic shorthaired.

Ranz has been wandering ever since.... and then decided he might belong at Magic School.

A place where people were as strange as he was....

1/8/2009 . Edited 1/15/2009 #16
Xeverus E. Miller

Gilgamesh Evangelion

Nothing is known about him and it seems like his name is just a pseudonym with Gilgamesh meaning Hero and Evangelion meaning Sword of light.

Although there was a Military lieutenant named Gilgamesh that participated in the Dueran war but it is unclear whether he is the same person but it seems that he has a connection with Marcus since he was looking for him for seven years. either that or he just wants the bounty placed on Marcus' Head

1/10/2009 . Edited 1/10/2009 #17

Megan had a normal life. Well that's if your definition of a normal life, was crazy magical parents, a missing sister, and being alone all the time.

She came from a society that no one was allowed to know off, so until she was ten, she thought there were elves - of course those don't exist - living in her house, and all around the city. But finally her parents told her about their magical society and way of life. Megan thought they were all crazy. Until she started moving things with her mind. Of course, her first instinct was that she was a freak. Megan had always held her life together by the fact that everyone liked her -or envied her- and she was popular. As soon as her powers came, they were out of controll. She lost everything and soon she was a fragile little girl who didn't know what hit her.

A year later, something incredible happened, in a terrible way. She was told about her sister, and informed that they were going to get her from the orphanage that they were left to put her in. However, when they got there she had already gone.

After a series of horrifying, life-drumpling, and heart-wrenching events, they were all finally reunited. Megan's been living with her entire, happy family for a year now.

One afternoon, she got terribly upset. So upset, she sent everything flying with her mind, willed everyone to do everything for her. Therefore, her parents found it neccasary to send her to a school. Away from her sister.

So now she's stuck at Magic school for who knows how long, fagile, shy, and broken, away from her sister and best friend.

2/10/2009 #18
Xeverus E. Miller

Cereberus is Gilgamesh's Pact Partner *you'll have to know what that is* and has been with him since the birth of the Latter. Cereberus is known to also have accompanied Sarafina, Gilgamesh's mother who wasn't part of the infamous Wild Bunch.

He lived and roamed the world for years finding a suitable master to serve and most of his powers are unclear since he rarely uses them. Cereberus is 3498 years old meaning he is immortal, other than that He seems to keep up with the times while maintaining some of his original attitude. He also used to call Gilgamesh "Master" but after being hit by him several times he was forced to call him Guil or Gil.

The price for Sarafina's pact was her ability to conceive a Child.

The price for Gilgamesh's pact was his abilty to feel happiness

2/11/2009 #19

Hayden as an enfant was born into a wealthy family, or so she has been told. According to her orphanage founder she burnt down the entire city at birth, killing everyone and everything. Hayden survived seeing as though fire does not burn her skin, she grew up with Charlie, her clumbsy friend. Hayden has always thought of Charlie as a brother.

With her power of flame, Hayden was considered a demon in her mortal town back home. Never having anyone truely to understand her. Hayden even as a child never took too kindly to people but now at Magic School she is trying to meet at least some other friends beside Charlie.

2/14/2009 #20

Shard Lyre lived a normal life as a child... In a family full of necromancers. Blood and gore was encouraged as was taking of souls. Willingly or not. Because of a life full of focus on the dark arts and study he was rarely allowed into the outside world. It was only when it was pointed out recently that they may lose their edge over the other magical being if they fail to 'monitor' them. Beinone of the few children of the necromancers and the youngest, with much potential... Shard was chosen to be sent to the magic school to learn about the other species and hone his powers.

Necromancers draw their abilities from the 'Dark'. When necromancers reach 12 they have their souls forcefully removed from their bodies, destroying their humanity, in a ceremony called the Rite of Passage. Necromancers who refuse to give up their humanity end up with broken minds, become vegetables.

The Necromancer greeting is 'May the dark always be light in your heart' the first meaning hopes that the dark will take the place of the 'good' feelings like love, joy and such... But the second meaning... It refers to the hope that the darkness will one day not drive them mad and remain not as a burden. But as strength.

