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A school for any trainee magical creature. A bit like Hogwarts but for anyone. not just wizards/witches WANDS NOT NECESSARY!
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Florence Crosse

Alice huffed. "Well, it's kind of the same." She said, and looked at him seriously. "Are you hurt? Honestly." She said with a straight face.

"And you didn't answer my question. Where is Damien?" She said.

7/29/2009 #91

"Your friend is asleep and recovering, but she needs to say here for the rest of the day," Nurse De'ath told Alice.

"Keep quite Cinder-Ember, this is a recovery room," Finnagan scolded.

7/29/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #92
Florence Crosse

"I'd shut up if someone filled me in once in a while." She scowled at Finnigan. Then, her gaze softened once again. "What about you? Are you hurt?" She asked.

7/29/2009 #93

"Wh-wh-wh-what?" Finnagan managed to say his arms flailing like crazy. "What's with all the concern?" He hadn't expected this from Alice. Maybe saving Damien had more unexpected side effects than he'd thought... "I happen to be fit as a fiddle!" he said and created an illusionary fiddle to play but the image fizzled out and Finnagan flopped backwards on the bed. His stomach roared. "Well I would be if I could raid the Great Hall..."

"You're not leaving my sight just yet," the nurse snapped.

7/29/2009 #94
Florence Crosse

Alice smiled. "You may be annoying Finnigan, but you are still a friend..." Alice said. But she mini-glared at him. "But if you ever try anything, I swear I will barbeque you." She threatened.

((Hey BlackDove, I gtg, and Siara PMd me that she had to go as well. I'll forum maybe tomorrow. BYE!))

7/29/2009 #95


Finnagan groaned. "My reputation has been destroied! How will I ever recover from this!?" He sat up and slammed his fist into his palm. "This calls for drastic measures! Someone get me some fireworks, some string, and the world's largest mouse trap!"

The nurse pushed him back onto the bed. "Young man, do I need to give you a tranquilizer?"

Finnagan cringed. "No, but some food would be nice. Maybe some sirloin steak and twelve dozen cheeseburgers!" His ears wiggled at the thought.

7/29/2009 #96

(And now for Kazuki to emerge, and deny all help given to him.)

Kazuki slowly came to, and opened his eyes to see a ceiling. It was not the forest canopy, that's for sure. It had an architectural design to it, signifing human intervention. His mind began scanning of all the places he could have been dragged to, and only one came to mind. He was back at the Magic School.

He slowly sat up on the bed, removing all upper body clothes. The water that they had gathered was getting cold. How did his clothes get wet anyway? Did someone try to drown him while he was out? He looked at the group of friends, rejoicing. Of course, he had been left out of the loop. After all, if you weren't a friend, they couldn't quite care less if you had died...

He slid off the bed, and slung his shirt and zip up hoodie over his shoulder and began walking towards the door, ignoring the pain he was feeling all over, and the obvious limp he had.

7/29/2009 #97

((Hi you still on?))

Nurse De'ath noticed Kazuki and walked over. "Young man, I am in charge here and you are not allowed to leave this ward. Your inguries are just as bad as the girl's and I won't hear any arguments!" She put a hand on his shoulder and looked at him sternly. "You are hurt and I am a nurse now sit down."

Finnagan's ears twitched. "Oh look Emo Paladin! If I can't leave neither can you. Now get back here!"

((Damien will waked up in another couple posts.))

7/29/2009 #98

(Yeah, I'm still here. And goin' no where)

He turned to look at the nurse, and at his cuts he recieved. Along with what was probably a broken rib from something. He knew he had gotten it, but he didn't know what had caused it. Part's of his memory from the fight in the forest were still eluding him. The biggest question was what had caused him to faint. He decided to heed the nurses words, and asked in what was barely a whisper, "Please bring me a dry pair of clothes from my dorm, if you could." After that, he limped back over to the bed and sat, looking at each of the people there. He had fought some of them, but, he didn't remember why. While he didn't want to ask, as that would hurt what little pride he had, he had no choice. He opened his mouth and made sure everyone could hear him. "What happened to me?"

7/29/2009 #99

Nurse De'ath nodded and sent a couple of goblins to get the clothes and some food for the group.

Finnagan smirked. "Well I was being a good boy and trying to keep you from making a horrible mistake but then you went phsyco demon crazy on us." He screwed up his eyes in concentration and managed to make his face look like Kazuki's shadow form face for about 10 seconds before it vanished with a little pop and Finnagan fell back on his bed. "Man, this is why I hate being heroic. It hurts," he muttered.

7/29/2009 #100

Kazuki watched him for a second, and looked at him strangely. He wouldn't go crazy on them. He'd give them a few warning swings, and then either they'd fight, or they'd run. He didn't remember doing any of that. And until Finnagan showed the shadow form's face, he probably would have never remembered.

