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A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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Zina Nevirone

Sister De'Ath is the school nurse, yes she is part cat.

Students are asked to refrain from laughing at her cat whispers and cute pink nose.

They are also asked to refrain from shaving off her fur, especially in winter.

12/9/2008 #1
Zina Nevirone

((From the Forrest.))

Hoshi walked into the school nurse's office with Kat and Forty-seven.

((Sorry if I have number wrong.))

12/9/2008 #2
K.J DarKnight

((you got it right ^_^))

Kat let Forty-Seven down off her back whence they got there "I really don't think this is necessary" Forty-Seven said

12/9/2008 #3
Zina Nevirone

Hoshi shrugged. "It's better to be safe than sorry."

12/9/2008 #4
K.J DarKnight

"She has a point Forty-Seven" Kat agreed, seeing she was outnumbered Forty-Seven didn't argue but found a chair and sat down "So where is this nurse?" she asked

12/9/2008 #5
Zina Nevirone

Hoshi shrugged. "She should be here." Hoshi said looking around, "Or in there." she pointed to a back room that's door was shut.

12/9/2008 #6
K.J DarKnight

Kat went over to the door and knocked lightly

12/9/2008 #7
Zina Nevirone

Sister De'Ath opened the door and smiled at Kat. "How may I help you?"

12/9/2008 #8
K.J DarKnight

Kat was a bit surprised at the appearance of the nurse but didn't show it "Me and my friend here were attacked by a wolf, you think you could take a look at my friends cuts?"

12/9/2008 #9
Zina Nevirone

"Of course I can." Sister De'Ath smiled and nodded her head. "Come right this way."

She opened her office door wider and on the walls were anti-dog posters. Hoshi closed her eyes and looked away.

12/9/2008 #10
K.J DarKnight

Forty-Seven reluctantly got up to fallow limping slightly still

Forty-Seven stopped when she saw the anti-dog posters, she hoped Sister De-Ath didn't have senses like a cat too, if she did it would be quite obvios to her that Forty-Seven's DNA had been spliced with that of a German Shepherd. But even if she couldn't Forty-Seven's eyes did look oddly like that of a dog's

12/9/2008 #11
Zina Nevirone

Sister De'Ath had been taught to keep her beliefs out of her work, and so as she went about treating her patient she did so as she normally would.

12/9/2008 #12
K.J DarKnight

Forty-Seven had patched herself up quite well, though the cuts were deep enough to need stitches, she had a few other minor cuts but nothing to worry about

12/9/2008 #13
Zina Nevirone

Ssiter De'Ath seemed happy enough though and smiled at Forty-seven. "Is there anything else hurting you?"

12/9/2008 #14
K.J DarKnight

Forty-Seven shook her head "No ma'am" she answered simply

12/9/2008 #15
Zina Nevirone

"You may go." Sister De'Ath nodded.

12/9/2008 #16
K.J DarKnight

(( I am multi tasking so I may not reply very fast))

Forty-Seven nodded and left the room without another word "Thank you" Kat said to the nurse

12/9/2008 #17
Zina Nevirone

Ssiter De'Ath nodded her head and waved as she shut her door.

Hoshi looked at Forty-Seven and Kat.

12/9/2008 #18
K.J DarKnight

"Well, now what should we do?" Kat asked knowing Forty-Seven shouldn't be walking around to much

12/9/2008 #19
Zina Nevirone

Hoshi shrugged.

12/9/2008 #20
K.J DarKnight

"Is there a kitchen or something?...I'm hungry" Forty-Seven said looking up at the two older girls

12/9/2008 #21
Zina Nevirone

Hoshi nodded. "I think it's run by goblins though."

((Not houselves like HP.))

12/9/2008 #22
K.J DarKnight


"Goblins? Is there anything normal here?" Forty-Seven asked "Probably not" Kat answered

12/9/2008 #23
Zina Nevirone

Hoshi shook her head. "I'll give you a prize if you can find one thing normal about this place."

((We'll just say it is at the back of the Great Hall to save me making another thread.))

12/9/2008 #24
K.J DarKnight

((hehe ok))

Forty-Seven nodded, Kat smirked "Come one let's get you something to eat"

((to great hall then))

12/9/2008 #25
Zina Nevirone

((To the Great Hall. you start.))

12/9/2008 #26
K.J DarKnight

((from red dorm))

Anna pushed the door open and stepped in with Bran

12/19/2008 #27
Reine Ayten

Bran bit his lip as he followed Anna in.

12/19/2008 #28
K.J DarKnight

The cat like nurse came out of her office as she heard the two come in "How can I help you?" she asked politely.

"My friend has an injury that needs tending to" Anna said looking up at Bran

12/19/2008 #29
Reine Ayten

Bran wouldn't look either Anna or the nurse in the eye.

12/19/2008 #30
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