4/11/2009 . Edited 4/11/2009 #21
Reine Ayten

Cáel came from a coven of halflings that was more like a family than a group of misfits. Being the youngest, all of the others affectionately called him, "Little Brother". Until one day when every thing changed.

The coven's enemies, the Purebloods, (who they'd been on the run from for over a thousand years) finally found them and destroyed their home. As the coven ran, the Purebloods took them out one by one, but never found Cáel. Cáel had been transported to the forests surrounding the Magic school to protect him and the valuable magic he possesses. Someone in Yarlow found him covered in the blood of his family and took care of him until he ran backto the forest, hoping that the others would find him.

4/19/2009 #22

she was raised by magaska since she was four, 'ska treats her like her own hatchling. aiko was then found by Abby a year ago, in a destroyed nest, aiko was the only survivor. abby now wants to learn as much as possible so she can help dragons around the world.

5/20/2009 #23

When Shin was young, (about four to be exact) he was in an accident, a school bus he was one hit something, namely a demon. The demon thrashed the bus up, and Shin, being the kindhearted person he is, thought it was a puppy and went to make sure it was alright. Before he could be stopped, the wounded demon called him his 'master' for trying to help it, and 'blessed' him with his presence within his body. This also gave him his magical talent, and the ability to create an energy blade for a sword. The demon lied dorment in his body until he was 13, and when the strongest kid in school was sick of the girl he liked liking Shin more than him, Shin's inner demon self awoke and sent the guy into the hospital.

Soon it went outta control, and Shin had no control of when his demon self would emerge. He quickly became an outcast at school, hated by teachers, all girls, and feared by all male students. He went out of control, and finally, after a few people got fed up with him, they cracked his demon mask, and he was able to rip it off. When they told him about what he had done, he quickly apologized, but when he was finding himself saying things like 'sorry to these f^ers? Like hell!' coming out of his mouth, he claimed it was uncontrollable. Eventually, he was sent to Magic School. They've come to a peace treaty... For the moment. But the demon inside him refuses to give up, and will make very, very inappropriate comments at times.

6/13/2009 #24

All this has been on the spur of the moment so I might as well write the background that way too. Bare with me.

Damien only knows her father who is the human by the way. Her mother, being a fickle fox spirit, left a few years after she was born. Her father is a professional assasin and in the spirit of family tradition, taught his daught lots of things for the trade. Damien's fox abilities helped greatly though she has a firm distate for guns, not because they aren't any good or are dishonorable or anything like that she just likes pointy things alot more. It's part of her vicious side that she gets from her mother.

She always had problems with her empathic abilities. She tends to channel the emotions she recives especiall if you touch her. as a result she worked hard to block out all emotion and that left her cold. Not much of a problem in the assasin trade but her father grew concerned at the ramifications of blocking everything out.

By 16 she had become an adept fighter. She was on a mission when something happened and she went berserk. She only goes like that when someone presses her too much and her emotional barriers come crashing down. As a result she went on a rampage and killed several innocent people. Horrified (yes he's horrified because he has a sort of honor code about his assasinations) her father sent her to this school in hopes of learning to control her berserker form. Oh by the way when she goes beserker she grows a fox tail and her ears get pointed and furry.

There I'll go with that. Damien personally doesn't see any point in comming to school but she can't defy her father, or the very powerful people backing him up on this decision. She's going to have a slight arrogant attitude at least a first.

((I feel like adding more))

Damien's father is an assasin of a powerful group reffered to as simply the Organization. Damien was taught by both her father and trained by others in this group. The Organization is a mysterious group but they have connections and spys everywhere. They supply information, protection and assasins to anybody who want's them. Rumors have it that they deal in both the "muggle" and the magical world and have adgents suited to both. Beyond their bussiness the motives of the Org. are unclear. They ordered Damien to Magic school in hopes of harnessing the increadible powers she gains in her beserker state and to have a ready spy inside of Magic school, though Damien knows nothing of this second reason.