However, his mind flashed back to his transformation, and everything he saw and what he did. His eyes widened further as each passing moment in that form came back to him. He put his head into his hands, ensuring he could see the floor, but his hands placed well into his forehead. "What have I done?" Each moment flicked by, and he saw everything he did. "I really have gone over..." He muttered, watching his head play each scene in his head over and over. He wasn't sure if he could watch the memories much longer without his eyes watering.

(I had no idea how to get him to remember. Hope this works.)

7/29/2009 #101

Finnagan leaned over and patted the boy on the back. "Well you were full of rightous fury and you didn't cause any perminat damage." He grinned and straightened. "I'm pretty slick with a sword after all."


Hidden behind the curtain. Damien let out a soft groan. She ached all over. What the heck had happened? The nurse heard her patcient stirring and slipped in to give her some pain killers. Still only half awake Damien didn't have the strenght to protest.

7/29/2009 #102

Kazuki gripped his hair and it was taking all of his self control to not break down. He looked over at Finnagan, the memory of how he was stopped came into his mind. However, he could not be entirely sure that the memory he had was the real thing. So he looked at him, "You... stopped me. Didn't you?"

(This scene looked so much better in my head... I'm slowly losing sight of 'now to step B' and beginning to see 'uh... I'm wingin it'.)

7/29/2009 #103

((So? I wing it all the time))

Finnagan smiled. "Saving idiots from themselves. That's my business, though normally it doesn't involve so much heroics." He made a face at the thought. "But you were going after my Hevasemo-chan. I couldn't have that." Finnagan nodded. Yeah he couldn't. Damien was way too fun. He wasn't about to loose her to some self rightous idiot. Of course the idiot was starting to be fun too... He patted Kazuki on the back again. "Glad to see your okay. I would have missed you."

7/29/2009 #104

(Your making this hard on me with Finnagan...)

Kazuki shook his head, "No. I know you wouldn't have. You saw what I did. You were the one to stop me." Kazuki wanted up, but yet, he could not. He had orders to stay in the nurses office. "I'm surprised you can even look at me after seeing that monster..." He trailed off. Shaking Finnagans hand off his back, he stood up and limped next to a wall and leaned on it. The people he attacked were trying to comfort him. Why? Didn't he try to kill their friend? And he also lost control and went into that Shadow Form, and if it weren't for Finnagan's lucky strike, he probably would have killed them all. So, why did they help him? And why was Finnagan trying to make him feel better?

7/29/2009 #105

((How so?))

Finnagan rolled his eyes. "Isn't the fact that you regret it enough? Sheesh you people are all the same. You feel a little guilt and call yourselves monsters and beasts. Geez, if monsters and beasts really acted this way the world would be a more peaceful place...and increadibly dull. Didn't I tell you already that I'm friends with everyone? That includes you too, you moron. I've seen worse things than you before." Which was perfectly true. He'd seen a lot of things that would turn a human's hair white. "Just don't pick on Hevasemo-chan," he added as an afterthought.


Damien felt a little better after the medicine, but still confused. "What? What happened?" she muttered. The inside of her head felt like it was full of cobwebs. Her throat felt hot and gritty even after the nurse made her drink some water. "Where am I?" She hadn't felt this way before. She suspected her fox side had something to do with it but she couldn't remember.

((If you're trying to think of something to do how about asking about Damien?))

7/29/2009 #106

((Great idea. And Finnagan kept trying to cheer him up, and his character refuses to let that happen. He's in a permenant depressed state until his armor is back to its paladin format.))

Kazuki sighed, this guy wouldn't give up, but at least, he was persistant enough to get through his thick skulled mentality. He looked over at Finnagan, and stated in a monotone voice, "Even the cruelest of beasts and monsters can look harmless, but the moment they become hostile..." He left it open ended to let Finnagan finish it off however he so wished. He then remembered the person they were trying to help, and the one he was trying to kill. Could he let her slide this one time? I mean, the people who he tried to kill brought him back here, and stopped him from killing her. Could he pretend he did not hear anything from her?

Perhaps, just this once, he'd turn a blind eye towards it. He was in debt everyone in this room, even the girl he was trying to kill.

"How is she, the one everyone calls Damien." He asked in his now signature emotionless tone.

7/29/2009 #107

Finnagan rolled his eyes at the boy's statement about monsters and beasts. The boy just wouldn't quit. "You know would it kill you to smile and talk normally for a change?" H told Kazuki but then tilted his head to listen. The nurse had disappeared behind the curtain again and he'd thought he'd heard something... "Let's check on her shall we?" Finnagan offered. He hopped out of bed then swayed. "Ugh, I guess I shouldn't have done that," he muttered. He toppled forward and managed to snag the curtain as he fell ripping it down and falling in a heap with it.