7/13/2009 . Edited 7/16/2009 #25

Finnagan Jones was not always a kid. He wishes very much to not always be a kid. Unfortunatly he is for the present a kid. A human kid. Which is even worse.

Finnagan used to be Coyote. The promenent trickster of the native american tribes. he was a hero; he was a villian; he was an idiot; he was many things to the Native American people. Even as the european world pushed forth and changed the land Coyote went with the flow where many other Animal spirits did not. He continued on tricking the silly humans left and right as the Muggles memories of him faded and the european wizards ignored him. He was very happy with this life for many years, traveling everywhere causing many disasters and problems. It was all just so much fun.

However he was not the only Spirit still around. One day he ran into Raven, another trickster. They became friends and played many jokes together on many people but the friendship was not to last. Coyote envyed Raven his beautiful black feathers and wanted them too (perminatly). One day when Raven was sleeping. Coyote plucked all of Raven's tail feathers and made them into a headress for himself. Of course when Raven woke he was outraged and cursed Coyote with his magic, the very feather's Coyote had stolen amplifying the curse. Coyote passed out and when he woke he found the feathers gone and that he was in a human form. Coyote tried to summon his shapeshifting powers but nothing happened. He tried and tried all that day and night.

"It's useless," Raven told him, appearing that second day. "I have cursed you. You will remain in that human form until you figure out how to break the curse. All your other powers you may keep but you can never transform again until the curse is broken. Learn how it feels to lose your precious fur like how I felt when you took my feathers!"

"How do I break the curse?" Coyote demanded.

Raven just laughed at him and flew away.

Coyote soon created a new name for himself and a new identity for his shapeshifing powers had been his greatest weapon and he felt vulnerable without them. he searched far and wide for a way to break his curse but true to his nature Coyote cannot stay on one thing for very long. Attracted to the potential chaos of the school Coyote, or rather Finnagan Jones, has come here to find a way to break the curse or at least have some fun.

((Wow, I didn't mean to start sounding like a native american ledgend but it suits him. That's who he is folks take it or leave it!))

7/17/2009 #26

From birth, Ren wasn't quite meant to exist. The only reason he does, was because an incubus went renegade and fell in love with a human. As a result, the human blood of his mother mixed with his fathers incubus blood, and that is how he became one of the few 'half n half' of the demon, and human world. He had no idea he was a half due to the fact his father looked quite human. The only hint he had was how his body was constantly perfect, from skin, down to his cut and toned muscle.

It wasn't until late junior high school did he realize he was different from everyone else. Where as all of his friends were struggling with talking to whoever they liked, and buying them gifts, he found he could not understand their logic. What made it even more strange was the fact that the girls only had eyes for him, and his locker was usualy found with at least one love note a day. When his dad finally told him about the world of demons and what his role was in that world, Ren sort of believed him, and it would explain why he wasn't feeling the same about the opposite gender. However, since he also had human blood in him, the incubus instincts didn't completely settle in, and as such, the urge to go after the prettiest girl and do what came naturally didn't arise.

He still wasn't entirely sure of his fathers words, and he had to check for himself. At the beginning of Freshman year, he transferred schools to where people would not know him. With that setting, he would find the prettiest girl who had a boyfriend, and would see if she would dump her original boyfriend to be with him, instead. The idea sickened his human side, but his incubus side evened it out, giving him the ok on the task. Using his powers, by just observing her, he found what traits, personality, and gifts she liked. That should have been enough to convince him, but, he still went through with his plan. Within a week, she had dumped her boyfriend and was on the verge of begging him. His human side showed her some mercy, and transferred to a different school.

His father then placed him into magic school, where he has been for the past two years. (Wow, this character is actually decent, perhaps I should actually write a story on him...)

7/19/2009 #27

Kazuki was originally a kind, talkative, and very modest person. He was born into a family where noble and righteous causes were everything. However, because of his parents noble and righteous causes, they were killed when he was only four years old. His parents teachings stuck with him, and no matter what was the problem, he'd always do what he could to help fix it. In the orphanage, he often got beat up by the bigger orphans because he was always trying to help the weaker.