Damien blinked at the sudden change of light and groaned again as her head suddenly ached in protest at the brightness. She blinked and looked around. There were a lot of people here... "What's going on?" she asked.

"Young man I said stay in bed. That goes for you too," she added to the standing Kazuki. She bent down and got Finnagan to his feet.

The boy grinned. "Hevasemo-chan! You're awake!" he cried even as Nurse De'ath wrestled him back onto his bed. "Silly Kitsune! You could have really killed yourself that time. You really need to learn control!"

Damien just flinched at all the shouting. "Why do I feel like I have a hang over?" she muttered to herself

7/29/2009 #108

((ROFL! I just caught the nurses name!))

Kazuki ignored the statement about him needing to 'smile' and 'talk normally'. This was how he was now. He'd smile when his demonic eye was gone. Until then, he'd keep his stoic expression... Unless of course he lost control and went into his Shadow Form again. The nurse was starting to aggravate him, saying how he needed rest, despite the fact his wounds were extremely minor. The worst he possibly had was maybe a broken rib from where Finnagan jabbed him. Other than that, he just had cuts around his body. That, and his leg was a bit out of wack, probably because he twisted something when he fell over. "I'm fine, miss. These are only minor wounds."

He then shifted his eyes to land on Damien. They should be more worried about her, she was far worse off than Kazuki was physically, and as it appeared, mentally as well. "So she is alive." He stated and looked around the room, hoping that the goblins would have returned with some dry clothes for him. His jeans were getting uncomfortable to move in.

7/29/2009 #109

((Took me a bit too. They gave these guys horrible puns for names))

The nurse glared at Kazuki. "You have a broken rib and your body has been stressed. You need to lie down, now." She told him in no uncertain terms. Her hand was pushing firmly on a squirming Finnagan who despite everything couldn't get up. He wasn't sure if this was the nurse's strenght or his own weakened state but either way he couldn't move.

Damien shook her head. "What happened? Did I...did I..." she frowned and glared at her hands. Had she hurt everyone? She almost couldn't bear the thought suddenly. Finnagan had mentioned her fox side...had she really caused all this damage? "I'm sorry," she muttered.

7/29/2009 #110


Kazuki shook his head, wasn't a broken rib considered minor? In the Brotherhood of Light, before he was forced to leave, a major wound was a critical wound. "Trust me nurse, I'm perfectly fine. I've had my gut cut open earlier, so this isn't really anything." After answering the nurse, he turned to Damien. His face now void of all emotion he might've had when remembering what he did. His voice was also entirely void of emotion. "Everyone here who was hurt was because of me. You are not at fault here." He stated, leaning a bit further into the wall.

(Stubborn Kazuki...)

7/29/2009 #111

The goblin's chose that moment to come back in. Three of them carrying big platters of food. "Food!" Finagan yelped and tried to get out of his captors grip with more vigor. With a sigh of disgust, Nurse De'ath gave up and let the boy go walking over to Kazuki. Her cat eyes narrowed. Finnagan promptly snatched one of the platters from the goblins, sat on the floor and procceeded to eat as if he had never eaten before in his life.

"I am the nurse here, not you. I can see you stoic warrior types from a mile away. I don't care if you think these wonds aren't bad. I'm not letting you out of this ward until I am saticfied that everything is in order. Now sit back down before you hurt that ankle even more. It's badly sprained already," she stated in hard even tones. She had to look up at him because he was taller than her but her body screamed out "leader" in her posture. She snapped her fingers and the door closed and locked itself, just to add to her point.

Damien just blinked at the boy in his damp clothes. "Who...Who are you?" She thought she'd seen him before but the memory was hard to come by. Why was that? It usually wasn't that hard to remember what happened to her in fox form. "I don't get it will someone tell me what happened?"

7/29/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #112

Kazuki returned the stare the nurse was giving him. He could heal himself, and didn't he just say he had gotten his stomach cut wide open? He was surprised she didn't flip out like most people when he told something similar. Finally giving up, he got himself off the wall and snatched his dry clothes up, and walked behind a curtain, changing his lower body first, and stepping back out to finish up. "Thanks." He muttered, limping back to sit on his bed, He was fine, but these nurse characters were just far to stubborn for their own good. "I'll let Finnagan explain it to you, if you heard it from me..." He trailed off, unable to find a legitiment excuse other than opinionated ones. "I think you'd rather hear it from your friend here." He finished.

7/29/2009 #113

Finnagan, his cheeks bulging with food swallowed hard and said, "Oh Hevasemo-chan, you must have really been out of it not to remember. You've gotta watch that. I can't save your tail too many times it's a detrement to my reputation."

Damien blinked. "You did what?"