This however, did not go unnoticed, and a Paladin from the Brotherhood of Light witnessed Kazuki's selfless act to defend a three year old from a few of the older kids. Kazuki was eight at the time. As a result, the Paladin adopted him from the orphanage, and made Kazuki apart of the Brotherhood of Light as a Squire under his training.

Quickly, Kazuki went above and beyond what was expected of him. He had mastered the powers of Light to destroy the undead, demons, and anything else. By age 13, he was made a full member of the Brotherhood of Light. Meaning he became a Paladin. As a modern day Paladin, he was required to know a technique to be able to summon his armor on him, so as not to stand out in a crowd in the modern world. His first armor was a silver color, and as such, he was given a silver claymore. He took on many missions with the other members, and all of them were a great success.

Except for one, which was to be his final mission as a Paladin of the Brotherhood of Light.

On his last mission, he encountered a demon of unimaginable power, and unfortunately, all of his comrades had been defeated earlier. Most were dead, some were just injured and could not continue. Either way, he engaged in a lengthy battle that ultimately should have ended in a stalemate. As for the final blow, the demon punctured his stomach, but he stabbed the demons heart. With the demons dying breath, he muttered something, and died. Kazuki, unable to stand any longer fell on his back, and vaguely remembered seeing his armor change from silver, to black.

Once he woke up, and got a look around, he noticed people looked at him differently. The first thing he noticed was that his stomach wound was healed, probably by the Divine Healing Light that Paladins used to heal wounds, and that his claymore had black on one side of the blade, and when he flipped it to see the other side, the regular silver color. When he was summoned to the head Paladins office, and what he was told stunned him.

His powers, his precious Light powers, had been almost completely erased, and in return, he had gained a few Dark powers. Which also explained his weapon, armor, and now, his left eye that was a demonic red. As a result of his power loss, and the fact he know controlled some elements of Darkness, it was Kazuki's decision, along with the head Paladin, that he be exiled from the Brotherhood of Light. By now, he was 15.

The Brotherhood of Light did not want to see one of their own suffer so much, and as a farewell gift, put him into Magic School, where he could hopefully train the elements of Darkness, and restore his element of Light so he may once again be apart of the Brotherhood of Light. When he was put into Magic School, he was 16, and is now a new arrival at the school.

7/23/2009 . Edited 7/23/2009 #28

Saravinne woke up at the age of thirteen in the middle of the street not knowing where or who she was. A man was there by her side and she asked who she was. he told her that she was Saravinne, an angel demon hybrid, and that he brought her from the underworld. He tried to protect her from the demons theat came to take her back. One day shadow demons came and he grabbed her arm to throw her out of the way. Only they were both oblivious to the dark power that she held. He dropped to his knees writhing in agony. He dropped dead a minute later. Saravinne was 14 at the time. She screamed and her power expanded, killing the shadows. She looked in many places for her to stay, though many people tried to kill her or run her off because of what she was.

now she lives at the magic school, hoping to learn to control her power.

7/24/2009 #29
K.J DarKnight

((I'm not going into to much detail so yeah this is Albus in a nut shell))

Albus was borne into poverty and un appreciating parents, they hated Ablus’ ability to see when they were lying and see what they really felt, Albus always knew the truth. Despite this Albus worked his way to becoming a Duke simply from his power, his charm and good looks people found it hard to say no to the tall dark and handsome young man. his bright electric blue eyes however was what really captivated people and made it easy for him to meet peoples eyes and see what was under the human shell.

Because of his status and ability he was able to stop a warlock from destroying an entire city, as a result Albus was cursed, ever since he has been trying to reverse the curse.

Albus employed the help of a young witch, Amara, giving her all the resources she could ask for only to find she had no idea what she was doing, Albus has grown attached to the girl so sent her to school, he of course accompanied her and while she learns he searches for another that might could help him.

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