Finnagan swallowed another sandwich. "I'm not 100% on the details but you were extreamly upset at the lake accoring to Calix. I suppouse you were depressed about something. You ran off and apparently confessed your dark past to Mr. Rightous over here. Why, I have no idea. Of course he attacked you and you went fox to save yourself. Then Lelaunt showed up and stopped the fight but you didn't change back, which freaked your fox side out as well as the rest of us. You were staying in that form too long with not enough energy. You soon started to burn out. Paladin got pissed that we were trying to save you and went demonic. Calix, some other girl, and I all stopped him from killing you and then I transfered some of my energy to keep you from going out. The others snapped you out of it after that." Finnagan took a breath. "Did I get everything right?" He asked the group.

Since nobody protested at once Finnagan grinned triumphatly at Damien. "Basically I saved your life twice over."

Damien groaned again and lay back on the bed, one hand covering her face. "I've been saved by an idiot. How in the heck is that possible?"

"Awe, give me some credit Hevasemo-chan," Finnagan argued. He inhaled a couple more sandwiches, his cheeks bulging once more.

Damien groaned again.

7/29/2009 #114

Kazuki huffed, "Don't look like you got it worse. I owe Finnagan one, too." That blasted Shadow Form of his... it was something new to him. He knew he could control the element of darkness, but he didn't know it could use him as a way to channel itself, and to even amplify it to such devestating power. "I'm going to pretend I never heard you're past of killing innocent people. But don't think I'm going to forget our fight and the wounds you gave me." Kazuki once again stood up. He couldn't stand sitting, his ankle wasn't in that bad of shape. The nurse was just being over protective.

(Kinda rushed to the point of the 'turning a blind eye' thing, but, oh well.)

7/29/2009 #115

Damien blaunched at Kazuki's statement, the shock of Finnagan helping her flying from her mind. She had told him about that? She looked around at the group. Now they all knew too. Oh god... Her stomach curled about her self. She turned deathly pale and the nurse only just made it with a bucket before Damien threw up. The nurse held back her long hair and rubbed her back, murmering soothingly into her ear. She glared at the group. "Please stop upsetting her, she needs to rest in a calming enviroment. What ever happened out their I want no more discussion of it."

Finnagan swallowed again and looked at Kazuki then Damien. "You know you two could learn something from each other. You're more similar than you seem to realize," he looked mainly at Kazuki when he said this. "Half kitsune kit, demon tainted, you two have a lot to relate to."

The nurse lay Damien back on the bed when she was finnished. She left with the bucket muttering about kids getting hurt and Magic school polocies.

7/29/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #116

Kazuki arched one eyebrow as he watched Damien throw up whatever she had eaten prior to coming here. He shook his head and turned towards Finnagan. Hearing what he had to say, Kazuki shook his head and stared at Damien. He could already feel the heavy atmosphere beginning to settle in as he walked back to the wall he was leaning on earlier. "I don't wish to learn anything from her, but thanks for the offer anyway." He said, remaining void of emotion... like usual. He was almost sure they knew they wouldn't see him crack a smile for the world.

(Wonder who will break the heavy tension...)

7/29/2009 #117

((Don't know if this will do it but I have to do this))

Finnagan let out a long loud belch that shook the ceiling lights and made the curtains dance a bit. He leaned back and patted his stomach. The platters were void of even crumbs. "Ah not that's more like it," Finnagan said. He looked at Kazuki again. "Now let me get a few things straightened out okay? I saved you from going on an evil demonic killing spree, right?" He didn't even bother to wait for the boy's reply. "And I saved Damien from dying in the most horrible way possible technically twice over, right?

"So basically, you both owe me big time, right?" Finnagan finished looking at the two and wondering if either of them would catch on to this.

Damien managed to glare at him even though she looked a complete mess. She could guess where this was going...

((Hee hee hee))

7/29/2009 #118

Kazuki nodded, Finnagan was right. He owed the little trickster lots, if he hadn't stopped his Shadow Form, he would have easily killed everyone in the forest, and many more back at magic school. So yes, he owed Finnagan big for allowing Kazuki to uphold his honor, even if it was only slightly. "Yes, we both owe you. I'm sure you knew that already. So, would you mind me asking, why'd you bring it up again?"

7/29/2009 #119

Finnagan grinned. The boy was clueless. "Well then that whole 'learn from each other thing' is not a suggestion. Make nice. I now pronounce you buddies!"

"I'm going to kill you quietly, in your sleep and bury you at the bottom of the lake for the fishes to eat," Damien hissed at him.

"No you're not because you still owe me one more," Finnagan said sticking his tongue out at her. "It'll be good for you both. Trust me." And it will be horrifically hillarious, he added silently. His ears were wiggling again.

((Yes this should be entertaining.))

7/29/2009 #120
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